BDS Scope in Pakistan | Career Opportunities and Courses

BDS is the most lucrative career in Pakistan. BDS is a valuable career option for students who plan to enter the medical field. This site provides information about BDS careers in Pakistan. You can also learn about the scope, career opportunities, major subjects, eligibility, BDS specialization, and career options. BDS stands for “Bachelor of Dental Surgery”. It covers all issues affecting the mouth, teeth, gums, and other soft tissues. It also includes cosmetology which deals with corrective treatments. Cosmetic dentistry is a broad range of procedures that improve the appearance of patients. The dentist diagnoses and treats oral and dental diseases. It is a noble profession. Society regards dentists as a respected profession. Quaid-e-Azam’s younger sister was a dentist. BDS, a five-year program, is the second choice for every FSc pre-medical student following MBBS. Professional dentists are in high demand all over the world. This profession is highly lucrative. Many Chinese students also do BDS. If you are accepted into a BDS program in China, please verify with PMDC the legitimacy of your university or dental college. In government hospitals, BDS doctors can be offered 17th-grade positions. Dentistry is very advanced now. Many technologies (laser and computer) have been used in this field. Although dentists can obtain foreign immigration, it is not advised as our country requires the services of qualified dentists. They can also earn a great living in their country.


BDS Scope in Pakistan

BDS has a broad career opportunity, not just in Pakistan but all around the globe. Teeth problems are very common in Pakistan, as they are an essential part of our bodies. Due to the increasing population, there is a greater need for dentists in Pakistan. Quacks in Pakistan are still treating patients, and there is a high demand for qualified dentists across Pakistan. Almost all BDS graduates in Pakistan get jobs in a public or private hospitals because there is a shortage of qualified dentists. The vast income potential of private practice is what draws the majority of dentists to private practice. It was difficult for Pakistani students to become dentists in the past. However, many private dental colleges are now opening in different parts of Pakistan. Dentistry (BDS) has many specialties due to its increasingly complex lives and continuous research. Because of their expertise, specialists in different fields can provide better care for clients.

BDS Scope in Pakistan | Career Opportunities and Courses

BDS Scope in Pakistan | Career Opportunities and Courses

BDS Specializations and Courses

These are the major specialties of BDS:


An area that specializes in treating the internal tissues, or “pulp”, of a tooth. This is mainly made up of nerves and other blood vessels. An endodontist performs root-canal treatments and other procedures and examinations involving the inner tooth.


This specialization deals with the alignment and straightening of the teeth and jaw. An orthodontist can fit braces and treat misaligned teeth. They also have to deal with bone issues around the mouth that may be related. This is for filling, root canal work, and cosmetic surgery.


Periodontics is the study of the surrounding area around the tooth. This includes the gums, tissues, and any other conditions.


Prosthodontics is the field that deals with cosmetic dentistry and the appearance and function of teeth. A prosthodontist places implants to replace missing teeth and works with other prosthetics. This is a specialization in the creation of artificial teeth.

Pediatric dentist:

Specializes in children’s dentistry; may collaborate with other specialists if specific areas are needed (e.g. BDS is a condition that affects Pakistani gum disease.

Subjects to Study in BDS

The Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) is a 4-year program with a mandatory one-year internship. This allows individuals to practice the knowledge they gained during their Bachelor’s degree. This course will teach you about dentures, dental problems, and how to perform surgery. The following is the proposed HEC B.D.S. study plan.




  • General Medicine
  • General Surgery
  • Community Dentistry
  • Period-ontology
  • Oral Medicine/Oral Diagnosis/Oral Radiology


  • Prosthodontics
  • Orthodontics
  • Operative Dentistry
  • Maxillo and Oral Facial Surgery
  • Elective Projects
  • Selective Projects


  • Comprehensive Dental Care
  • Prosthodontics
  • Operative Dentistry, including Pedodontics
  • Orthodontics
  • Period-ontology
  • Oral Medicine/Oral Diagnosis/Oral Radiology
  • Special Care Dentistry
  • Elective Projects
  • Selective Projects

Eligibility Criteria for BDS

BDS admissions are open to students who have attained at least 60 percent in FSc pre-medical/BSc/A level or an equivalent qualification. They also need to take the MDCAT entrance test. The MDCAT test is administered by provincial governments, while the Punjab University of Health Sciences conducts the MDCAT.

