Top Diploma Courses in Pakistan Scope Opportunities Jobs Requirements

Top Diploma Courses in Pakistan Scope Opportunities Jobs Requirements Salary guidelines for admissions, courses, programs, professional training scheme, and income details to start and choose PGD Best top Diploma courses in Pakistan. Diploma courses play a very important role in career development. There are two kinds of diploma courses i.e general diploma courses and postgraduate diploma courses. Postgraduate diploma courses have more scope in the job market.

Top Diploma Courses

Many students get diploma courses in different fields just due to their scope, but we think that one should get diplomas only in the field of his interest. Regular higher degree in your field of interest is a much better option than any short course or PGD. Now you can read the details about top diploma courses in Pakistan. The interested candidates who wish to get admission in any short course or diploma can go through this guide as we have mentioned here a wide range of diplomas and short courses offered by various institutes of Pakistan. We have written detailed career counseling articles on almost all topics given below.

  • Medical & Pharmacy.
  • Engineering.
  • Business & Management.
  • Computer Science & IT.
  • Humanities.
  • Accounting & Finance.
  • Short Courses.
  • Applied & Pure Sciences.

Short courses or diplomas in Pakistan are offered by various well-known institutes. All these institutes are offering courses and diplomas in various fields of study some institutes are offering admissions in IT short courses, and some institutes are offering admissions in different languages courses. Likewise, some educational institutes are offering admissions in engineering diplomas.

Top Diploma Courses in Pakistan Scope Opportunities Jobs Requirements Salary

Top Diploma Courses in Pakistan Scope Opportunities Jobs Requirements Salary

Here we provided all details about short diploma courses in Pakistan.

Diploma in Homeopathic Science
DHMS is a four-year professional diploma in Homeopathic science. Students with matriculation with science subjects are eligible to get admission into DHMS. It’s the easiest route for getting the title of Dr and clinical practice in Pakistan. DHMS has been declared equivalent to BSc.


FTJ (Fazil-e-Tib wall-Jarahat) is also a 4 years diploma course in Eastern and herbal medicine. DHMS and FTJ are two top recommended diplomas for females in Pakistan. As you know that in our society females are not allowed to go outside the home for earning money. Both these diplomas provide females to earn money from home. Fortunately medium of instruction in both these diplomas is Urdu. Both male and female students with low marks in SSC with science can get admission in these courses.

Post Graduate Diploma

Postgraduate diplomas have more demand in the job market than general diploma courses. We have written a detailed article on the career and scope of postgraduate diplomas (PGD). You must read this article for more guidance about PGD. PGD courses are available through distance learning too. Below this post, we shall give the list of the most popular post-graduate diploma courses in Pakistan through distance learning.

WordPress & SEO

WordPress & SEO is a trending career in the modern era. Web development (WordPress and SEO) is the best available short course in Pakistan as after completing this diploma you will be able to earn money online. The duration of this online earning course is just one month. It’s the best-recommended course for household ladies, writers, and students who want to learn different methods of earning money online.

AIOU Diploma in Education

It is a distance learning diploma for those who want to get a job as a teacher in the private or public sector. AIOU also offers many other certificate courses. You must read our article “Best Distance Learning Low Fee High-Value Short Courses of AIOU” for guidance about AIOU short courses.

For information about AIOU Post-Graduate Diploma (PGD) Click here


B Category is a two years diploma course in pharmacy. Holders of this B-Category course are called assistant pharmacists and they are allowed to open medical stores. Pharmaceutical companies also hire their services.


DAE is the best diploma after matriculation. This diploma will make you an associate engineer. DAE is equivalent to FSc Pre Engineering. After DAE you may proceed for a B-Tech pass and B Tech Hons. Remember that B Tech is equivalent to BE or BSc Engineering degree.

VU PGD Diploma Courses

Here is the list of the most popular postgraduate distance learning diploma courses at Virtual University (VU).

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Banking & Finance
  • Finance
  • Public Administration
  • Marketing Management
  • Entrepreneurship & SME Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Applied Psychology
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology

Top Diploma Courses – Electrical

There are various Diploma courses available in the Electrical field. The learning key points of electrical diploma courses consist of Electricity, Electro-magnetism, Electronics, Electric Field, etc. The diploma course duration ranges from 3 months to 4 years. The electrical diploma courses lead to a highly rewarding career in Pakistan. The following courses are offered in Electrical Diploma Courses:

  • Electronics Technology
  • Basic Electronics
  • Auto Electrician
  • Electrical Technology
  • Publishing Technology
  • Electrical Wiring

Top Technical Diploma Courses

The Technical Diploma Courses are also available in Pakistan and the courses possess a high career potential. The Technical Diploma Courses cover a vast range of technical skills that a student can learn during the course o three months or three years (depending on course duration). The following list of courses offered under Technical Diploma:

  • Embroidery
  • Dress-Making
  • Beautician
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Biomedical Technician
  • Cooking and Baking

Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) Distance Learning Diploma Courses

Here is the list of some important distance learning diploma courses offered by BZU (Bahauddin Zakariya University).

  • Veterinary Assistant
  • Dispenser
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Computer Hardware & Programming
  • Fine Arts (Fashion Designing, Graphic Designing, Drawing & Painting)
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Hospital Management
  • Hotel Management
  • Musicology

Skill development council (SDC) also offers many professional PGD and general competency-based diplomas. At present we can not suggest to you any online diplomas in Pakistan.

Candidates can cover short courses and diplomas in a shorter period almost 3 to 6 months. After the completion of the course or diploma, the institute presents a certificate to the applicants in their respective fields of study.

Top Diploma Courses for Matric Level

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