Environmental Science Career in Pakistan | Courses and Scope 2024

If you consider adopting the field of Environmental Science, you can clear your doubts and questions about this degree in this article. In order to research the environment and provide solutions to environmental problems, environmental science is an interdisciplinary academic area that combines physical, biological, and information sciences in Pakistan. The areas of natural history and medicine gave rise to environmental science during the Enlightenment.

Following the explanation of environment sciences, we discuss its use, potential salaries in Pakistan, job openings, and universities in Pakistan that provide environmental sciences degrees.Job descriptions and salary information for environmental sciences positions are provided by Pakistani universities.environmental sciences in Pakistan: scope and salary.

In Pakistan, environmental science is a rapidly expanding discipline. Numerous environmental problems, including air pollution, water pollution, and climate change, are present throughout the nation. To deal with these issues, there is a great demand for environmental scientists. Environmental scientists have a variety of job options in Pakistan. They may work for enterprises, non-profits, or governmental organisations. They can also work in a number of places, including offices, labs, and field stations.


Scope of Environmental Science in Pakistan

The area of environmental science in Pakistan is expanding quickly and has a wide range of applications. The need for environmentalists is growing as people’s awareness of ecological problems and the environment grows. Environmental scientists and ecologists can find work in a variety of industries in Pakistan. By taking into account the present market demand, which often coincides with public and governmental agendas, the range of this field in the nation may be calculated.

Unfortunately, the Pakistani government has not yet paid much attention to environmental rehabilitation, particularly in metropolitan centres where pollution has grown to be a serious issue, even from automobiles in rural regions. As a result, a number of unidentified respiratory and skin disorders have emerged as a result of pollution. To protect trees and improve the environment, Pakistan’s Department of Forestry has implemented laudable efforts. This raises the possibility that Pakistan’s environmental science community may grow stronger in the coming years, increasing demand for those with this degree.

Environmental Science Career in Pakistan | Courses and Scope 2024

Environmental Science Career in Pakistan | Courses and Scope 2024

Environmental Science Career in Pakistan

Environmental Science careers are so diverse that categorising them into a single category is challenging. It is conceivable to work from home all of the time or to travel across the world every year. You may be working at a desk, performing fieldwork, or a combination of the two. Your major concentration might be physical, mathematical, or written.The majority of environmental science careers include some combination of two or more.

Environmental scientists can also choose from a number of positions offered annually by the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council. Professionals with experience in environmental policy, planning, and management are frequently engaged by local governments and engage in a lot of work that requires extensive study. Attorneys for the environment may be permitted to leave their offices and conduct their business in courtrooms or even at a desk.

  • Officer for nature conservation
  • Lecturer
  • Production Executive
  • Sustainability consultant
  • Commercial horticulturist
  • Software Developer
  • Environmental expert
  • Minerals surveyor
  • Specialist
  • Health officer
  • Recycling officer
  • Marketing and sales holder
  • Engineer in the field of environmental engineering
  • Waste management officer
  • Senior inspector
  • Sales representative
  • Content writer
  • Principles of Laboratory

Possible Jobs In Environment Sector After Doing BS Or MS In Environmental Science

In the public and private sectors, environmental science careers are available in a variety of fields. Students that study environmental science for their Bachelor’s degree become more knowledgeable about environmental problems and potential solutions.

There are five divisions within the discipline of environmental science:

  1. Ecology
    2. Environmental impact assessment
    3. Environmental Chemistry
    4. Environmental microbiology
    5. Science of Atmosphere

What do Environmental Scientists do?

Physical, chemical, biological, and geological processes on Earth are all studied by environmental scientists. They use this information to comprehend how topics like alternative energy, pollution control, resource management, and global climate change affect the ecosystems of the earth. A systemic approach is necessary to solve environmental problems because they entail intricate connections between physical and chemical processes.

Effective environmental scientists are capable of establishing geographical and temporal relationships and analysing qualitative data. For instance, they may use graphing to establish a link between acidity in the rainwater and atmospheric carbon dioxide levels after analysing samples of rainwater to determine pH levels. As an alternative, environmentalists can decide to plan demonstrations to call for political action to solve problems like acid rain.

Top Universities which offer Environmental Science in Pakistan 

Leading colleges in Pakistan that provide environmental science programmes include:

NUST, Islamabad’s National University of Sciences and Technology
Government College University (GCU), Lahore
Lahore’s UVAS (University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences)
Karachi University, Karachi
University of Agriculture, Faisalabad
LCWU, Lahore College for Women University
COMSATS University, Islamabad
The University of Punjab, Lahore
Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad
Bahria University, Islamabad

Top Careers in Environmental Science

The area devoted to Environmental Science has been expanding at a higher rate than ever because of environmental issues like pollution and climate change. Students who earn a degree in environmental science have various options for work opportunities, such as in microbiology or environmental science. They can also work as an engineer. Here are the Top Environmental Sciences careers.

