Islamic Studies Career Scope in Pakistan

Islamic Studies Career Scope in Pakistan Courses Jobs Degrees Subjects Literature Career Opportunities Requirements salary special courses guideline for Man, Woman, (Male, Female) along with test pattern selection procedure qualification complete information to start and choice Islamiat or Islamic Studies degree career in Pakistan.

Career And Scope of MA Islamiat or Islamic Studies, There is no concept of priesthood in Islam as all the Muslims are bound to study the basics of their religion. Although Islamic Studies is taught as compulsory subject up to Bachelor level in Pakistan but if you want to study Islam in depth then you should opt Islamic Studies as elective subject in Intermediate and graduation.

MA, MS/Phil and PhD Islamic Studies will make you an authority on your religion. Unfortunately in our Madrassas broader picture of Islam is not taught. Students are taught about the basic principles of a sect only. But if you want to study Islam without wearing spectacles of any sect then go for MA, MS/M.Phil and PhD.

Why Study Islamic Studies

You may satisfy your inner self by studying Islamiat. Your faith on Islam increases as comparative studies is also taught in MA Islamiat. You may get job in many government departments. Your vision about Islam broadens as all schools of thought are taught in MA/MS Islamiat. You may brought up your children better than a ordinary man. You may preach Islam better than an ordinary Muslim.Islamic Studies Career Scope in Pakistan Courses Jobs Degrees

Islamic Studies Career Scope in Pakistan Courses Jobs Degrees

Who Should Study Islamiat?

Muslim who love their religion and want to study the basics of Islam in the light of Quran and Hadith must study Islamic Studies. Student who have interest in comparative studies or Quran and Hadith are also welcomed. There are about 72 schools of thoughts in Islam and each one these teach single dimension of Islam. For becoming a multidimensional Muslim study Islamiat. Muslim who want to learn Arabic language should go for MA Arabic or MA Islamiat. I chosed Arabic subject in BA just to please Almighty Allah and to understand the Holy Quran and i hope that my Muslim brothers and sisters will not ignore the subjects of Arabic and Islamiat.

Career & Scope of Islamiat 

As in Pakistan, Islamic Studies is a compulsory subject up to graduation level so MA Islamic Studies degree holder enjoys lot more employment opportunities in education sector than Master degree holders in any other subject. Islamic Studies also helps you in CSS, PMS, PCS, NTS and departmental recruitment tests. Islamic Madrassas and school also recruit higher degree holders in Islamiat. You may also get job in any Islamic country. Islamic centers in Western countries may also hire your services but it all depends upon your job search strategy. Pak Army, Navy and Air Force also hire religious teachers. But i request you that your primary object to study Islamiat should be to get maximum knowledge about your beloved religion i.e Islam.

Sunni Islam is separated into four main schools of jurisprudence, namely, Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i, Hanbali. These schools are named after Abu Hanifa, Anas bin Malik, al-Shafi’i, and Ahmad ibn Hanbal, respectively. Shia Islam, on the other hand, is separated into three major sects Twelvers, Ismailis, and Zaydis.

Job Types

You may get job in number of departments/organizations and institutions, here are some of them.

  • School Teacher
  • Lecturer
  • Journalist like Dr Amir Liaquat Hussain
  • Islamic writer
  • Mystic Writer
  • Government Servant
  • Islamic Center’s employee
  • Religious teacher in Armed forces

Islamic studies refers to the study of Islam. Islamic studies can be seen under at least two perspectives: From a secular perspective, Islamic studies is a field of academic research whose subject is Islam as religion and civilization. Educational institutions founded since end of colonial rule that are not religious seminaries, but have an Islamic or Muslim identity or charter, or devoted to sciences and arts usually associated with Islamic or Muslim culture and history Algeria.

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