Air Hostess Career in Pakistan Scope and Job Opportunities

The career of an Air Hostess is very noble and respectable for females in Pakistan. Most females tend to adopt this career after intermediate-level education. Here you can learn everything necessary about the air hostess career in Pakistan. Get all information regarding this career, such as air hostess job types, eligibility, physical requirements, responsibilities, qualification, and required skills.

A flight attendant is generally part of an aircrew employed by airlines to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers on commercial flights, airline flights or business jets, and military airplanes. In many careers and careers available across the globe, the career of an air hostess has been increasingly popular with the women who are out there. Nearly 80 percent of women are considering the job that of an air hostess. They would like to be a part of the career path that comes with becoming the first air hostess. There are a lot of airlines that provide services in the area of air transport. For this reason, the job vacancies and need for Air hostesses and flight stewards are becoming increasingly commonplace. For this reason, numerous female applicants are eager to begin their profession as an air hostess at any of the major airlines in Pakistan. The most popular and well-known airlines within Pakistan are PIA (Pakistan International Airline), Air Blue, and Shaheen Airlines. Another common reason that has drawn the females working in this field is that it does not require formal qualifications or educational background. What is required is a professional character with a humble and hospitable attitude.

However, to be able to join this field and sector of work, female applicants need to meet specific criteria to ensure they can become part of the occupation of an air hostess. We will discuss all the information you need to know about this Air hostess career path and the job opportunities for this line of work. It will also provide the eligibility criteria and allow you to become an air hostess.

How to Get a Job of an Air Hostess?

The airlines in Pakistan are currently undergoing a revitalization program that requires skilled team players. For this reason, they are in huge demand for skilled people who are self-motivated, enthusiastic, and energetic, specifically in that it is required to be females that are an integral member of their team to fulfill their duties within these airlines as Air hostesses and/or flight Steward. Suppose you are a candidate willing to join any of these airlines to be employed as an air hostess and submit their applications for positions following their needs and availability. First, you should be applying to different airlines that have come through in the wake of the announcement of the position that requires air hostesses.

  • When you submit your application, that airline will contact short-listed applicants once the initial screening is completed.
  • Candidates will then make their way to the next level, which will be the written exam stage. The test will comprise objective questions.
  • If all applicants clear the written test, They will be invited for a group discussion.
  • The chosen candidates will be educated over two to three months on the air hostess’s service. They will learn about grooming and safety, and also first aid. When the training comes close to its end, air hostesses from all airlines will be called in for training flights to ensure they are fully prepared for full-time and safe commercial flights.

Air Hostess Career in Pakistan Scope and Job Opportunities

Air Hostess Career in Pakistan Scope and Job Opportunities

Eligibility and Physical Requirements

Air Hostesses must be smart, bright, and talented girls who can embark on the exciting and lucrative career of Air Hostess at the different airlines that operate in Pakistan. If you meet the criteria, you may be the person you always wanted to be and unlock the doors to a lucrative air hostess profession in Pakistan.

  • Qualifying: Intermediate or Equivalent at least 2nd division.
  • Marital Status The unmarried are preferentially considered.
  • Age Limits: 18-25 years.
  • High: Minimum 5 feet and 2 inches, and maximum 6 feet.
  • Weight: Proportionate to height following the general standards; however, not exceeding 75 kilograms.
  • The languages that are supported: Should be able to write and speak English and Urdu fluently.
  • There shouldn’t be visible markings, tattoos, or body tattoos.
  • The candidate must be able to carry a beverage or food cart and raise emergency window exits and the doors to emergency exits.
  • No mental illness records.
  • Vision tests are required. A sight test is required to confirm whether the candidate’s near and far vision is 20/40 or better wearing glasses or contact lenses.
  • The test is a listening test without hearing loss in the better ear being more than 40 dB if losses at 500, and 1000 Hz are averaged.
  • The applicant must pass DOT testing for fingerprints and a drug test.

Air hostesses are allowed to get married if they have served for the equivalent of four years’ service.

Responsibilities of Air Hostess

Air hostesses typically work for short-term schedules or according to long-term schedules of flights. In each flight class, they must perform their highest performance. They must fulfill different roles and responsibilities. The main responsibilities are listed below:

  • They must be able to comply with the attendance procedure. They should be conducting the pre-flight briefing as well.
  • It is their responsibility to let everyone on the crew know the flight details, including the timetable. If one passenger is diagnosed with a health problem, The air hostesses are in charge of guiding them through the process.
  • They should check all safety types of equipment as far as the cleanliness of the aircraft. They must ensure that seats are clean and updated enough for passengers before the flight begins.
  • They ensure that all the food and items are served on the vessel and that all the food and supplies are on board.
  • They should be warm and smile on their guests’ faces. They are air hosts who guide passengers to their seats.
  • Additionally, air hostesses also advise passengers about the safety measures for aircraft. They ensure that passengers’ hand luggage is securely secured.
  • It is important to ensure that all seat belts, especially those for infants and older people, are secured securely and securely closed.
  • In addition, they should be writing flight reports.
  • They must keep up with cabin systems on the aircraft, too.

For most entry-level jobs as a flight attendant, the applicant has to be 18 and have a High School diploma or GED; however, for certain positions, you might have to wait until 21 years old before applying. If you’re hired as an airline flight attendant for the first time and you are hired as a new flight attendant, you’ll need to undergo a few weeks of training before starting working.

Flight attendants are paid a sum set by the airline each hour they’re away from their homes. Flight attendants usually receive between 12-18 days off in a month. Over a year, on average, they get 156 days off. Office workers typically have 96 days off and are employed for eight hours.

Air Hostess Job Types

A job as an Air Hostess may be challenging, but it also allows travel to other locations. Once you have earned a bachelor’s degree, professional certifications will help you begin your career in the field of Air Hostess. These are the most commonly used classifications of air hostesses.

  • Flight attendants: They show the application of emergency procedures and safety on the flight and guarantee passenger security.
  • Cabin crew: During short-pull and long-stretch flights, the cabin crew is accountable for the safety, comfort, and assistance of passengers.
  • Ground staff: The ground crew is accountable for the care of passengers before, after, and during their trip. They are also responsible for responding to questions from passengers, providing information regarding flights, and ensuring that passengers have no issues during the journey.
  • Sky Marshal on board commercial airlines Sky marshals are an authorized law enforcement agency or counter-fear-based oppressor expert who helps prevent plane hijackings.

Required Skills

Customer service is an essential aspect of becoming an Air Hostess. This will require skills that can complete many tasks under stress. It’s not just about learning you can become an air hostess but about learning the essential skills to meet the job needs. Here is the list of required abilities, qualifications, and abilities to be an Air Hostess.

  • Fantastic interpersonal communication abilities
  • A detail-oriented person who is organized and able to work as part of a team.
  • Be kind to children, the elderly, and sick passengers.
  • Relax and maintain a calm attitude during emergencies like mechanical issues, air turbulence, and so on to ensure that passengers follow the safety guidelines.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • The ability to collaborate with diverse cultural groups.
  • Professionalism.
  • Excellent physical condition to manage irregular schedules, such as long shifts, big jobs, etc.
  • Quick thinking and a sharp memory to work in a fast-paced, tight-spaced working environment.

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