Cadet College Jhang Entry Test Result 2024

Cadet College Jhang Entry tests are being held in several Pakistani cities. The admission exam schedule in full may be found on our website and in the information office. Second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and first-year students are inducted.

Cadet College Jhang Entry Test Result 2024

Cadet College Jhang Entry Test Result 2024

Selection Criteria

  Online/Written Test

Written tests will be conducted for which passing marks are 60%.
a)   Class 2nd to 7th
Written tests will include Urdu, English, Maths, General Knowledge, and Science.

b)   Class 8th & to 9th
Written tests will include  English, Maths, General Knowledge, and Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry).

c) Class 1st year
The written test will include English, Maths or Biology/ Physics and chemistry.

Cadet College Jhang Physical Test

Candidate has to pass the physical test in time decided by the physical instructor for admission. Description is as follows:

  • Running (1Km)
  • Chin Ups (10)
  • Push Ups (20)
  • Sit Ups (20)


Cadet College Jhang Medical Test

The cadet should be medically fit on the following grounds and the medical report must be attached with documents.

  • Blood Sugar
  • Urine Test
  • Allergy test for sulpha drugs/penicillin.
  • Immunization/Inoculation/Vaccination Report
  • Anti-HCV


Parents will come to Cadet College Jhang along with their wards:

  1. Last academic report.
  2. School leaving certificate.
  3. 2 passport size photos
  4. NIC copies of Father & Mother/ Guardian.
  5. Medical Fitness Certificate
  6. Recent Eye Examination Certificate.

Cadet College Jhang will verify all the details of application form. The cadet will be expelled if any information found wrong at any stage.

Cadet College Jhang Interview

Successful cadets will appear for an interview with the Principal and CEO of Cadet College Jhang

CC Jhang Admission 2024  Procedure

CC Jhang has implemented an online registration form for Admission 2024 to streamline the registration procedure. Students from throughout the country are encouraged to apply for courses 2 through 11. Merely purely on merit, the admissions procedure guarantees that worthy applicants will have the chance to succeed. Students who meet the requirements can register online via Cadet College Jhang’s official website. It is simple to pay the Rs. 1000 registration fee to the College MCB bank account at Nawaz Chowk in Jhang, which is referenced as (0239623371004101). You can stay up-to-date on written exam results, interview schedules, and cost structures by often visiting the official website.


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