Orthoptist Career Opportunities in Pakistan

Orthoptist Career Opportunities in Pakistan Jobs Scope Salary Guideline prerequisites for admissions, courses, and programmes to become an orthoptist of your choosing. The primary distinction is that, unlike ophthalmologists, optometrists, orthoptists, and opticians are not obliged to pursue medical education at the same level as doctors. Optometrists, orthoptists, and opticians only offer a few types of eye care since they lack medical training or experience.

Orthoptists are university-trained allied health professionals with a focus on eye movement disorders and processes for diagnosing conditions affecting the eyes and visual system. Certain diseases can be treated orthotically to reduce visual complaints and improve visual function.A certified orthoptist is a specialist in allied health who has been specially educated to diagnose and treat eye movement disorders in children and adults.

Orthoptist Career Opportunities in Pakistan


Orthoptist Career Opportunities in Pakistan Jobs Scope Salary Guideline

What is Optometry and Orthoptics?

Eye-related illnesses and physical disabilities are some of the most prevalent worldwide. Numerous issues with the eyes exist, ranging from mild infections to severe abnormalities. Some of them can readily cured at home with natural herbal treatments, but when the issues worsen, they must be appropriately addressed under the guidance of knowledgeable eye professionals. Along with treating eye infections, they assist in treating a variety of vision-related issues. Once the issue has been identified, any optometrist must find a remedy, recommending the suitable pair of glasses, contacts, medication, or surgery.

The major responsibility of the optometrists is to inspect the eyes and identify the issue, but in addition to this, they can easily provide the services of vision therapy along with the rehabilitation of any poor vision individual. After a thorough examination and diagnosis, the optometrist not only offers the fundamental optical care but also assists in providing the care needed both before and after surgical operations. Both cataracts and retinal issues are addressed in these treatments.

How to Find Admission in the BS Optometry and Orthoptics or Doctor of Optometry (OD)?

After finishing the intermediate with pre-medical, the B.Sc. honours degree is available in the two fields. Several governmental and commercial sectors are currently offering the degree. Admissions are made based on both merit and quota. Along with the entry percentage, this varies from one school to the next. Admission to the Doctor of Optometry (OD) programme calls for a minimum of 50% in the course.

Doctor of Optometry (OD) Course Details:

The Doctor of Optometry (OD) programme, which is an honours degree, lasts four years. The students get to spend this time learning about a certain set of subjects that are presented through lectures, labs, and clinics. The studies often emphasise the anatomy and physiology of the eye, which furthers the knowledge’s practical applicability. The early years focus on theory to comprehend the optical process.

Laboratory tools and models are employed to provide the students with a thorough explanation. As the course progresses, however, the students are brought to the eye clinics to study the material realistically.


You must undergo training and academic study to become an orthoptist. Depending on where you want to go to school, there are different entry criteria. A university degree in visual science, health science, or biological science is often required for employment as an orthoptist, which is followed by a postgraduate degree in orthoptics. Typically, you need to get your VCE in order to enrol in degree programmes.


Orthoptics is from the Greek Ortho-straight and optikos-of or for vision. Orthoptics is an allied health profession pertaining to the study of eye movements and binocular vision. Utilizing specialized examination techniques, the orthoptist. Evaluates and diagnoses strabismus and amblyopia.

Orthoptics is an exciting and varied career. It offers you the chance to make a difference, a high degree of flexibility and excellent employment prospects. You’ll work with patients every day to help improve their care and their lives.

Future Careers in the Field of Doctor of Optometry (OD):

The qualified Optometry and Orthoptics can obtain positions in the optical treatment centres after completing the four-year degree. The students can find high-paying employment with several opportunities for advancement and promotions. There are two sorts of occupations available: either students may work as assistants in any hospital or doctor’s office, or after gaining some experience, they can open their own business.

The primary occupations for the credibly qualified professionals are those that demand them to prepare the instruments needed to address optical issues. Pakistan offers a number of facilities specifically designed to treat optical issues, such as the Shifa International Eye Hospital in the city of Rawalpindi. Such institutes provide competent students a variety of opportunities.

Scope of OD in Pakistan 

In Pakistan, there is a new programme called Doctor of Optometry (OD), which is superior than BBS or BSc in Optometry and Orthoptics since it allows graduates to use the title “doctor” after their names. It’s a good MBBS and BDS substitute. We still need a lot of competent doctors of optometry (OD), so they can make more money than regular doctors or dentists.

Producing the following goods locally will allow you to make a limitless amount of money because Pakistan spends a lot of money importing them and they are also quite expensive. In Pakistan, a small number of doctors of optometry (OD) are creating these goods at astonishing profit margins.

Light Weight Ocular Prosthesis
Re-Adjustable Omni-Fit Enucleation Implant
Cross-Linked PMMA Prosthesis
Calibrated Prostho-Guide Conformer
Artificial Eyes
Cosmetic Contact Shells
Evisceration Balls
Muscular Implants
Congenital Anophthalmia and Microphthalmia
Scleral Shells
Exenteration Prosthesis

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