Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan Loan Programme 2023 Application Form Download

We are pleased to intimate the youth of Pakistan that a submissive initiative has been taken launched by the Prime Minister Kamyab Nojawan Loan Programme 2023 Application Form Download with complete information being dispatched over here.PM Kamyab Jawan loan scheme is for all individuals resident of Pakistan respectively.Kamyab Jawan Portal is the first step towards understanding youth needs in Pakistan. While we will try to respond to individual requests where possible, our next step is coming up with a robust action plan. This registration form will be used for youth participation in socio economic empowerment programs.

Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan Loan Programme Eligibility Criteria:-

  • All men/women holding CNIC, aged between 21 and 45 years with entrepreneurial potential are eligible. For IT/ E-Commerce related businesses, the lower age limit will be 18 years.
  • Small enterprises (startups and existing businesses) as per the definition of SBP and owned by youth as per the above-mentioned age brackets are also eligible.

For IT/E-Commerce related businesses, at least matriculation or equivalent education will be required.

Salient Features of the Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan Loan Programme

  • 25% of the loans will go to women borrowers.

Size of the loan is segregated into three tiers, as under:

  • Tier 1 (T1) loans- from Rs 100,000 to Rs. 1 million.
  • Tier 2 (T2) loans- Above Rs 1 million and up to Rs 10 million.
  • Tier 3 (T3)  loans-Above Rs 10 million and up to Rs 25 million
  • Long term loan for Machinery and Equipment / Working capital loan/ Running Finance, and Leasing of Business on wheels on 2/3/4 wheel locally manufactured vehicles.
  • Loan tenure will be Up to 8 years.
  • Grace period of up to one year (subject to the size and nature of the business/loan)..
  • Debt to Equity ratio:

For New Businesses:

  • T1 –   90:10.
  • T2 & 3 –   80: 20.

For Existing Businesses:

  • Nil for all tiers.

The Borrower’s contribution of equity would be in the form of cash or immovable property and will be required after approval of the loan.

Security arrangements will be as under:

  • T1 loans: Clean; however only personal guarantee of the borrower.
  • T2 & T3 loans: As per bank’s own credit.

Pricing for Working Capital & Term Loans:

Product Customer Pricing
Tier 1 3%
Tier 2 4%
Tier 3 5%


Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan Loan Programme 2023 Application Form Download

PM Kamyab Jawan Loan Scheme 2021

  • The Form would be both in English and Urdu and require minimum essential information with simple format available on Government provided Kamyab Jawan portal.
  • The processing time will not exceed 30 days and will be stated clearly in the application form. Non-refundable form processing fee will be Rs. 100/- Inclusive of NADRA online CNIC verification fee.

Procedure to Apply:-

  • The applicant shall apply directly via Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan portal i.e

In case of any query please visit your nearest BOK branch or contact on the following:

  • 24/7 call center 021-111 265 265
  • Website:

Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan Loan Programme 2023 Apply Here:-

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