Virology Career Opportunities in Pakistan Scope Jobs Salary Requirements

Virology Career Opportunities in Pakistan Scope, Jobs, Salary, and Review of Courses, Admissions, Professional Experience Programs, and Training Scheme for Income Information about Career Choice and Start in Virology. The study of viruses, virus-like entities, and parasitic genetic particles with a protein coat is known as virology. Botany, the study of plants, and zoology are the three subfields of biology. both the study of animals and the study of microorganisms.

The study of viruses and viral illnesses is the focus of the medical science field of virology. It covers the molecular mechanisms of virus infection and reproduction in cells as well as the structure, classification, and evolution of viruses.

What is Virology?

Understanding viruses is the focus of virology, which ranges from more widespread illnesses like chickenpox to newly developing ones like the coronavirus, SARS, Zika, and Ebola.

The field of research known as virology is concerned with studying viruses and virus-like entities, including (but not limited to) their taxonomy, disease-producing abilities, culturing, and genetics.

Virology Career Opportunities in Pakistan Scope Jobs Salary Requirements

Virology Career Opportunities in Pakistan

Virology Career Opportunities in Pakistan

Nature of Work Virologists:

  • Examine the formation, growth, and general characteristics of viruses,
  • Utilize and create methods for viral isolation and culture.
  • Analyze the chemicals generated by viruses and research how they affect organic stuff.
  • Spend the most of your time in the lab.


Some viruses, plant viruses, veterinary viruses, or human viruses are their areas of expertise. Infectious disease, biological warfare, HIV, viral vectors and gene therapy, viral oncology and immunology, molecular biology and pathology, retroviruses, and tumor-suppressing viruses are some more areas of focus. Some virologists research the structure and properties of recently identified antiviral substances.

Required Education and Jobs Opportunities


Admission Requirements


MS/ M.Phill (if BS/M.Sc.)


4 Years

2 Years

3-5 Years

  • FSc. Pre-medical
  • Equivalence if other than FSc (A’Level etc…)
  • Entry Test for BS

Qualities Required

Job Opportunities

  • A solid background in life science or biochemistry is very important
  • Scientific Aptitude
  • Accuracy and attention to detail is essential.
  • Excellent record-keeping is critical.
  • Hospitals
  • Medical research companies
  • Medical colleges
  • Pharmaceutical companies, and
  • Cancer treatment centers
  • A high proportion of graduates proceeds to PhD study, or, if medically qualified, to clinical practice or research
Get your bachelor’s degree. It is uncommon to find virology as a bachelor’s degree major. Most prospective virologists major in biology, chemistry, or a similar discipline as undergraduates since having a solid science foundation is crucial.

Career Requirements

  1. Get your bachelor’s degree. It is uncommon to find virology as a bachelor’s degree major.
  2. Take the entrance exams for graduate school.
  3. Complete your medical or doctoral education.
  4. Complete training in postdoctoral research.
  5. Receive your medical license.
  6. Continually learn.

A full-service virology lab, the Clinical Virology Laboratory uses molecular techniques, fast antigen detection, culture, and serology.

Virology Jobs Salary in Pakistan

In Pakistan, a Veterinary Virologist makes an average salary of PKR 1,710,262 per year and PKR 822 per hour. A Veterinary Virologist can expect to make between PKR 1,188,632 and PKR 2,083,099 per year on average. The greatest level of schooling for a veterinary virologist is often a doctorate degree. This study of remuneration is based on wage survey information that was gathered in Pakistan from anonymous employees and employers.

FAQs About Virology Career Opportunities in Pakistan

What are the career paths in virology?

Summary. Researchers and teachers who specialize in virology frequently alternate between these two professions. Virologists can also work as science journalists or pursue further education to work in the pharmaceutical industry or the legal profession.

What is the scope in virology?

They have the option of choosing to work as a research associate, virologist, assistant professor, lab assistant, etc. They can get work in places like reputable colleges and universities, pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, private clinics, human immunology laboratories, and government hospitals.

What degree is best for virology?

A bachelor’s degree in biology or a field closely connected to virology that covers coursework in cell biology, biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, and molecular biology is required for aspiring virologists. Courses in cell biology and biochemistry are particularly crucial.

is virology a good career?

With a significant 27% growth in statisticians’ employment by 2022, virologists with strong statistical training should likewise enjoy high job demand. With new viruses emerging every day and ongoing study, there appears to be a promising future for virologists in the workforce.

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