Punjab GOVT launches learning driving license application

The Chief Minister of Punjab launched an online driving license application on Monday to facilitate the citizens of Lahore. According to the details, the caretaker government of Punjab along with Punjab police launched an application that will enable citizens to avoid long queues and get a learning driver’s license from the comfort of their homes.

Punjab GOVT launches learning driving license application

Beginning 10th December, residents in Punjab can present their Student’s Driving Permit applications at patrol Posts, Khidmat Markaz, and Police headquarters, and online through another mobile application called, ‘Online Learner Web App’.

Punjab GOVT launches learning driving license application

The Punjab government has just unveiled a plan to streamline the process of obtaining driving licenses, aiming to provide citizens with a more accessible and efficient experience. Starting December 10th, citizens in Punjab can submit their Learner’s Driving License applications at Patrol Posts, Khidmat Markaz, Police Stations, and online through a new mobile app called, the ‘Online Learner Web App’.

Available Through:

To ensure widespread accessibility, the online application for learner’s driving licenses is available through various channels, making it easier for citizens across the state. Interested individuals can utilize the following platforms:

  1. Punjab Police App: The online application process is integrated into the Punjab Police app, providing a user-friendly interface for seamless submissions.
  2. 737 Police Stations Across Punjab: This service is available at a vast network of 737 police stations scattered across the province, ensuring accessibility for residents in both urban and rural areas.
  3. All Khidmat Marakiz Across Punjab: Khidmat Marakiz, which serves as a service delivery center, also offers the option to apply for a learner’s driving license through the online platform.


The introduction of the online application system brings forth several benefits for individuals seeking to obtain a learner’s driving license in Punjab:

  1. Apply From the Comfort of Your Home: One of the primary advantages is the ability to initiate the application process from the comfort of one’s home. This not only saves time but also eliminates the need for physical presence at licensing offices.
  2. Avoid Long Queues and Waiting Times: With the online application system, applicants can bid farewell to the long queues and waiting times traditionally associated with obtaining a learner’s driving license. The digital process is designed to expedite the application procedure.
  3. Streamlined Licensing Process: The online platform is geared towards streamlining the entire licensing process, minimizing bureaucratic hurdles. Applicants can experience a more efficient and straightforward journey towards acquiring their learner’s permit.

How to Apply Online:

The process of applying for a learner’s driving license online is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Download the Punjab Police App or Visit the Official Website: Applicants can either download the Punjab Police app on their smartphones or visit the official website to kickstart the application process.
  2. Register for an Account or Log In: New users need to register for an account, providing the necessary details. For those who already have an account, a simple login is required to proceed.
  3. Fill Out the Online Application Form: The online application form is comprehensive, requiring information such as identification proof, address proof, and a medical certificate. Applicants need to carefully fill out the form.
  4. Upload the Required Documents: Essential documents, including ID proof, address proof, and medical certificate, must be uploaded onto the platform as part of the application.
  5. Pay the Application Fee: A secure online payment gateway is integrated into the system for applicants to conveniently pay the required application fee.
  6. Schedule Your Driving Test: The digital platform allows applicants to schedule their driving test as part of the process.
  7. Visit the Testing Center on the Scheduled Date and Time: On the appointed date and time, applicants are required to visit the designated testing center for their driving test.
  8. Pass the Driving Test: Successfully passing the driving test concludes the process, and individuals will receive their learner’s license.

This modern approach to obtaining a learner’s driving license signifies the Punjab government’s commitment to leveraging technology for the benefit of its citizens. The online application system not only simplifies the process but also aligns with the evolving digital landscape, offering a more efficient and accessible means for residents to embark on their journey to becoming licensed drivers.

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