Pakistan Air Force Career Jobs in Pakistan

Pakistan Air Force Career Jobs in Pakistan Scope Opportunities Salary Requirements guideline for admissions, courses, programs, experience important training scheme for all interested candidates who wants to join Pakistan Defence Force. Pakistan Air Force is the aerial warfare branch of the Pakistan Armed Forces, tasked primarily with the aerial defence of Pakistan, with a secondary role of providing air support to the Pakistan Army and the Pakistan Navy.

Twice in a year Pakistan Air Force Jobs are offered to talented youths of Pakistan in various branches of PAF.  Youths are advised to check the national newspapers for Pakistan Air Force Jobs.

Regular Commission
General Duty Pilot in Pakistan Air Force
This is the most attractive branch for youth and a test to fly fighter air craft, flying in the heights of the sky and protect the aerial borders of the country. Two years academic qualification of B.Sc is provided to the selected candidate in PAF academy Risalpur.  Successfully completing the B.Sc course, the cadets are trained for one and a half years in the field of air flying.  At the end of this training period cadets are commissioned as pilot officer in Air Force giving them B.Sc (engineering) degree.

Aeronautical Engineer in Pakistan Air Force
To mobilize and activate the aircrafts and equipment’s of ground installations of the Pakistan Air Force are the duties of the aeronautical engineers. For this purpose, officers of such caliber are needed who can make the efficiency of aircrafts, machines and equipment’s more effective and useful. 3 ½ years training is provided to cadets in PAF College of aeronautical engineering.  Those who successfully complete the training are commissioned as flying officer in Air Force along with B.Sc (engineer) degree.Pakistan Air Force is the aerial warfare branch of the Pakistan Armed Forces, tasked primarily with the aerial defence of Pakistan, with a secondary role of providing air support to the Pakistan Army and the Pakistan Navy

Pakistan Air Force Career Jobs in Pakistan Scope Opportunities Salary Requirements

Eligibility criteria for commission  in PAF
Qualification: Intermediate science Pre-engineering in second   division

Age:                16 to 22 years

Youth are generally selected for the following two branches

  1. General Duty Pilot
  2. Aeronautical engineer

Selection procedure in Pakistan Air Force
The preliminary tests are conducted at selection centers which are consisted of

  1. A written examination
  2. Intelligence tests
  3. Interview
  4. Physical fitness/medical test

The candidates who qualify the preliminary tests are sent to Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB) for further tests and a thorough final medical examination. A final merit list of the successful candidate is arranged in the Air Head Quarters.

Special Purpose Short Service Commission (SPSSC)

1.  Engineering Branch
Nationality:                                     Pakistani
Age:                                               18 to 30 years
Marital Status:                                Single/Married
Rank:                                              Flying Officer
Qualification:                                   BE/B.Sc   (2nd Division) in
Avionics Engineering
Electronics engineering
Telecommunication Engineering
2.  Education Branch
Nationality:                                    Pakistani
Age:                                              18 to 30 years
Marital Status:                              Single/Married
Rank:Flying Officer
Qualification:                                M.A/M.Sc   (2nd Division) in
I.     Psychology
II.    English
III.   Physics
IV.   Mathematics
V.    Commerce

3.  Medical Branch (GDMO)
Nationality:                                      Pakistani
Age:                                                25 to 28 years
Marital Status:                                Single/Married
Rank:                                              Flight Lieutenant
Qualification:                                   M.B.B.S   (2nd Division)

4.  Medical Branch (Specialists)
Nationality:                                        Pakistani
Age:                                                  25 to 45 years
Marital Status:                                  Single/Married
Rank:                                                Squadron Leader
Qualification:                                    M.B.B.S   (2nd Division)

Selection Procedure for Special Service  Commission  in PAF

  • Registration at PAF information & Selection Centers

Intelligence Test followed by Academic Test in following categories:
Engineering:                                    General Proficiency Test
Education:                                       Academic Test in the relevant subjects
Medical:                                                                 —do—

  • Initial Medical Examination and interview at I & S Centers.
  • Interview by AHQ Special Selection Board.
  • ISSB tests for Psychologists only.
  • Final medical examination at CMB, Karachi.

Air force is an important branch of the Defence system of Pakistan. The development that has been occurred so rapidly in the Defence system, the importance of air force in today’s modern world is increasing. The duty of air force is to defend the aerial boundaries of the country, check the aggression of the enemy. During the war air force provides cover to the army.

For an officer in Pakistan Air Force, The fundamental duty is to maintain effectiveness of different branches of air force. Officers perform administrative duties according to their rank. Some officers are trained in special branch. Officers of General Duty Branch are trained to fly air craft. These officers are responsible for the flying of air craft and aerial operation. Ground branch consists of air traffic controllers who are responsible for safe flying of air craft and guidance to air craft. Flight controllers keep an eye on the flying activities of the air craft. System officers perform the duty of aerial Defence and related jobs.

Photographic interpreter analyze the information received from the spy plane. Officers from engineering branch look after and monitor the technical aspects of the air craft. Supply branch’s officers are responsible to provide necessary stuff, weapons and equipment’s. Officers from administrative branch provide services of accounting, education, training, food and physical training. Security branch consists of police and air force security.

Work environment
Officers in air force have to work together in a closely atmosphere. They can be posted anywhere in Pakistan or abroad for any period of time. People related to administrative branch have to work in offices.  Air system engineers work in the hangers outside or inside. Communication electronics’ branch officers work in system control room. Air traffic controller and fighter controller always work in dim light. Pilots fly air craft.

Personal characteristics

  • An air force officer must have administrative and leader ship qualities.
  • He must be alert, mobilize and the best anticipator of the situation.
  • Self confident, Courage and valor are the requirements of the officers in air force.
  • Talented and dignified Youth having fervor of Working with team spirit can choose air force as career.

Future prospects in Air Force
Talented and eligible youths are trained in PAF Academy. After passing out they are inducted in air force as flying officer or aeronautical engineer. After training recruits are commissioned as plight lieutenant. One can be promoted to escorden leader, wing commander or group captain.

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