AIOU Workshop Online Schedule 2024

University of Allama Iqbal Open AIOU Islamabad has scheduled workshops in the spring and fall of 2024. It is imperative that students enrolled in BA, BS, MA, B.Ed, M.Ed, MSc, MS, M.Phil, and PhD programs promptly review their AIOU online workshop schedule for 2024. A required component of all AIOU courses are workshops. Attendance at both in-person and online AIOU workshop sessions is required of all students. AIOU Islamabad has already designated tutors who would attend AIOU online workshops on time.

[lwptoc] login tutor

Use this URL to access the AIOU Aaghi Tutor Portal: Tutors at Allama Iqbal Open University utilize this site to view their profiles and pertinent data. You might need to ask for help from the university’s support team if you have any problems logging in.

Required Information for AIOU Workshop Schedule 2024

Important Information regarding Allama Iqbal Open University Workshops Schedule 2024. I will then email him the most recent and accurate AIOU Workshop Dates and Location. Please give it to him as the area below in the comment box.

  • Student Name
  • Father Name
  • Program Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Roll Number
  • District Name
  • Course Code

AIOU Workshop Schedule 2024

Follow these procedures in order to be eligible to attend the future sessions scheduled for Spring 2024.

  • Install the Microsoft Teams app on your PC, laptop, or mobile device after downloading it.
  • Enter the login credentials you used to sign up for the LMS to access your Microsoft Teams app.
  • Enter your LMS credentials.
  • To join the workshop, navigate to your course on in accordance with your workshop schedule, then click the workshop link.

AIOU Online Workshop Schedule 2024

Check your workshop schedule Click Here
Get an LMS Username and Password Click Here
How do I attend Workshop (For Students) Click Here

AIOU Workshop Schedule 2024 for Autumn/Spring Semesters

AIOU Workshop Schedule 2024 for Autumn/Spring Semesters

Workshops of B.ed

Workshop/ Course Code Duration
B.ed 1.5 Years
Teaching Practice- II (8608) 21-27 Sep
Teaching Practice- I (8607) 28-30 Sep
Research Project (8613) 01-03 Oct
B.ed 2.5 Years
Teaching Practice-I (8607) 28-30 Sep
Teaching Practice-I (6498) 01-03 Oct
Research Project (8675) 01-03 Oct
B.ed 4 Years and ADE 2 Years
Course Code 6415 21 Sep-04 Oct
Research Project (6464) 28-30 Sep
Research Project (8657) 22-25 Sep
Long-Term Internship/ Teaching Practice (8658) 21 Sep-04 Oct
Long Term Internship (6463) 21 Sep-04 Oct
B.ed (Old)
Teaching Practice (0655) 21 Sep-04 Oct
Workshop Schedule for B.ed
Face-to-face mode 1-14 Sep
Participants 6415, 6463, 6464, 6498, 8607, 8608, 8613, 8657, 8675
Evaluation Students who miss or required to return judged as failing

Aaghi LMS Portal Online Workshop 2024

The Aaghi LMS Portal is used by Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) for online workshops. Students and resource persons are directed to join their online workshops through the Aaghi LMS workshop link.

The portal provides separate links for each day of the workshop, and users are advised to change their passwords frequently and not to share their login credentials with anyone. For workshop schedule updates, users can visit the AIOU website or check their LMS course page under My Courses. The portal is used for workshop activities, assignment submissions, and other related tasks.

Benefits of Online Workshops

Online workshops offered by Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) present a myriad of advantages for learners seeking flexible and accessible avenues for education and skill development.

A. Flexibility and Accessibility:

Time Flexibility: These workshops cater to individuals with diverse schedules, allowing participants to engage at their convenience. With pre-recorded sessions or live sessions that can be accessed later, students can learn without the constraints of fixed timetables.

Location Independence: AIOU’s online workshops transcend geographical boundaries, enabling learners from various regions to access quality education without the need for physical presence. This accessibility broadens educational opportunities for those unable to attend in-person sessions.

Adaptability to Individual Pace: Participants can learn at their own pace, revisiting materials or pausing sessions to ensure comprehensive understanding. This adaptability accommodates varied learning speeds and styles.

B. Student-Centric Learning:

Interactive Learning Environments: AIOU’s online workshops often incorporate interactive tools, forums, and discussion boards, fostering active participation and engagement among learners. This environment encourages collaboration, discussion, and idea exchange among peers.

Tailored Learning Experiences: Workshops often cater to specific learning objectives, allowing participants to focus on areas of interest or relevance to their professional or academic pursuits. This customization enhances the learning experience and relevance of the content.

C. Enhancement of Skills and Knowledge:

Skill Development: AIOU’s workshops often focus on practical skills, providing hands-on experiences or simulations that allow learners to apply theoretical knowledge. This emphasis on practicality enhances skill development and prepares participants for real-world scenarios.

Diverse Learning Resources: The workshops leverage a variety of resources—videos, articles, case studies, etc.—to provide a comprehensive learning experience. These resources expose learners to diverse perspectives and information sources, enriching their knowledge base.

How to Check AIOU Workshop Schedule?

Many new students don’t know to find their workshop schedule. Today we will show you the entire process to create your Schedule.

These steps will help you to check your AIOU workshop schedule.

  • Visit the official website of the University or login into AAGHI Portal.
  • Click on Workshop Information in the Admission section.
  • Click here to view the online workshop schedule.
  • Enter your password here and hit submit.
  • Now that you have successfully logged in, click on the schedule to view your workshop time and date.

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