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D.Com Scope In Pakistan Career Opportunities

D.Com Scope in Pakistan Career Opportunities

Looking for D.Com Scope in Pakistan? This page contains all details regarding D.Com Job Scopes, Course information and eligibility, job opportunities, the Fee Structure, and subjects to learn. If studying D.Com is something you are interested in, you should be well informed on the course of study.

The topics that are available for D.Com will be posted on this website. We will then go on to discuss your alternatives for future education and employment if you hold a Diploma in Commerce (D.Com). It is true that all Pakistani students today consider this branch of commerce to be one of their favourites.

These days, students are choosing to study,,, and vocations, courses, and employment related to the diploma in commerce (D.Com) in Pakistan are covered here. As is well known, the global economy’s primary driver of growth is still trade. The accounting, IT, marketing, international business, and computing fundamentals are intended to be covered in the degree programme for the diploma in commerce.

The Diploma Of Commerce D.Com Subjects in Pakistan Careers, Courses, Jobs, and other comprehensive information are available here on this website. For a brighter career, a student might pursue graduate studies in and BBA after earning a Diploma in Commerce. Continue reading this article to learn about D. Com subjects for the diploma in commerce in Pakistan.

 D.Com Scope in Pakistan

The abbreviation for a diploma in commerce is D.COM. The programme lasts for two years. The Board of Technical Education in each province administers the Certificate and D.COM examinations. This D.COM programme may be thought of as being more extensive than I.COM. I.COM. It is the ideal alternative for BCS, BA, B.COM, BS, and BBA students seeking admission. Your education in the subjects of mathematics, economics, banking, information technology, accounting, and commerce all starts with D.COM. It is a programme at the professional level.

Students must apply to this D.Com programme if they want to work in the field of commerce. Parts one and two of the exam are offered separately by provincial boards of technical education. Only normal students are eligible to take D.COM examinations. A piece of D.COM is worth 600 points.

D.Com Scope in Pakistan Career Opportunities

D.Com Scope in Pakistan Career Opportunities

When to Join the Diploma in Commerce (DCom)?

The D.Com diploma in commerce is available to students who have successfully completed matriculation. The diploma consists of courses that emphasise the financial side. The topics covered at this level are thought to be applicable for use in the business, finance, economics, and banking sectors.

Admission Requirements for Diploma of Commerce

Based on matriculation results, tech institutes publish admissions announcements in national periodicals. You can apply to the government-run technical institutions if you have strong test scores for matriculation or a comparable exam. Merit-based admittance to government colleges is the norm. Many government colleges hold exams or hold interviews prior to giving admission. Students with low matric results, however, can still be accepted into private colleges. Purchase the prospectus in this instance, and then, after filling out the admissions form that is contained in the prospectus, submit the admission form, the college fee, and certified copies of the papers indicated below.

  • Copy of the Matric/O-Level scores.
  • The NADRA’s B-form
  • Identification card of either the guardian or father.
  • A certificate of character from your former school.
  • Current passport-size colorful pictures.
  • Candidates who are applying for the O-Level need to be able to produce an attested copy of the IBCC Equivalence Certificate.

Learn more about the business courses offered by the Punjab Board of Technical Education here. On our website, you can also check the PBTE results for every course.

D.Com Major Subjects

The students must cover the following subjects in D.Com. The major subjects comprise 85percent of the course. The students can pass these subjects.

  • Economics
  • Communication Skill
  • Banking
  • Business Math and Statistics
  • Principal of Commerce
  • Financial and Applied Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Based Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Information Technology

D.Com Career Opportunities

You’ll be qualified for junior-level positions right away after earning the D.COM certification because it is a comprehensive vocational credential. D.COM also offers shorthand and typing instruction in English and Urdu, allowing certificate holders to work for government organisations as stenographers or typists. D.COM students should work to increase their shorthand and typing speed since these skills are essential for landing a solid job after earning their degree. Because of this, it is advised that you continue practising typing and shorthand after you graduate until you can find a job that suits you.

Every government agency and for-profit organisation administers typing and shorthand assessments when employing typists, stenographer assistants, and personal secretaries. Those who join with an average FA are capable after of signing up for classes like D.COM, I.COM, and DAE that are relevant to employment. This degree is required for female secretaries who want to work in the field. After landing a job and being employed, you must continue your education by looking for a position in the private sector or enrolling in online courses. In the absence of this, your career will advance slowly.

Employment Sectors for D.Com

  • Banks
  • Government Offices
  • Private Offices
  • Self-employed as composer or typist
  • Financial Institutes
  • Survey Companies
  • Publishing Houses
  • Newspapers
  • Passport Office

Career Options After Diploma in Commerce (D.Com)

You can enrol in a B.Com/B.Com IT programme and eventually an M.Com degree programme after finishing this D.Com programme. This sphere of trade is wide-ranging. It is a fruitful industry. Currently, Pakistan’s labour market needs a large number of graduates in commerce. It’s a really large field. This discipline is currently expanding significantly on a larger scale. Large tasks are available in the commercial market. Accounting and this area of trade are connected.

The only way to gain a job as an accountant, in a finance department, or in the accounts department is to have completed a diploma in commerce programme. enrolling in classes like D.COM, I.COM, and DAE that are relevant to employment.This degree is required for those who want to work as secretaries. After landing a job and being employed, you must continue your education by looking for a position in the private sector or enrolling in online courses. In the absence of this, your career will advance slowly.

Eligibility for Admission in D.Com

The applicant must have completed the matriculation exam or another equivalent test equivalent to O-Level. Students from the sciences and the arts are eligible to be considered for D.Com admission. Before applying, make sure you check the affiliation status of the technical college.

D.Com Fee Structure

It is important to note that the D.COM fee structure differs between a technical college and an additional technical school. The monthly tuition for vocational colleges run by government agencies is very affordable.

D.Com Career in Pakistan

Students who get a diploma in business have a wide range of options available to them. In both the public and commercial sectors, there are some opportunities for prosperous jobs. You can pursue a career as a management executive, junior accountant, accounts executive, or even discover good prospects in accounting and banking. You can even enter the field of economics and accounting. Numerous careers are available to the learner.

A college student simply has to be concerned with finding a profession that fits with his skills, aptitude, and interests. The following professional job opportunities are accessible to those with a degree in commerce, according to career counselling professionals.


An accountant is a professional that handles bookkeeping and organises the financial records you need for running your business, including balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and many more in addition to profits and loss statements. They will review your financial records, provide reports for tax purposes, and handle all the specialised financial terms necessary to manage your company.

Financial Analysts

Financial analysts carry out a variety of research-related jobs that help them develop their investment strategy and decide which investments to make for their company or clients. These jobs are data-driven and need excellent math and analytical skills.

Finance Manager

The Finance Manager oversees the distribution of a company’s financial resources, is accountable for the budgeting process, and supports the executive management team by offering information and financial guidance to enable them to make the most important business decisions for the company.

Tax Consultant

Tax consultants offer support to both people and companies with tax-related matters, tax returns, and filings, as well as with financial planning.


An auditor is a person having the authority to examine and verify the accuracy of financial records and to make sure that businesses are in compliance with tax laws.


A stockbroker is a financial specialist who conducts trades on clients’ behalf. A stockbroker may also be referred to as an investment advisor or a registered representative (RR). The majority of stockbrokers are employed by a company that conducts transactions on behalf of a range of institutional and retail clients.


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