AIOU Admission 2024 CT PTC PGD and Diploma in Education

A large number of students are admitted to AIOU. The most recent information on AIOU Admission 2024 CT PTC PGD and Diploma in Education is available here. The Certificate of Teaching (CT Arts), Primary Teaching Certificate (PTC), Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science (PGD, CSS), and Diploma in Education Program are the programs in which Allama Iqbal Open University has finally opened admission for 2024. Admission for the month of February will open on February 1, 2024, and close on February 25, 2024. For additional information about this admission and its dates, go to, the official website.


Certificate of Teaching

The Certificate of Teaching (CT) program at Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) is designed to equip aspiring educators with essential teaching skills. It focuses on teaching methods, managing classrooms, and subject-specific strategies to provide foundational knowledge for effective teaching. The program covers areas like educational psychology and curriculum development, enabling individuals to create engaging lesson plans and adapt to diverse learning styles.

Completion of CT signifies a fundamental qualification for those pursuing a teaching career. The CT Arts program, a part of CT, aims to prepare teachers at the middle level with a duration of one year. Prospective students should check AIOU’s website for the latest admission requirements and program details. For CT Arts, applicants need to have a B.A or B.Sc with over 50% marks.

AIOU Admission 2024 CT PTC PGD and Diploma in Education

AIOU Admission 2024 CT PTC PGD and Diploma in Education

Primary Teaching Certificate:

The PTC Program seeks to prepare teachers for the highest caliber of student learning at the primary level, making students the best in society and meeting the demands of the medical and engineering fields. This program has a one-year duration and is divided into two semesters. Male students must meet the requirements of B.A./BS.C., and female students must meet the requirements of F.A./FS.C.

ptc course admission 2024

The PGD(CS) program is specifically designed for individuals who aspire to work as professionals in computer science. The duration of this program is also one year. Upon successful completion of this program, students begin their professional careers.

The only prerequisite for admission to this program is a Bachelor’s degree with a second division from an accredited HEC institution.

Diploma in Education Program:

The DEP Program Uses Thirteen Models. The Ministry of Education has granted special approval to this program, which was launched with the goal of training highly skilled educators for use in classrooms. The program lasts for three years and six semesters. A minimum of 45% in addition to a secondary school diploma.

The only students who will be eligible for this are those who meet the admissions requirements. Visit the official website for the admissions process for further information. It has all the information you need.

Fee Structure for Aiou’s postgraduate diploma programs in 2024

the fee structure for Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) PGD programs in 2024 is as follows:
Postgraduate Diploma Certificate:Admission Fee: Rs. 1000
Registration Fee: Rs. 2000
Course Fee: Rs. 4000

Aiou admission 2024 ct ptc pgd and diploma in education online

To apply for AIOU admissions in 2024 for CT, PTC, PGD, and Diploma in Education, follow these simple steps online:

  • Go to the Official Website: Visit
  • Find Admissions Section: Look for “Admissions” or “Admissions 2024” on the homepage.
  • Choose Your Program: Select CT, PTC, PGD, or Diploma in Education.
  • Check Admission Criteria: Read about required qualifications and eligibility.
  • Complete Online Form: Fill in your details in the online application form and upload necessary documents.
  • Submit Form: After completing the form, submit it online. Some programs may have a fee.
  • Make Payment (if needed): Pay any applicable fees online.
  • Get Confirmation: Look for a confirmation of your application.
  • Check Admission Status: Regularly check your application status on the official website.

ct ptc pgd and diploma in education form

To access the AIOU admission forms for CT, PTC, PGD, and Diploma in Education for the year 2024, follow these general steps:
Visit Official Website: Go to the official website of Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) by entering “” in your web browser.

Navigate to Admissions Section: Look for the “Admissions” or “Admissions 2024” section on the website’s main page.
Select Your Program: Choose the specific program you are interested in (CT, PTC, PGD, or Diploma in Education).

Find Admission Forms: Within the program section, you should find links or information related to admission forms. This might be labeled as “Admission Forms” or similar.

Download the Form: Click on the provided link to download the admission form for the chosen program. The form is usually available in a PDF format.

Read Instructions: Before filling out the form, carefully read any instructions or guidelines provided along with the form.
Fill Out the Form: Complete the form with accurate and necessary information. Ensure that you provide all required details.

Attach Documents: If there are any documents required along with the form, make sure to attach them according to the specified guidelines

Submit the Form: Follow the submission instructions provided on the form. This may involve submitting the form online or mailing it to the designated address

Check Confirmation: After submission, check for any confirmation or acknowledgment of your application. The website may provide updates on your admission status.

 C T PTC PGD and diploma in education  Last Date 

The date of admission is November 20, 2024, for AIOU Admission 2024.

ptc course fees

The fee structure for Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) PGD programs in 2024 is as follows:

  • Postgraduate Diploma Certificate:Admission Fee: Rs. 1000
  • Registration Fee: Rs. 2000
  • Course Fee: Rs. 4000



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