Astronomy Career Scope in Pakistan

Astronomy Career Scope in Pakistan Opportunities Jobs Requirements Fields Income Salary packages information guide with admissions courses details get also here at from. Astronomy (from Greek: ἀστρονομία) is a natural science that studies celestial objects and phenomena. It applies mathematics, physics, and chemistry, in an effort to explain the origin of those objects and phenomena and their evolution.

The investigation of the nature of the universe through observation and analysis of the resulting data. Astronomy has many specialized areas of study including planetary studies, astrometry, stellar structure and evolution, interstellar matter and conditions, galactic structure, high-energy sources, and cosmology.

The Astronomer can also specialize in a particular band of the electromagnetic spectrum, such as optical or radio astronomy, or in new observational tools such as neutrino and gravity wave detectors. The astronomer will be familiar with the moons, planets, prominent stars, and many nebulous sources. He will also be able to compute the orbits of comets and other bodies, and will be aware of upcoming significant astronomical events. Astronomy Career Scope in Pakistan Opportunities Jobs Requirements Fields

Astronomy Career Scope in Pakistan Opportunities Jobs Requirements Fields

Astronomy jobs that have been posted in the SPIE Career Center:

  • Applications Engineer
  • Business Development Manager
  • Chief Systems Engineer
  • Coating Technician
  • Director of Business Development
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Engineer, Modeling & Simulation
  • EO/IR Systems Engineer
  • Imaging Systems Engineer
  • Laser Engineer
  • Laser Technician
  • Manufacturing Manager
  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Metrology Engineer
  • Observatory Scientist
  • Optical Engineer
  • Optical Fabrication Technician
  • Opto-Mechanical Engineer
  • Photonics Applications Specialist
  • Program Manager
  • Research Scientist
  • Sales Manager
  • Spectral Software Developer
  • Staff Scientist
  • Systems Engineer
  • Technical Sales Manager
  • Telescope Optics Group Leader
  • Telescope Structures Group Leader

Modern astronomy is experiencing rapid advances by utilizing new parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Apply your training to a career working with the latest tools, instruments, devices, and components from large telescopes, ground-based telescopes, ground instruments, astronomy information technologies, space telescopes and instruments, detectors, specialized optics, materials, and systems.

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