BSc Bachelor of Science Subjects Career Scope Opportunities Eligibility Guideline

BSc Bachelor of Science Subjects career scope opportunities eligibility guideline information for admissions courses, jobs in requirements with complete instructions details. Bachelor of Science BSc is a two year under graduate degree in Pakistan which is awarded for a program in science. It is one of the most popular degrees in Pakistan. Now government has also started four year BS program but still majority of science students opt BSc program after intermediate with science subjects.

Private candidates can not opt pure science subjects. AIOU and VU are offering several BSc programs via distance learning. If you are good in science subjects only then you should go for Bachelor of science program otherwise you will face many difficulties in future. So its better to decide wisely after after intermediate about you future plan instead of repenting after some time.

And if you are good in science subjects then 4 year BS program is better choice for you although that program has some draw backs which we will discuss in our article on BS but overall BS is more recommended program than BSc. Scope of BSc Bachelor of Science Eligibility, Subjects, Jobs & Further Study Options get here at from.BSc Bachelor of Science Subjects Career Scope Opportunities Eligibility Guideline

BSc Bachelor of Science Subjects Career Scope Opportunities Eligibility Guideline

Candidates having FSC pre medical, FSC pre engineering, ICS, FA general science and A Level certificate can apply for admission in Bachelor of Science BSC. Admission is granted on merit and merit vary from institute to institute.

Compulsory Subjects in BSC Bachelor of Science
Three subjects are compulsory in 2 years BSC program i.e English, Islamic Studies and Pakistan studies. While students have to opt three optional or elective subjects in BSC.

Elective Subjects List in BSC Bachelor of Science
Here we are giving the list of elective subjects of PU’s 2 year BSC Bachelor of Science program. You have to opt a group of three subjects. All groups are not available in every college. You should select the group of your subjects in BSC according to your aptitude, strength and your further study program. If you want to go for competitive exams after BSC then select scoring subjects and those subjects which have 200 marks in competitive exams.

But don’t compromise on the scope of subjects and on your aptitude. If computer science is available in your favorite group than you should opt it as it will increase your options after BSC. Economics and Mathematics are two other subjects which open many doors of opportunities for you. Females can opt Essential of Home Economics or Applied Psychology/Psychology.

  • Physics
  • Mathematics (General)
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Statistics.
  • Space Science
  • Geology
  • Geography
  • Applied Psychology/Psychology
  • Mathematics A course
  • Mathematics B course
  • Computer Studies
  • Economics
  • Botany
  • Zoolog
  • Essential of Home Economics
  • Aero Science
  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Genetics

Career &  Scope
BSC degree holders can get job in any scientific and research related firms and companies. You can also appear in all PCS exams for getting government jobs. Banks and many business and marketing related companies provides jobs to Bachelor degree holder irrespective of their subjects in graduation. After Bed BSC degree holder can get the job of a science teacher in government schools.

  • Jobs in different Industries
  • Jobs in various science laboratories
  • Jobs in research firms
  • Jobs in testing laboratories
  • Civil service
  • Scientific writer jobs
  • Jobs in pharmaceutical industry
  • Jobs in healthcare related firms and companies

Further Study Options After BSC
BS degree holders are capturing the job market and you will have to face cut throat competition in the market. So at least BSc degree holders should get Master degree for  getting some reasonable job.

Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree is offered across a range of subjects in University. As its name suggests, a Bachelor of Science degree focuses on science and technical-based subjects. The Science Faculty’s undergraduate curriculum is organised according to key disciplines, namely Natural Sciences, Health Sciences, Mathematics and Physics, and Environmental Sciences. Various degree programmes combine aspects of biology, ecology, geography, chemistry, technology and social science, as well as modern physics, applied mathematics and natural sciences.

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