Biochemistry Career Scope in Pakistan Opportunities Jobs Salary

Biochemistry Career Scope in Pakistan Opportunities, Jobs, Salary Requirements, Courses, Admissions, and a Guide to a Better Future in Careers. The study of the chemical reactions that occur during biological processes is known as biochemistry. It examines the chemical reactions that are involved in several biological processes, such as growth, metabolism, reproduction, and inheritance, amongst others. Molecular biology, immunochemistry, neurochemistry, bioinorganic, bio-organic, and biophysical chemistry are all subfields of molecular biology, which are all included in biochemistry. It is a practical laboratory discipline that applies the molecular techniques of chemistry to the wide range of biological systems. Molecular biology is also known as biochemistry.

Biochemistry is the subfield of chemistry that investigates the chemical processes that occur within live organisms and those that are connected to them. It is a science that is performed in the laboratory and combines elements of biology and chemistry. Biochemists are able to comprehend and solve biological issues by applying their knowledge of and skills in chemical science.

The study of biochemistry provides us with a better knowledge of life on a molecular level and provides a variety of methods that are essential for the conduct of research in the fields of agriculture and medicine. The field of biochemistry has made enormous contributions, both to the discovery and the comprehension of the structure of DNA.

Biochemistry Job options

The scope of one’s work within the realm of biochemistry is expansive. The following are examples of careers that directly need a biochemistry degree:

  • Analytical chemist
  • Biomedical scientist
  • Healthcare scientist, clinical biochemistry
  • Clinical research associate
  • Forensic scientist
  • Research scientist (Life Science)
  • Scientific laboratory technician
  • Toxicologist

Nature of Work

A practitioner who specializes in the health of plants is known as a plant pathologist. This is analogous to how a physician focuses in the health of humans and a veterinarian specializes in the health of animals.

Biochemistry Career Scope in Pakistan Opportunities Jobs Salary

Biochemistry Career Scope in Pakistan


  • Participate in activities at all levels, working with a wide variety of biological species.
  • Investigate the chemical processes that are involved in living things, such as the formation of cells, respiration, and digesting, as well as the changes in life energy that occur throughout growth, aging, and death.
  • Create novel approaches in order to investigate the biological processes’ underlying mechanics.
    Investigate the three-dimensional arrangements of submicroscopic molecules such as
  • proteins, utilizing x-rays and electron microscopes as primary research tools.
  • Researching the chemical constituents and processes of biological systems such as plants, insects, viruses, microbes, and mammals can help one understand how and why chemical reactions take place.
  • Try to have a grasp on how the processes of individual cells and how they interact with one another to build more complex creatures.
  • Participate in research with a wide variety of species, from bacteria and viruses to plants and humans.
  • work in cutting-edge laboratories for scientific investigation.
  • Conceive and carry out diagnostic procedures in order to identify illnesses, genetic disorders, and other anomalies.
  • Investigate the mutations in organisms that can cause to illnesses such as cancer and others.
  • Create and test brand-new pharmaceuticals and therapies that are designed for distribution in the commercial market.
  • Because their research is intertwined with so many other areas of study, they frequently collaborate with experts hailing from other fields.
  • People who work in biochemical research could be involved in the study and comprehension of immunological systems, the sequencing of proteins, the control of metabolism in plants and animals, hemoglobin, and the composition and function of membranes.
  • The fields of medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine all make use of biochemistry in their practices.
    Biochemists often work in the field of food science, where their research focuses on determining the chemical makeup of foods, coming up with strategies to extract nutrients from waste products, and developing ways to make nutritious food more readily available at lower costs.
  • Biochemists work in the agricultural industry to investigate how pesticides affect the plants they work with. The responsibilities involved in each of the jobs listed above are very different from one another.


Admission Requirements




MS/ M.Phill (if BS/M.Sc.)


2 Years

2 Years

4 Years

2 Years

3-5 Years

  • FSc. Pre-medical
  • Equivalence if other than FSc (A’Level etc…)
  • Entry Test for BS

Qualities Required

Job Opportunities

  • Inquisitive attitude
  • Determination
  • Perseverance, persistence and stamina to work for long hours and
  • Inductive Reasoning (The ability to combine pieces of information to form general rules or conclusions)
  • Deductive Reasoning (The ability to apply general rules to specific problems to produce answers that make sense)
  • Creative and Inventive
  • curiosity about the living world
  • Keen observation sense along with intelligence and hard work.
  • Analytical thinking
  • Provincial and Federal government Departments
  • Biochemical industries
  • Hospitals
  • Agricultural firms
  • Food production companies
  • research institutes,
  • Education and associated areas.
  • Pharmaceutical industries where genetically engineered drugs are developed and manufactured also look forward to employing biochemists.
  • Research related agricultural industries and institutions also employ biochemists.
  • Because biochemistry is a collective word, we would like to focus more on the industry as a whole and explore the various options that are available. If you are interested in pursuing a job that lies at the intersection of biology and medicine, then you could find that biochemistry is something that piques your interest.

Scope of Biochemistry in Pakistan

Because everyone desires a prosperous future with a rewarding work, this is a question that frequently arises among students as they consider their options for postsecondary education. Students who are interested in pursuing a degree in biochemistry in Pakistan have a wide variety of options available to them because the subject is in such high demand and has so much room for growth, and they may make their decision right away.

If you have a degree in biochemistry, you will have no trouble finding a solid work in either the private or the public sector. A biochemist can readily find work in a variety of sectors due to the broad scope of their expertise. In point of fact, biochemistry is a discipline in which a person may very rapidly establish a meaningful and secure profession for themselves.

Salary of Biochemistry in Pakistan

The salaries of biochemists range widely depending on whether they work in the public, private, or academic sectors. Additionally, it is dependent on the individual’s credentials and skill sets that they possess. However, a graduate of biochemistry may expect to make anywhere from 50,000 to 65,000 dollars each month on average in compensation. On the other hand, the compensation might potentially increase with the passage of time and reach anywhere between 75,000 and 150,000 dollars per month.

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