Air Hostess Career in Pakistan Scope and Job Opportunities

The aviation industry in Pakistan is booming, and with it the demand for skilled air hostesses. If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career in customer service, becoming an air hostess may be perfect for you. Because there are many career paths for air hostesses in Pakistan. Air hostesses are responsible for providing passengers with a safe and comfortable travel experience.

They must be able to work well under pressure, be excellent communicators, and have a strong customer service focus. In addition, air hostesses must be able to meet certain physical requirements, such as being at least 5’4″ tall and weighing no more than 160 pounds. Eligibility to become an air hostess varies from airline to airline. However, most airlines require applicants to have a high school diploma or equivalent, fluency in English, and a valid passport. Some airlines may also require applicants to have a certain amount of customer service experience.



How to Get a Job of an Air Hostess?

A revitalization programme for Pakistan’s airlines is now under progress, and talented team players are needed. Due to the fact that major airlines require female employees who are an essential part of their team to do their jobs as air hostesses and/or flight stewards, there is a large demand for talented individuals who are self-motivated, passionate, and active.

Assume you are a candidate eager to work as an air hostess for any of these airlines and submit your application in response to their needs and openings. You could start by submitting applications to several airlines that have opened up since the introduction of the air hostess role.

  • When you submit your application, the airline will get in touch with those who made the short list after the initial screening.
  • The following phase, the written test stage, will be reached by the candidates. There will be objective questions on the test.
  • All applicants will be asked to a group discussion if they pass the written test.
  • The selected applicants will get two to three months of training on the duties of an air hostess. They will be taught first aid, safety, and grooming. Air hostesses from all airlines will be requested for training flights when the training nears completion to make sure they are properly equipped for regular, secure commercial flights.

Air Hostess Career in Pakistan Scope and Job Opportunities

Air Hostess Career in Pakistan Scope and Job Opportunities

Eligibility and Physical Requirements

Girls who may begin the thrilling and rewarding job of Air Hostess at the several airlines that operate in Pakistan must be intelligent, gifted, and talented. If you match the requirements, you can realise your dream and be able to enter Pakistan’s lucrative air hostess industry.

Intermediate or second-class graduation required.

  • Relationship status: Single or never married is recommended.
  • Age: You should be at least 18 years old and no older than 25.
  • Minimum and maximum heights are 5 feet 2 and 6 inches.
  • Weight: Weight should be appropriate to height and not exceed 75 kg.
  • Languages: Urdu and English listening and writing proficiency are required.
  • Physical status: You should have a stunning, perceptive, and keen physical appearance.
  • The applicant needs to be approachable.

Responsibilities of Air Hostess

  • Greeting and welcoming passengers to the aircraft
  • making sure that people are seated in their designated seats
  • dissemination of safety knowledge and practise of safety measures
  • providing passengers with food and drink
  • addressing passengers’ requirements and offering support as necessary
  • Making sure the aircraft is spotless and organised
  • observing all airline regulations and guidelines.

Air Hostess Job Types

A job as an Air Hostess may be challenging, but it also allows travel to other locations. Once you have earned a bachelor’s degree, professional certifications will help you begin your career in the field of Air Hostess. These are the most commonly used classifications of air hostesses.

  • Flight attendants: They demonstrate how emergency procedures are used, promote safety on the aircraft, and ensure passenger security.
  • Cabin crew: During short-pull and long-stretch flights, the cabin crew is accountable for the safety, comfort, and assistance of passengers.
  • Ground staff:The responsibility for the care of passengers before, after, and during their flight is with the ground personnel. Additionally, they are in charge of answering inquiries from passengers, disseminating information on flights, and making sure that no problems arise while the passengers are travelling.
  • Sky Marshal on board commercial airlines Sky marshals are an authorized law enforcement agency or counter-fear-based oppressor expert who helps prevent plane hijackings.

Required Skills

A key component of becoming an Air Hostess is providing excellent customer service. This will demand the ability to handle a variety of duties under pressure. studying the fundamental abilities required to perform the duties of the job is more important than merely studying how to become an air hostess. The following is a list of the skills, credentials, and talents needed to be an air hostess.

  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills
  • A well-organized, meticulous individual who enjoys working in teams.
  • Be considerate of the young, old, and ailing passengers.
  • To make sure that passengers follow the safety procedures during situations like mechanical problems, air turbulence, and so forth, cool down and retain your composure.
  • Aptitude for fixing issues.
  • capacity to work with many cultural groupings.
  • Professionalism.
  • Outstanding physical condition to handle erratic schedules, including lengthy shifts, heavy projects, etc.
  • To function in a fast-paced, congested professional environment, one needs quick thinking and a strong memory.

Salary Packages

Females seeking Air Hostess remuneration are dependent on a firm since, according to the PIA company, the remuneration ranges from 85,000 to 100,000 rupees. On the other side, the corporation provides the air hostesses with a wide range of other services, including accommodation, transportation, health care, and others.

Aeroline Institute of Aviation Studies

Lahore · (042) 35777743
Open ⋅ Closes 5 pm

PIA Training Centre
Lahore · (042) 99240791
Closed ⋅ Opens 8 am Mon

Freesky Institute of Aviation & Technology
Lahore · 0313 5980958
Closed ⋅ Opens 9 am Sat

Air Eagle Aviation Academy
Lahore · (042) 36685959

Air Dynamics Academy (Pvt) LTD
Karachi · (021) 34506661
Open ⋅ Closes 5 pm

PIA Training Centre
Karachi · (021) 99044516
Closed ⋅ Opens 7 am Mon

Aviation Training Hub Karachi
Karachi · 0343 8017004
Closes soon ⋅ 4 pm

Askari Flying Academy
Islamabad · (051) 8356833

Rawalpindi Flying Club & School – Ground Schooling Campus
Rawalpindi · (051) 5591565
Open ⋅ Closes 5 pm

SAPS Aviation College
Karachi · (021) 34571809
Open ⋅ Closes 7 pm

Askari Flying Academy
Rawalpindi · (051) 5405161
Open ⋅ Closes 5 pm

KK Aviation Ltd
Open ⋅ Closes 5 pm

Rawalpindi Flying Club & School – Flight Operations
HR49+48X, Unnamed Road · 0314 5713841
Open ⋅ Closes 6 pm

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