MDCAT Biology Online Test Preparation MCQs | Chapter Wise

The candidates who registered themselves for the MDCAT test can attempt online tests in the preparation for the MDCAT exams. MDCAT Biology Online Test Preparation MCQs are available on this site. You can attempt online MCQs tests for Biology MDCAT exams. The online tests are arranged by chapter-wise questions. Medical students who want to pursue a career must first pass an entry exam. However, the main concern for those who are interested in how to prepare for the MDCAT exam. This is why you are in the right spot to get yourself ready to take the exam. You can take the online MCQs tests and simply need to click the Start test button to begin your preparations on the internet at your own home. Biology is one of the four subjects of the MDCAT preparation syllabus. MDCAT Biology test online preparation MCQs part of the paper contains the most questions. These questions are conceptual and you don’t need to join an academy to prepare for them. Students looking forward to the medical profession first need to clear the entrance test. But the main problem for candidates is how to prepare for the MDCAT test. So, you are now at the right place to prepare yourself online for the entry test. Here you can get an online MCQ test and you just have to press the start Test button and start preparations online at home on a laptop, computer, mobile, or tablet system also. You can also attempt MDCAT Physics Online Test and MDCAT Chemistry Online Test on our site.

MDCAT Biology Online Test Preparation MCQs

If you are preparing for MDCAT Than You are at the right place. Here you will get all MDCAT study stuff from the MDCAT syllabus and past papers free also in pdf. Medical College Admission Test (MDCAT) required for seeking admission to medical colleges and universities comprises 220 total MCQs out of which 88 MCQs are included in the Biology section as per the pattern set by the University of Health Sciences (UHS). National University of Medical Sciences conducts an entry test for Army Medical colleges and it includes a total of 180 MCQs out of which 70 are from Biology subject. The syllabus for Biology Section as recommended by UHS includes the various topics. University of Health and Sciences – UHS MDCAT 2024  paper contains 88 questions from Biology. These questions are multiple-choice and each question is 5 marks. In this way, this section comprises 440 marks. The syllabus consists of the Biology textbooks of FSc Part-I&II.

MDCAT Biology Online Test Preparation MCQs | Chapter Wise

MDCAT Biology Online Test Preparation MCQs | Chapter Wise

MDCAT Biology Online Test

If you’re curious about what you can expect from the MDCAT Biology MCQs, you’ve found the right website to download answers to the MDCAT Biology Chapter Wise MCQs with Answers Online Test. This test will be taken by students of Medical who wish to gain admission into Medical or Dental colleges and pursue MBBS and BDS. After passing FSC Pre-Engineering, students have various options, including MBBS, BDS, Nursing Biotechnology Pharm.D or DPT, and many other relevant medical and non-relevant programs. However, the preferred choice of all students would be MBBS and BDS. This is because of their scope of practice and their doctoral job. To qualify, doctors must pass the Medical entrance test, which is held every year. In Punjab, this test is administered by UHS. Medical students from all schools participate in the trial. Biology is the primary subject, and you must learn about all the topics. Therefore, we provide you with the Biology MDCAT MCQs for every chapter. Scroll down for the chapter-wise MCQs.

MDCAT Biology Chapter-wise MCQs Test With Answer for preparations just available here.

Content and Learning Methodology

The chapters and topics included in the MDCAT paper are given below. For the easiness of students, we will also tell them about the total number of questions from various parts.

Cell Biology

Here students will learn about animal and plant cells, eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, and the structure and functioning of organelles.

Biological Molecules

Students will explore lipids, proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, DNA, and enzymes here. Lipids, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Nucleic Acids, and Enzymes.


In this chapter, you will learn the structure of viruses and various viral diseases, bacteria, and their types and fungi. Virus, Bacteria, and Fungi main topics there.

Kingdom Animalia

Kingdom Animalia will deal with different terminologies and phyla.

Human Physiology

This chapter will explore various functions such as the digestive system, immunity, hormones, transportation, nervous system, gas exchange, etc. Homeostasis, Support and movement, Nervous system, Digestive System, Transportation, Reproduction, Gas exchange, Hormonal control, Immunity.


This chapter will tell students about cellular respiration and the photosynthesis process.


Concepts such as DNA technology, gene therapy, and cloning will be discussed here.


In Ecosystem, students will study xerosere, impacts of man’s activities on the ecosystem, nitrogen cycle, and the flow of energy.


Here learners will explore Darwin’s and Lamarck’s theories and evolution.


In this chapter, students will learn various terminologies, cell division, gene control, and genetic problems.

MDCAT Biology Online Test Chapter-wise

Chapter 01 Introduction To Biology

Chapter 02 Biology Cell

Chapter 03 Biological Molecules

Chapter 04 Biology Enzymes

Chapter 05 Chromosomes and DNA

Chapter 06 Microbiology

Chapter 07 Fungi

Chapter 08 Kingdom Animalia

Chapter 09 Human Physiology

Chapter 10 Coordination In Animals

Chapter 11 Reproduction In Animals

Chapter 12 Growth and Development

Chapter 13 Bioenergetics

Chapter 14 Biology Biotechnology

Chapter 15 Biology Ecosystem

Chapter 16 Biology Some Ecosystems

Chapter 17 Biology Evolution

You can attempt this test to check your knowledge and basic concepts of biology. It will prepare you and will give you the experience of real-time entry tests. Check and attempt MDCAT Physics Online Test and MDCAT Chemistry Online Test on our site.

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