Botany Career Scope in Pakistan Opportunities Requirements Jobs Salary

Botany Career Opportunities and Requirements in Pakistan Jobs Salary guideline with courses, admissions complete information to construct a historical life. Botany is a branch of biology, thus students who are proficient in biology and have an inquisitive inclination can pursue this topic.

Plant science is a branch of science that focuses on the logical study of plants, whether they are alive or fossilized. It examines the structure, development, capacities, activity course, and grouping of plants. The evaluation covers the majority of the stages of a plant’s existence, beginning with the most recent stage of growth and progressing through all stages of development until it achieves development.

Botany is the science of plant life and a branch of biology. It is sometimes known as plant science(s), plant biology, or phytology. A botanist, plant scientist, or phytologist is a specialist in this field of study. For thousands of years, humans have been fascinated by plants. They provide both aesthetic beauty and nutrients for our basic requirements. Today’s world requires solutions to new and tough issues that were unimaginable a century ago.

Botany Career Scope in Pakistan Opportunities Requirements Jobs Salary

Botany Career Scope in Pakistan Opportunities Requirements Jobs Salary

Nature of Work Botanists:

  • Look for new species or conduct experiments to learn how plants develop in different environments.
  • Plant interactions with other creatures and the environment are studied by some, while plant structure is studied by others.
  • Work in the field, focusing on the overall pattern of the plant.
  • Experiment to learn how plants transform simple chemical components into more complex ones.
  • Investigate processes that occur on time scales ranging from fractions of a second in individual cells to eons of evolutionary time.
  • It is possible to investigate how genetic information in DNA regulates plant development.
  • Perform research, serve as a manager or administrator, and teach.
  • Many also work as consultants or inspectors, or as technical writers for agricultural, seed, and chemical industries.

The findings of botanical study augment and improve our supply of medications, meals, textiles, construction materials, and other plant products. Conservationists employ botanical knowledge to assist maintain parks, forests, range lands, and wilderness regions. Public health and environmental protection specialists depend on their grasp of plant science to assist solve pollution concerns.


Admission Requirements




MS/ M.Phill (if BS/M.Sc.)


2 Years

2 Years

4 Years

2 Years

3-5 Years

  • FSc. Pre-medical
  • Equivalence if other than FSc (A’Level etc…)
  • Entry Test for BS

Qualities Required

Job Opportunities

  • Work independently or as part of a team
  • Be able to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
  • Interest towards nature and physical stamina are two most important qualities that one should have as one has to work in farms, fields and forests.
  • Basic business principles, the ability to apply statistical techniques
  • Ability to use computers to analyze data and to control biological and chemical processing.

Botanists who like to go outside may be plant explorers. They may investigate the effects of pollutants (such as acid rain) on plants and work toward environmental protection, or they may identify new plant species and evaluate their components and uses. Keep checking for more latest career guidance.

Botany Career Jobs  in Pakistan 2024

Although botany covers such a broad wide range of topics, there are various job fields to pick from if you choose to work in the Botany subject. The following are some of the most notable job opportunities and bs botany career prospects for Botany graduates:

  • Environmental consultant
  • Research Worker
  • Botany teacher
  • Farming consultant
  • Biological Technician
  • Forester
  • Plant Explorer Framing Consultant Plants Biochemist Senior researcher
  • Professors
  • Research Worker Environment Consultant
  • Ecologist
  • Nursery Manager Genetics Plants Biochemist
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Molecular Biologist

Highest Paying Jobs in Botany Fields

Here are some occupations that pay well after earning a BS in the Botany degree.

  • Professor. Agronomist.
  • Landscape designer.
  • Environmental scientist.
  • Chemist. Biologist. Plant Engineer.

Botany Salary in Pakistan

Salary for botany majors is varied. This depends upon the job route you take. Teachers get lesser wages. If you are a microbiologist you likely to get Rs. 165,000 every month. Undoubtedly, some conservation organisations also pay up to Rs. 80,000 per month for young graduates.

Career guidance for Botany in Pakistan

With all of these intriguing employment choices it becomes a struggle. What is the best professional choice? Should you pursue a master’s degree? Or apply for a job following a bachelor in Botany? Certainly, career guidance for Botany solves this aim. Get an idea of your personal preference. And learn the salary and perks for each profession.

Botany Career Scope in Pakistan

Pakistan is an agricultural country. It requires a substantial volume of plants for damaged environments. Since Pakistan is a particularly dry and humid country, specific plants can only grow in this part of the world. Hence, botanists are required to investigate plant life in Pakistan. They evaluate different species and report their results. In addition, their purpose is to improve plant life.

Interestingly, botany presents many avenues of possibility. You are not limited to only one field. You can specialize in forest and become a forester.

Ecology is another interesting field. You work with the surroundings. You get to work with plants that effect the ecosystem we live in.

Plant biochemists understand the biochemistry behind plants. These professionals are crucial for the growth of plant life.

Plant breeders work on breeding plant life. Particularly, they operate on farms to reproduce plants. Typically, these are all plants that are essential for human life.

These are only some job spectrum choices after a bachelor or masters program in botany.

Careers in botany in Pakistan are not limited. They extend to careers as a microbiologist and taxonomist.

Majority of students that apply for Botany are girls. Which job is ideal for girls in Pakistan? Hard question. Many girls passing O levels or FSC have to ask this question. Choosing a vocation needs substantial study. And understanding of the career, market and income.

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