BDS Career in Pakistan

The Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) is a bachelor’s degree that can be completed in Pakistan. It lasts for four years. The program prepares students to become dental surgeons who can diagnose, treat, and prevent oral diseases. This degree will allow you to work in either private or public clinics worldwide. The degree also allows you to select a specific type of job like a private practitioner, dental lab technician, dental representative or sales rep, dentist, professor, oral pathologist, public health specialist, Dental assistant, consultant, and Dental hygienist. Continue reading to learn more about the BDS bachelor’s program in Pakistan.

Employment Sectors

  •  Government Dental Hospitals
  •  Private Dental Hospital
  •  Private Practice
  •  Pharma Companies
  •  Dental Technician Colleges
  •  Dental Equipment Manufacturing Factories
  •  Dental Raw Material Manufacturing Factories

BDS Career Opportunities in Pakistan

Many career opportunities are available with the BDS (Bachelor in Dental Surgery). The private sector has many job opportunities as medicine has evolved over the years. Many colleges offer options in both private hospitals and dental care centers. Dentists can also be offered jobs in government hospitals based on their entrance exam results. Students have a wide range of options when it comes to finding employment. You can also specialize in a particular job, such as a dentist, private practitioner, dental laboratory technician, dental technologist, sales representative, or professor.

  • Dental Technician College Lecturer
  • Government Hospitals have a Dental Medical Officer
  • Medical Representative
  • Consultant Dentist
  • Private Practitioner
  • Researcher
  • Dental Lab In-charge
  • Quality Testing Officer at Dental Products Manufacturing Factories.

Clinical Practice

After completing your BDS course, you can start your clinic and work in a clinic affiliated with a hospital or private practice. Starting your clinic may require a significant investment initially; however, the profits can be very high once the business is established. Other factors you should consider are where you’ll start your practice, the method of charging for your services, and how to draw in clients. When you begin your own business, you could join forces with other established dentists and build a network of contacts to develop your reputation in the beginning stages and attract your first clients.

Government Dentists Jobs

After you’ve completed BDS, you can also apply for jobs in the government sector. There are numerous opportunities for dentists working in government hospitals as well as located in rural regions. There are also opportunities to apply for non-clinical jobs by taking a variety of government entrance tests such as Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC), Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission (KPPSC) or Balochistan Public Service Commission (BPSC). However, suppose you’d want to keep your job as a dentist and be employed by a government-owned organization. In that case, you can choose from many possibilities for employment, such as Army dental corps, contract dental officer jobs in the military or Airforce, a contractual dental officer in Navy or Airforce dentist jobs, state-level dental surgeon jobs, as well as dental professionals in railways.

Dental Cosmetology

With the advancement of living standards, People are now more conscious about their appearance in the dental technology field, which has led to a rise in the demand to find cosmetic dentists across Pakistan. They are medical professionals who focus on changing the looks of gums, teeth, and teeth and correcting their bites. To be a cosmetic dentist, you could take a second course in orthodontics or prosthodontics following your BDS course or go for an MDS focusing on the two fields.

Forensic Dentistry

Suppose you’re looking to pursue forensic science. In that case, the field of forensic dentistry, also known as forensic dentistry, can be a fascinating career option after completing your BDS, as you can assist in solving criminals. At a minimum, you must earn 55% of your BDS course. You may be able to take part in the most reputable institutions of forensic science in the United States. Following your BDS, you can pursue an MSc. in forensic dentistry or an MDS in forensic dentistry. Forensic dentistry has yet to be accepted as a profession in Pakistan.

Dental Consulting

Many hospitals are looking for dental specialists to enhance their practices in dentistry by assisting and training other dentists and improving their human resources and marketing procedures. In addition to having a BDS degree, knowing about hospital management is an advantage. Your work skills and experience make it possible to earn an income as a dental consultant.

Top Colleges and Universities for BDS Programs

  • De Montmorency College (DCD), Lahore
  • University of Health Sciences, Lahore
  • Khyber College of Dentistry, Peshawar
  • Isra University, Hyderabad
  • Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, Jamshoro
  • King Edwards Medical University, Lahore
  • Sardar Begum Dental College, Peshawar
  • Baqai Dental College
  • Ziauddin College of Dentistry
  • Karachi Medical and Dental College

Difference between BDS and MBBS

The BDS student and students of MBBS take the same course subjects. Yet, a BDS student is renowned for expertise in teeth, gums, mouth, and mouth. The hours of work for dentists are brief and relaxing. A doctor must always be available since emergencies aren’t time-bound. MBBS can be multi-dimensional. Thus, a graduate could be a professional in any area. However, dental specialists could be the foremost authority in the field of dentistry in the sense of. However, that does not mean dental professionals aren’t as popular in Pakistan.

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