Agricultural Scientists

A person with a degree in environmental sciences can spend the most of their working days working with processors and farmers. Additionally, there are several government organisations that hire agricultural scientists. Building strong relationships of trust with your consumers is crucial for improving the quality of your products and procedures. In this line of work, honesty and effective communication are essential. However, developing sustainable and healthful ways to enhance food quality would benefit many people. A range of important measures should be implemented.

Environmental Specialist

Experts in the field of the environment create answers to environmental issues by analysing the effects of the environment on certain populations. They frequently work in chemical and power plants, testing samples of the soil, water, and air as well as food. In order to reduce environmental problems, they also create preventative programmes.

Environmental Consultant

As a skilled professional, you will counsel clients on matters pertaining to the management of environmental challenges. It will be your responsibility to make sure that policies adhere to environmental laws. By giving clients regular updates, you’ll show off your likeable and professional abilities and build connections that will result in exceptional client happiness, recommendations, and environmental responsibility.

Marine Biologist

A scientist who specialises in understanding marine life is referred to as a “marine biologist”. They also study life in marshes and other salty environments. Typically, they carry out experiments, observe and collect data, and study marine creatures and other living things.

Natural Resource Manager

Reducing the harm done to the environment requires a lot of effort. Natural resource management is a major part of this activity. They are in charge of everything, including creating sustainability strategies and carrying out duties that call for officer engagement and hands-on work.


In order to understand how human activities influence ecosystems and their natural surrounds, ecologists are responsible for investigating and evaluating ecosystems. They may be employed by the government, environmental groups, aquariums, museums, or zoos, where they help to maintain and preserve these settings.

Environmental Engineer

You frequently act as a teacher in your capacity as an eco-engineer. Your continuous activity will include educating public opinion leaders and lawmakers about the need to take environmentally responsible initiatives. This calls for extensive knowledge of environmental safety, a comprehension of what humans do to the environment, and strategies for reducing the detrimental effects.

Possible Jobs In Environment Sector After Doing BS Or MS In Environmental Science

Different job options in the public and commercial sectors are available in environmental science. Students who pursue a bachelor’s degree in environmental science become more knowledgeable about environmental problems and potential solutions.

The field of Environmental Science encompasses five divisions:

  1. Ecology
    2. Environmental impact assessment
    3. Environmental Chemistry
    4. Environmental microbiology
    5. Science of Atmosphere

Major subjects in Environmental Science

The study of the interaction between people and the environment is done by the large and multidisciplinary area of environmental science. It covers a broad range of topics, such as:

  • Ecology: The investigation of how organisms and their surroundings interact.

  • Environmental chemistry: the investigation of the environment’s chemical makeup and how human activity affects it.
  • Environmental physics:  The research of environmental physical processes, such as air pollution and climate change.
  • Environmental biology:The examination of the environment’s biological elements, including ecosystems, animals, and plants.
  • Environmental policy:The investigation of environmental protection measures taken by authorities and other organisations.
  • Environmental law: The investigation of environmental protection legislation.

 Environmental science interview questions

  • Why did you choose to become an environmental specialist?
  • You found out about our job position in what way?
  • What drives you to be the best environmental specialist you can be?
  • How would you characterise your capacity for teamwork?
  • What kind of communicator are you?
  • Environmental science salary in pakistan

Environmental science salary in pakistan

Qualifications, abilities, experience, and the city of employment all affect salaries in the field of environmental science in Pakistan. Environmental scientists typically make about Rs. 55,000 per month in remuneration. People with more relevant work experience, however, may make up to Rs 100,000 a month. It’s vital to remember that these statistics are approximations and may change depending on the specific sector, business size, and individual negotiation, among other things.


  • Is environmental science a good career in Pakistan?

Given the current situation in Pakistan, environmental degradation, smog, pollution, changing weather conditions and global warming are increasing. Environmental science is becoming more popular in Pakistan. An excellent career choice is environmental science.

  • What can I do after BS Environmental Science?

Additionally, there are opportunities in the water and waste management industries, planning and surveying, media, as well as environmental research and education. Discover information about employers in energy and utilities, environment and agriculture, and other job categories.

  • What are the 5 areas of environmental science?

Environmental studies covers a wide range of topics, including i) conservation of natural resources, ii) environmental concerns, iii) pollution of nearby natural resources, iv) pollution control, v) related social issues, and vii) ) effects on human populations. the environment

  • What is Environmental Science Course?

Environmental science combines the physical, biological, and chemical sciences to research the environment and find answers to problems such as climate change, pollution, biodiversity loss, and the sustainable production of energy, food, and clean water.


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