Pakistan Air Force Career Opportunities Jobs Scope Requirements

Pakistan Air Force Career Opportunities Jobs Scope Requirements salary special courses guideline for Man, Woman, (Male, Female) along with test pattern selection procedure qualification complete information to start and choice Pakistan Air Force for better future in Life. The Pakistan Air Force offers you not only a job, but also a promising career. It offers a range of work experiences that you can use to develop a successful career. Whether you have done FSc or are about to obtain a graduate degree in Engineering, Medical and Information Technology, etc., a career is waiting for you at PAF. Being a pilot, PAF makes you ascend in your career and test your potentials; As an engineer or doctor, PAF gives you every opportunity to excel in your profession. It is not just about planes or pilots, PAF makes it stand out in a series of disciplines and occupations in which not only does it get professional efficiency, but it also grows personally with a sense of achievement.

They offer your career according to your interest and aptitude. PAF offers you the most modern facilities, an environment conducive and an unparalleled way of life in which you get the best out of you. This Pakistan Air Force institution is one of the well-known institutions working for the security and protection of Pakistan. Both male and female candidates can serve in this institution. Even if you have completed your intermediate education of Fsc, if you have graduated in the engineering line, if you have completed your undergraduate studies in information technology or in the line of the subject of medicine, you can serve in this air force of Pakistan for Of course. This institution provides an appropriate environment. The following details the important details about which lines of work are opened in this institution of the Pakistan Air Force.

Job as Female Staff

Pak Air force is open for females to join in. Girls can join Receptionist, Lab Attendant, Store keeper, Assistant store keeper, Lab Assistant, Draughtsman, Clerk, Steno typist and Stenographer areas in Pak Air Force. These areas are spawned from BS5 to BS 15 with age range of 18 -25.

Job as Aeronautical Engineer in Pakistan Air Force

You can become an aeronautical engineer and can serve in this Pakistan air force. It is all through the help of this CAE course that female candidates from Pakistan can serve in this job line. Upon the completion of this CAE course, you will be hired and posted as aeronautical engineer. At this PAF academy Risalpur, you will get 2 years of training by being posted on the post of aviation cadet and then you will get the post of pilot officer when you will complete this 2 year time frame of training.Pakistan Air Force Career Opportunities Jobs Scope Requirements

Pakistan Air Force Career Opportunities Jobs Scope Requirements

Job as General Duty Pilot Officer

For the female citizens of Pakistan, they can even serve in this Pakistan air force while being posted on the job line of general duty pilot officer. It is through this GDP course that you get posted on the job line as general duty pilot officer. In this job line, you will be involved in the 2 years of training phase right as aviation cadet. You need to have 60% marks in your matric as well as FSc education.

Job Areas Opened for Male

You can too become a general duty pilot officer. You can work for the navigation sector, or for the air Defence sector. Then departments linked with admin and special duties departments, department of information and technology in air force sector of Pakistan is opened for the male citizens of Pakistan as well.

Pak Airforce Regular Commission

General Duty Pilot in Pakistan Air Force

This is the most attractive branch for youth and a test to fly fighter air craft, flying in the heights of the sky and protect the aerial borders of the country. Two years academic qualification of BSc is provided to the selected candidate in PAF academy Risalpur.  Successfully completing the BSc course, the cadets are trained for one and a half years in the field of air flying.  At the end of this training period cadets are commissioned as pilot officer in Air Force giving them BSc (engineering) degree.

Aeronautical Engineer in Pakistan Air Force

To mobilize and activate the aircrafts and equipment’s of ground installations of the Pakistan Air Force are the duties of the aeronautical engineers. For this purpose, officers of such caliber are needed who can make the efficiency of aircrafts, machines and equipment’s more effective and useful. 3 ½ years training is provided to cadets in PAF College of aeronautical engineering.  Those who successfully complete the training are commissioned as flying officer in Air Force along with BSc (engineer) degree.

Eligibility Criteria for Commission in PAF

Qualification: Intermediate science Pre-engineering in second division

Age: 16 to 22 years

Youth are generally selected for the following two branches

  1. General Duty Pilot
  2. Aeronautical engineer

Selection procedure in Pakistan Air Force

The preliminary tests are conducted at selection centers which are consisted of

  • A written examination
  • Intelligence tests
  • Interview
  • Physical fitness/medical test

Working Environment

Officers in air force have to work together in a closely atmosphere. They can be posted anywhere in Pakistan or abroad for any period of time. People related to administrative branch have to work in offices.  Air system engineers work in the hangers outside or inside. Communication electronics’ branch officers work in system control room. Air traffic controller and fighter controller always work in dim light. Pilots fly air craft.

Personal characteristics

  • An air force officer must have administrative and leader ship qualities.
  • He must be alert, mobilize and the best anticipator of the situation.
  • Self confident, Courage and valor are the requirements of the officers in air force.
  • Talented and dignified Youth having fervor of Working with team spirit can choose air force as career.

Future Prospects in Air Force

Talented and eligible youths are trained in PAF Academy. After passing out they are inducted in air force as flying officer or aeronautical engineer. After training recruits are commissioned as plight lieutenant. One can be promoted to Squadron leader, wing commander or group captain.

Benefits on Joining Pakistan Air Force

  • You will get this Defece Services Officers Provident fund. It is also called as with the name of DSOP
  • Then you will get concession on your ait fares and on your railway tickets. Housing schemes will be offered to you. Free medical treatment provision facility will be given at your table.

This is how you can join this Pakistan air force. It is a well established defense department and opened for all make and female citizens of Pakistan. So serve in Pakistan air force and enjoy its immense benefits as well.

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