D.Com Scope in Pakistan Career Opportunities

Looking for D.Com Career Scope in Pakistan? This page contains all details regarding D.Com Job Scopes, Course information and eligibility, job opportunities, the Fee Structure, and subjects to learn. The Department of Commerce is the center of focus for many students today. Commerce is now the mainstay of every nation. Individuals’ development level and quality of life are directly related to the level of Commerce in the particular country. It is a subject of study and is defined as a study in trade and business operations like exchanging products and services from the producer to the consumer. D.Com is also among the subjects of study. This “D.Com” degree signifies a “Diploma in Commerce,” as well as the “Doctor of Commerce” degree and a doctoral degree granted by Commonwealth universities that specialize in economics, accounting, Commerce, and related disciplines to management. It is offered in the form of a higher and academic doctorate.

Commerce has been a major student interest in recent years due to the demand for graduates of the commerce field on the job market. After graduation, you will have two options to enter the field of Commerce: I.COM or D.COM.

D.Com Scope in Pakistan

Diploma in Commerce may be abbreviated D.COM. The course is two years long. Certificate and the D.COM exams are conducted through each province’s Board of Technical Education. This D.COM can be described as a greater thorough program than I.COM. I.COM. It is the best option for admission to BCS, BA, B.COM, BS, and BBA students. D.COM is the foundation of your education in the fields of Economics, Banking, Information Technology, Accounting, Commerce, and business mathematics. It is a professional-level program. Students who wish to work in the field of Commerce must apply to this D.Com program. Provincial Boards of Technical Education offer part one and two tests independently. D.COM exams are only available to regular students. D.COM is 600 points per section.

Eligibility for Admission in D.Com

The applicant must have completed the matriculation exam or another equivalent test equivalent to O-Level. Students from the sciences and the arts are eligible to be considered for D.Com admission. Before applying, make sure you check the affiliation status of the technical college.

D.Com Fee Structure

It is important to note that the D.COM fee structure differs between a technical college and an additional technical school. The monthly tuition for vocational colleges run by government agencies is very affordable.

D.Com Scope in Pakistan Career Opportunities

Admission Requirements for Diploma of Commerce

Tech institutes announce admissions in national publications based on the results of matriculation. If you’ve got good test results for matriculation or an equivalent exam, then you can apply to the technical colleges of the government. The admission process to Govt colleges is determined by merit. Before granting admission, many government colleges conduct examinations or conduct interviews. On the other hand, students with low matric scores may be admitted to private institutions. In this case, buy the prospectus and following the admissions form that is included in the prospectus, you must submit the admission form with the fee for college along with attested copies of documents listed below.

  • Copy of the Matric/O-Level scores.
  • The NADRA’s B-form
  • Identification card of either the guardian or father.
  • A certificate of character from your former school.
  • Current passport-size colorful pictures.
  • Candidates who are applying for the O-Level need to be able to produce an attested copy of the IBCC Equivalence Certificate.
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D.Com Major Subjects

The students must cover the following subjects in D.Com. The major subjects comprise 85percent of the course. The students can pass these subjects.

  • Economics
  • Communication Skill
  • Banking
  • Business Management
  • Math
  • Statistics
  • Principal of Commerce
  • Financial and Applied Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Computer-Based Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Information Technology

D.Com Career Opportunities

Because the D.COM certification is a complete vocational certificate, you’ll be eligible for jobs at the junior level immediately after completing the certificate. D.COM also provides training in English and Urdu shorthand and typing, which means that diploma holders can work as stenographers or typists for government agencies. D.COM students should aim to improve their typing speed and shorthand speed as it is crucial to finding a good job after completing their degree. This is why it is suggested to keep up the practice of typing and shorthand following your graduation until you can find a suitable job.

When hiring typists, stenographers assistants, and personal secretaries, every government and private institute conduct shorthand and typing tests. After enrollment, those with an average FA are capable of enrolling in employment-related classes like D.COM, I.COM, and DAE. Females who wish to work as secretaries need to obtain this degree. Once you’ve landed and been hired, you must pursue your education by applying for a private job or taking online courses. If you don’t, your career will be advancing at a slow rate.

Employment Sectors for D.Com

  • Banks
  • Government Offices
  • Private Offices
  • Self-employed as composer or typist
  • Financial Institutes
  • Survey Companies
  • Publishing Houses
  • Newspapers
  • Passport Office

Job Options after D.Com

  • Stenographer
  • Typist
  • Clerk
  • Assistant
  • Personal Secretary
  • Sales Manager
  • Surveyor
  • Teller in banks
  • Accountant
  • Computer Operator
  • Field Jobs
  • Composer
  • Front desk Jobs
  • Data Entry Operators

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