New Policy For Issuance Of New Mobile Phone SIM In Pakistan

In Pakistan, if you want to activate a second SIM card using the same name, it will take seven days for the new SIM to become active. This process takes longer compared to activating a new SIM card, which usually takes only eight hours.

New Sim Policy Issuance In Pakistan

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has implemented new measures to prevent the illegal issuance of SIM cards. Under the new guidelines, the process of issuing and activating a new SIM card under the same identity will now take seven days instead of the previous eight-hour timeframe. This change aims to ensure better control and regulation of SIM card issuance.

New Policy For Issuance Of New Mobile Phone SIM In Pakistan

Previously, it was possible to obtain a new SIM card just eight hours after receiving another one, but with the new rules in place, the waiting period has been extended to seven days. This applies not only to new SIM cards but also to duplicate SIM cards or numbers.

The revised Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) regarding SIM cards came into effect on Wednesday, January 24, 2024. These rules are applicable to all telecommunication operators, customer service centers, franchisees, and retailers. The aim is to enhance security and ensure that SIM card issuance is carried out in a more controlled and regulated manner.

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