Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences DRS Career Opportunities in Pakistan

Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences DRS Career Opportunities in Pakistan Scope Benefits Jobs requirements Salary guideline for admissions, courses, programs, professional training scheme and income details to start and choice Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences DRS field courses in Pakistan. It is a program for advanced research study and original investigation in areas relevant to the Rehabilitation Sciences at the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) level.

The Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS) is also a new medical degree in Pakistan. Holders of this university degree can also use the prefix dr with their name. All FSc Preschool students join this line only for the honor of being doctors, especially women who only want to obtain the title of DR, since, unfortunately, most of them do not enter the professional career after marriage, especially in Pakistan. Ph.D. programs in rehabilitation science require applicants to possess at least an undergraduate degree, and often a graduate degree, in a related field, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and nursing.

Career and scope of the Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS) as per few years before, only Premedical students had very limited options after FSc and A-Level to become a doctor. But now you have many other options besides MBBS and BDS, the Doctor in Rehabilitation in Sciences (DRS) is one of them. There are also many other options for those students who want to obtain the title of Dr at any cost. We have written a detailed article on this topic, that is, “Alternative options of MBBS and BDS after FSc Pre Medical & A-Level”.Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences DRS Career Opportunities in Pakistan

Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences DRS Career Opportunities in Pakistan

Rehabilitation Science:

The science of rehabilitation is, in fact, a secondary branch of physiotherapy or physical therapy, since it is only related to the rehabilitation process after any accident. The Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS) prepares patients to lead a normal life after an accident. Basically he plays the role of adviser and guide of exercises. Suggests better exercises to their patients according to their individual conditions.

Assists orthopedic surgeons and physiotherapists in the process of rehabilitating a patient. You can also call it a physical medical science. Doctors in rehabilitation sciences (DRS) have to coordinate with orthopedic surgeons until the final recovery of their patients.

They may even suggest other surgical options to orthopedic surgeons. The rehabilitation of an orthopedic or accidental patient is a team process and the Doctor in Rehabilitation of Sciences (DRS) is an important member of this team.

Eligibility Criteria:

Fortunately, until now, you only need to obtain 50% in FSc Pre Medical to enter the Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS) program. It is a ten-semester program and the duration of each semester is six months. The total duration of the course is 5 years (168 credit hours). The Imperial College launched the Doctor of Rehabilitation (DRS) course for the first time in Pakistan.

Career & Scope of Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS)

  • Government Orthopedic & General Hospitals
  • Bio-Medical Industry
  • Special Children Schools
  • Health & Fitness Clubs
  • Private Practice as a Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS).
  • Education Sector
  • Private Rehabilitation Centers
  • Gyms & Training Centers
  • Sports Clubs
  • Local & International Teams
  • In Western countries even old houses and orphan houses hire the services of Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS). DRS degree holders are welcomed by foreign countries for work permit and immigration.
  • In short a Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS) can work in all those places where people are at risk of injury or accident from their occupation/profession or activity.

I know that you will not believe it  that our local pehalwan knows many tricks and tips for rehabilitation of injured persons, you guys should not take them as your competitors, as they will provide you topics and even help for research in rehabilitation field.

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As the population ages more people are affected by disabilities, chronic pain and medical conditions that affect their abilities. A degree in rehabilitation sciences is ideal for preparing individuals to work with people who have various health issues.

Rehabilitation Sciences Program Coursework

Students studying rehabilitation sciences must have a strong foundation in science, psychology and English. As they progress in their studies they will complete foundational courses in rehabilitation science so that they understand the governing principles behind rehabilitation science. They may also take practical courses about medical terminology and disabilities, which will help to prepare them for a career in rehabilitation science.

Rehabilitation Science Introduction

What is rehabilitation science? Students pursuing introductory studies in this field will learn about rehabilitation science and its applications. Students will be explore and assess applicable research articles.

Medical Terminology

Rehabilitation science is a component of healthcare, and in order to function effectively students need to be familiar with common medical terms. A course in medical terminology will ensure that they know the appropriate medical terms related to rehabilitation science and that they can use them properly. Students will also learn some of the most common medical abbreviations, as well as the meaning of medical symbols.

Introductory Psychology

What makes a person act the way that they do? What is considered normal behavior? What is abnormal behavior? Students taking introductory psychology begin to develop an understanding of how the mind works, the variables that govern the ways people develop and behave, and how to classify different types of behavior.

English Composition or Writing

Students who pursue a rehabilitation sciences degree must complete a strong foundational course in English. They may concentrate on reading, writing or both. It’s important that these students be able to read materials and analyze the content. They also must be capable of producing written materials, such as essays and reports. An introductory English course will ensure that these students are prepared for the content analysis required in their other studies and that they will be able to produce the written materials required for their other classes.

Human Anatomy

How many bones are in the human body? What are all the parts of the human body that are involved in making a leg lift or a hand write? Students studying human anatomy will learn the parts of the body and how they work. They will be introduced to systems such as the nervous system. Students studying rehabilitation sciences will specifically focus on how the body is affected by medical issues stemming from illness or injury.


People who work in the field of rehabilitation science deal with individuals who have disabilities. Whether someone was born differently abled or became as such through an accident or illness, working with this population can present specific challenges. How society views the disabled, legal considerations concerning those who have physical challenges, and other factors that relate to treating these individuals will be explored.

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