Homoeopathic Medical System DHMS Degree Career Scope in Pakistan

Homoeopathic Medical System DHMS Degree Career Scope in Pakistan  Jobs Opportunities Courses Literature Requirements, Salary Requirements, Special Courses Guidelines for Males and Females, Test Pattern Selection Procedure Qualification Complete Information to Start and Choice Career in Pakistan with a DHMS in homoeopathic medicine.

Following matriculation, students can earn a four-year diploma in homoeopathic medical system (D.H.M.S.). Prior to a few years ago, Matriculation with Arts students may also enroll in this program, but currently, only Matriculation with Science students are permitted to enroll in DHMS. The DHMS examinations are administered by the National Council for Homoeopathy. Currently, according to government regulations, the first and second years of DHMS are comparable to an F.Sc., while the third and fourth years are equivalent to a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.).

Details on the equivalence of DHMS are available on this page. In various Pakistani cities, 159 homoeo medical colleges have been founded. Some of them furthermore offer BHMS degrees. DHMS currently has no age restrictions on enrollment. College tuition for homosexual physicians is quite affordable. Some institutions charge annual dues of less than 12000 rupees. Even though English is an option for exam taking, Urdu is the primary language of instruction. D.H.M.S. is therefore one of the simplest ways to prefix your name with the word “dr.” You may earn a BHMS degree after DHMS in just two years.

Scope of DHMS in Pakistan

Following its release, the Diploma of Homoeopathic Medical System is rapidly gaining popularity among Pakistani students. After receiving your diploma, you can begin your own practice. A position as a homoeo medical officer is also available at government clinics and hospitals. You can also submit an application for a lectureship at a homoeopathic college. Newspaper and magazine pieces are something you can write. The homoeo medical shop is likewise a successful enterprise.

You can create your own pharmacy and college if you can afford it. since a degree in homeopathic pharmacy is not distinct. Additionally, a lot of government agencies have homoeopaths on their staff. Holders of the DPT, DND, MSc Applied Psychology, DCIS, BSc Nursing, and Pharm D degrees who want to start working as general practitioners need get this diploma.

D.H.M.S. is a good option for women who wish to work from home. I would personally advise you to enroll in the B category diploma program as well. You will be able to open an allopathic medical business after completing this diploma.

Homoeopathic Medical System DHMS Degree Career Scope in Pakistan

DHMS Degree Career Scope in Pakistan Jobs Opportunities Courses

DHMS Degree Career Scope in Pakistan 

Career in DHMS Employment Areas

  • Job is Homeo pharmacies.
  • Job is Homeo medical stores.
  • Homoeo & herbal Medical Colleges
  • Homeopathic Medical Stores
  • Homeopathic Pharmacies
  • Publishing Houses
  • News papers & Digests
  • Government Hospitals
  • Private Hospitals
  • Private Practice
  • Personal business
  • Marketing Companies
  • Medical Representative

After earning a BSc, your employment options will significantly expand, and you may find work in a variety of settings, including universities, research facilities, government agencies, and more.

Subjects in DHMS

First Year

1-Homoeopathic Philosophy
2. Pharmacy Theory
3. Pharmacy Practical
4. Materia Medica
5. Anatomy Theory
6. Anatomy Practical & Viva

2nd Year

1. Homoeopathic Philosophy (Part 2)
2. Hygiene and Public Health
3. Materia Medica
4. Materia Medica Viva Voce
5. Physiology Theory
6. Physiology Practical

3rd Year

1. Homoeopathic Philosophy (Part 3)
2. Gynaecology and Obstetrics
3. Materia Medica
4. Materia Medica Viva Voce
5. Pathology & Microbiology,
6. Pathology Practical & Viva
7. Psychology

4th Year

1. Comparative Materia Medica
2. Materia Medica Viva Voce
3. Case Taking & Repertorisation (Theory & Viva)
4. Forensic Medicine
5. Minor surgery
6. Homoeopathic Philosophy (Part 4)

BHMS Jobs In Pakistan:

Bachelor’s degrees in both surgery and homeopathy A four-year professional degree program, BHMS. After completing BHMS, there are several sectors to hold in Pakistan. Both private and public hospitals have an abundance of employment options. Homeopathy offers a wide range of job opportunities in both public and commercial pharmacies with competitive pay. A person with a BHMS degree can readily find employment in the following career sectors:

  • Public and private hospitals
  • Colleges and universities, pharmaceutical companies, and herbal pharmacies
  • Newspaper, magazine, and other writers Homeopathic drug stores
  • Private Hospital

DHMS Eligibility Criteria in Pakistan

The interested applicants must successfully complete the 12th grade in order to be admitted to the BS Homeopathic program.
He or she must have graduated from a HEC-accredited institution or university with an intermediate degree.

The interested applicant must have obtained a minimum of 50% in their main biology, physics, and chemistry courses in intermediate school. However, the information about BHMS scope in Pakistan, employment, salaries, and subjects, as well as a list of institutions and universities that provide it, is all provided here. You should enroll in one of these institutions so that you may earn a respectable degree and launch a successful career in this area of study. You can provide your answers to the following FAQs in the comments section if you have any further knowledge about this area of study.

DHMS Salary in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the beginning pay for BHMS is between Rs 35,000 and 50,000 plus. While the institute where you studied and the institute or hospital where you started your job both have an impact on your initial salary. However, the focus of the conversation is on how lucrative a BHMS degree is in Pakistan.

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