ACCA Career Scope in Pakistan

ACCA Career Scope in Pakistan Benefits Jobs Opportunities guideline for courses, admissions programs experience and degree level best subjects also with income source, better future guidance for start and choice career in ACCA in Pakistan. The ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business (RQF Level 4) is equivalent in level to year one of a UK bachelor degree, and is suitable for entry and exemption to the ACCA Qualification.

ACCA is the largest international body for professional accountants, established in 1904. Its head office is located in London and has 162,000 members, 428,000 students in approximately 173 countries. ACCA is one of the most respected accounting titles in Pakistan. The holder of this title is known as an Authorized Certified Accountant. It is a flexible program since you can control the pace of your progress.

You can study full time as well as part time. It’s a lot easier than CA. It is a work-oriented degree. The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan recognizes the qualification of ACCA equivalent to the master’s degree. ACCA provides you with all the skills, practical knowledge, theoretical and ethical values necessary for a successful career in the field of accounting and finance. The ACCA syllabus consists of 14 papers divided into four groups and three levels: Knowledge, Three papers. Skills, Six papers, Essentials, Three papers.

ACCA Entry Requirements

  • 2 A’ levels and 3 GCSEs or equivalent in five separate subjects including Mathematics and English. 2 years graduation degree such as BA, BCOM or BSC Diploma of Foundations in Accountancy (FIA) in Accounting and Business, first module of ACCA is exempted to Diploma holders.
  • Relevant degree/certificate holders from ACCA’s accredited institutions may be exempted from all 9 exams of the Fundamentals level. For example exemption up to first four papers is given to degree holders of MBA, Mcom and CA inter. Non relevant degrees may also qualify for some exemptions.ACCA Career Scope in Pakistan Benefits Jobs Opportunities guideline

ACCA Career Scope in Pakistan Benefits Jobs Opportunities guideline

ACCA Syllabus
There are two categories of ACCA exams i.e

  • Fundamental Level
    Fundamental level is further divided into two modules i.e Knowledge exams and skill exams
  • Professional level
    Professional level is also divided in two modules i.e Essentials and options

Fundamentals Level

  • Knowledge Exams
    F1 Accountant in Business
    F2 Management Accounting
    F3 Financial Accounting
    All above papers can be taken as computer based exams or as paper base exams and duration of each paper is 2 hours while duration of all other papers is 3 hours.

Skills Exams

  • F4 Corporate and Business Law
  • F5 Performance Management
  • F6 Taxation
  • F7 Financial Reporting
  • F8 Audit and Assurance
  • F9 Financial Management
  • Professional Level


  • P1 Governance, Risk of Ethics
  • P2 Corporate Reporting
  • P3 Business Analysis

Options (2 to be completed)

  • P4 Advanced Financial Management
  • P5 Advanced Performance Management
  • P6 Advanced Taxation
  • P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance

All documents are taken as manual documents, except for the first three knowledge documents. Students have a 50 percent grade to pass a document. The manual works are taken in the month of June and December of each year. Students must pass all papers within 10 years. You can complete the minimum program in two years.

The student can not attempt the essentials and options without completing the knowledge module and can not take more than 4 exam papers. Students must complete an additional module of professional ethics and three years of relevant practical experience before applying for ACCA membership.

Further Study Options after ACCA

  • CA
  • CIMA
  • CFA
  • MA Economics or MBA


  • Auditor
  • Senior Accountant
  • Banker
  • Financial Consultant
  • Cost Controller
  • Tax consultant
  • Manager

An Accounting Degree is similar to other undergraduate degrees and equips you with academic knowledge in your chosen field. ACCA, on the other hand, is a professional accounting qualification and is not recognized as a degree. CMA is another important accounting degree in Pakistan. We have also written a detailed article on CMA. Before deciding about your future path you should compare the both programs. To compare the CMA and ACCA kindly read the introduction of CMA too.

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