Defence and Strategic Studies Career Scope in Pakistan Jobs Opportunities Requirements

Defence and Strategic Studies Career Scope in Pakistan Jobs Opportunities Requirements salary unique courses degree guidelines together with exam pattern selection method comprehensive information to start and choose a defense and strategic studies program in Pakistan for a better future in life. The study of war and peace tactics is the focus of the multidisciplinary academic discipline of security and strategic studies, which frequently pays particular emphasis to the interrelationships between global politics, geostrategic planning, global diplomacy, global economics, and military might.

Unfortunately, India’s threats prevented Pakistan from developing into a welfare state. Due to the fact that India and many other nations are posing threats to our survival because of our strategic importance, we are still a security state. India continues to strive to envelop Pakistan while not accepting the subcontinent’s division. She has already taken away our Eastern portion. She is currently attempting to undermine what is left of Pakistan. The idea that our Army is opposed to India and supporters of peace is wholly untrue.


Defence and Strategic Studies Career Scope in Pakistan Jobs Opportunities Requirements Defence and Strategic Studies Career Scope in Pakistan

Nature of work

  • Provide military commanders and policymakers with research, briefings, and evaluations of the strategic capabilities, intentions, and decision-making of foreign national security organizations.
  • Using their IT knowledge, they create and manage massive, intricate security information systems while offering technical assistance.
  • obtaining information through covert means regarding terrorist attacks.
    fields of study include the tactical, economical, geopolitical, and geostrategic dimensions of conflict.
    using government and UGC funding to write and publish books, as well as articles and blogs

Defence and Strategic Studies Career Scope in Pakistan

In truth, during the war of 1971, Pakistan’s soldiers had witnessed India’s genuine nature. Pakistan is the only country standing in the way of India’s goal of unifying itself. The primary intelligence services of the world have turned Pakistan into their front line. To comprehend and thwart the strategies of our adversaries, we require a large number of professionals in strategic and defensive research. Some of our closest allies are not being completely honest with us. They use our military might to achieve their military goals, but they also bankroll India, our adversary, and back her military and nuclear ambitions.

To anticipate the intentions of our adversaries and to thwart those plans, we do not have a single team of military and strategic specialists. Instead, the media depends on pseudo-intellectuals who are ignorant of international relations. Professional military strategists are required to inform the public and the military about our adversaries’ covert internal and external strategies. Unfortunately, Pakistan only offers master’s-level courses in defense and strategic studies. At the intermediate and undergraduate levels, military and strategic studies must be introduced. The master’s level curricula for political science, history, and even international relations must include this topic. Although the world has acknowledged us as a nuclear power, we still need to work hard to modify how people see us and our atomic program in general.

We produce a wide range of military hardware, including tanks. Submarines, unmanned aerial vehicles, fighter jets, and now we need potential customers for our own military goods. Senior authorities of the nations who purchase the weapons can only be persuaded of the value of weapons by specialists in defense and strategic studies. Even the Pakistani army is open to the recommendations of nationalistic circles. Jobs are available in the Pakistan Army, print and electronic media, think tanks, colleges and universities, defense periodicals, websites, publishers, ISPR, and foreign media.

Required skills

  • Strategically minded
  • Data evaluation
  • Critically analyzing
  • Management Communication
  • Decision-making using quantitative and qualitative research
  • A focus on detail

Job Opportunities & Prospects

These are the most well-liked careers you may enter with a degree in this area.

  • Defense forces
  • Public services
  • Print and broadcast media
  • Public and private research institutions
  • And lecturers or professors in the ministry of defense

How to become a specialist in Defense and strategic studies?

A student in any program at the intermediate level may pursue a degree in defense and strategic studies. Universities offer this subject under a variety of titles, including strategic studies, defense studies, and diplomatic studies, but it is essentially the same. Bachelor’s degree holders have the option of pursuing master’s and doctoral degree programs to further their knowledge. For advanced training and exposure, some people travel abroad.

Career & Scope of Strategic and Nuclear Studies

The ramifications of this program are virtually identical to those of the defense and strategic studies. Our opponents are spreading the myth that our nuclear program is not secure and that fanatics may quickly seize our nuclear assets. To fight such ineffective propaganda, we need professionals in strategic and nuclear studies. This area should be pursued by all patriotic Pakistani students with an interest in international relations, foreign affairs, defense, strategic, and nuclear studies.

You too may become a national hero in this sector. The aforementioned courses are offered by NDU and Quaid-e-Azam University. You should give these programs great consideration. Keep up with the top 2 Asian educational websites. Additionally, our Facebook pages are really amazing. Visit them just once to see how we differ from other career counseling websites.

Best university offering in Pakistan:

  • University of National Defense
  • Multan’s Bahauddin Zakariya University
  • Quaid-e-Azam University at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur

FAQs for Defence and Strategic Studies Career Scope in Pakistan

Who is eligible for Defence and Strategic Studies?

You need a graduate degree in any field in order to enroll in a Master of Defence Studies study. For admission, several reputable colleges require applicants to have at least a 45–50% average. To establish who is eligible for admission, certain colleges hold entrance tests.

What is the scope of defense and Strategic Studies?

This gives the big picture of how non-state and nation-state elements interact. A theoretical knowledge of how and why nations act as they do, as well as a historical analysis of the Major Trends in World Affairs, are both attempted to be provided.

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