How to Join Inter Services Intelligence ISI Pakistan

Careers in Pakistan’s ISIGolden Advice for Children and New Graduates on How to Start and Join ISI in 2024 The Best Super Tips for a Career in Pakistan’s ISI. Detailed instructions on how to join Inter Services Intelligence ISI Pakistan Career jobs, pay positions, and guides for tests and interviews for a greater chance of being selected. The term “inter services intelligence” is referred to as ISI. Pakistan’s top intelligence agency receives information from our adversaries. You may refer to it as Pakistan’s first defense shield. ISI is open to both citizens and military people.

Numerous foreign publications and organizations have ranked ISI as the top intelligence agency in the world. Because it is a source of national pride, every Pakistani wants to join the ISI and serve his beloved nation.


How to Join Inter Services Intelligence ISI Pakistan

How to Join Inter Services Intelligence ISI Pakistan

ISI acquired popularity on a global scale primarily as a result of its backing for the Taliban during the Soviet Union invasion of communist Afghanistan. During that period, the CIA, the American intelligence service, and Saudi Arabia collaborated closely with Pakistan and supplied financing and training. If you wish to join ISI, consider getting a commission in the Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan Army, or Pakistan Navy. ISI recruits the majority of its officers from the Pak Army, Pak Navy, and PAF on deputation.

Super Tips For Selection in ISI

Additionally, you can immediately enroll in ISI through the Federal Public Service Commission. Keep in mind that due to concerns of confidentiality, no intelligence organization lists its identity in a newspaper ad for recruiting. “Job Opportunities in a Public Sector Organization” is the usual title of the advertisement. You must apply for all of these positions, but it is difficult to know which intelligence agency you are applying to.

Someone other checks everyone in intelligence. Most of the time, a department or regional representative is unaware of what the other area is doing. They are therefore constrained to the power and authority in a very restricted region. Additionally, ISI members reside not just in Islamabad or Karachi but also in underdeveloped areas where privileges are ineffective anyhow.

Additionally, because they mostly live undercover, they are prohibited from using any setup advantages suddenly that would blow their cover off or from taking use of the privilege of disclosing their affiliation with the ISI to anyone around them. Every student who has strong academic standing and general knowledge can pass the written test, but the majority of students fail the interview because the brightest minds in Pakistan will be asking you questions. In the interview, your general knowledge, IQ, EQ, family background, decision-making ability, and personality traits will be assessed. A psychological examination may also be requested of you. This stage is also challenging. You will need to demonstrate in this instance that you have a multifaceted personality and can deal with any circumstance with ease.

So, my dear brothers, in order to pass the written test, you will need to first increase your general knowledge and creative writing skills. The format of written tests varies depending on the job. The first paper often consists of MCQs, and the second one covers grammar, English comprehension, and essay writing.

Required Skills For Clearing The Interview & Psychological Test 

For clearing the interview and psychological test you will have to improve your following skills

  • Adaptability
  • Decision Making Power
  • Response Time & Rate of Accuracy
  • Analytical, Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership
  • Out of The Box Thinking Ability

Additionally, you must be in excellent health.As you could be assigned to a foreign or field assignment where you will need to gather intelligence information using your own talents, you should be sociable and have a desire to study foreign languages.

You will have a fulfilling career and a fascinating life with ISI Pakistan. You could receive an assignment abroad. Additionally, you’ll have a respected position in society. The ISI job is the best job in Pakistan. This is one of the few government agencies in Pakistan whose hiring, posting, and promotions are all based solely on merit.

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Join ISI Pakistan

Depending on your attitude and whatever category you fit into, all applicants who want to be a member of the Inter-Services Intelligence ISI Pakistan can join this agency as an officer or agent. There are two options. What Is The Process For Joining ISI Pakistan After FSc?

  • The Unofficial Route: Become an Officer in the ISI
  • The Simplest Method Is to Join ISI as a Civilian

How To Join ISI Pakistan as an Officer?

This is the deceptive method of joining ISI Pakistan. In this manner, individuals who have passed the FSc in pre-Medical or FSc in pre-Engineering first enlist in the military. The Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force, or the Pakistan Navy are examples of these forces. You can enlist in the military through any of the following channels: an officer, a short service commission, a commissioned officer, or a non-commissioned officer.

After passing the entrance exams for the military, if you are chosen, you will be sent to the Inter-Service Intelligence School to finish the required coursework before being posted to the Field Intelligence Units (FIU). If your performance is good enough to impress your superior, you will then become a permanent member of the ISI.

How To Join ISI As A Civilian

The only way for all civilians to learn that Inter-Services Intelligence has openings in their departments is through FPSC. The candidate’s ability and inventiveness are tested in a test after FPSC publishes a notice in the press. MCQs make up the majority of the test’s topics, which cover general knowledge, English, and current events.

The candidate must show up for the psychological examination after passing the written exam. A picture drawing test, a sentence completion test, and other similar tests fall under this category.

The final interview is for all of the candidates who passed this psychological exam.

Candidates typically have three opportunities to join this Inter-Services Intelligence. If you don’t pass the exam the first time, you can try again after you graduate. After earning your master’s degree, you may reappear if you don’t pass on your second try.

Inter-Services Intelligence does not just open positions for FSC students; graduating students and master’s students are also eligible to join, and they must go through the same application and selection procedures as FSC students.

Inter-Services Intelligence often posts job openings and welcomes applications. There aren’t many openings, but those who are chosen to join this institution are the ones who are lucky. Keep in touch with us via this website if you completed your F.SC and wish to join Inter-Services Intelligence to learn How To Join ISI Pakistan After FSc.

If Inter-Services Intelligence advertises a position for their division, we’ll keep you informed. Just begin your training for boosting your vocabulary, English, and aptitude tests for the time being. We’ll inform you as soon as they make the job openings public.

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