Criminology Career Scope in Pakistan Jobs Opportunities Salary

Criminology Career Scope in Pakistan Jobs Opportunities Salary requirements with courses, In addition to course and admissions criteria, and data regarding private income and sources of earnings are provided.Criminology is the study of the various aspects of the legal and judicial systems, including law enforcement. A individual who is interested in pursuing a career in the criminal justice system will almost certainly first try to get a degree in criminology. Although the areas of criminal justice and criminology are closely connected to one another, they are not the same thing.

Albeit Both forensic science and criminology study the technique behind wrongdoing and criminal behavior; nevertheless, when viewed from a logical standpoint, the two disciplines provide drastically different results. Comparing criminology to scientific science in terms of its scope and applications reveals significant differences. The tools and methods utilized in the traditional sciences, in particular science and science, are applied to questions of a legal nature in the field of legal science.

They investigate the sites of wrongdoing and collect evidence, which is then analyzed in laboratories. In this sense, criminological science is an interconnected branch of the field of normal science. It’s interesting to note that criminology is a subfield of sociology that developed from human science. The study of criminal behavior and the ways in which social orders respond to wrongdoing are the focus of criminology, which draws on sociological concepts and methods.

The field of research known as criminology examines the causes of criminal behavior. In another sense, it is the process of analyzing the conditions that led to the commission of the crime and preventing or controlling future opportunities to commit such a crime. Because criminology is an interdisciplinary study, the majority of its theoretical framework is derived from sociology, psychology, and legal studies.

At most cases, criminologists find employment at educational institutions like colleges and universities, where they are responsible for organizing and carrying out research as well as instructing students in subjects like criminal ethnography, drug misuse and addiction, law enforcement administration, theoretical criminology, and other similar topics.

The study of criminology focuses primarily on two areas: the factors that contribute to criminal behavior and the strategies that may be used to stop criminal activity. Crime statistics, criminal behavior, criminology, evaluation of criminal justice agencies, sociology of law, and criminal professions and desistance are some other topics of interest in this field of research.

Criminologists frequently narrow their attention to particular categories of criminal activity. Some deal with homicides, some with armed robberies, others with acts of vandalism, yet others with acts of sexual assault, and still more with other types of serial crimes. They investigate as many instances as they can get their hands on, and then utilize the findings to come up with ideas that, in turn, can be helpful in thwarting future criminal activity. Professionals also have the option of specializing in areas such as the prevention of crime, the investigation of crime scenes, the conduct of criminal litigation, corrections, rehabilitation, or the privatization of prisons.

There is a significant gap between the responsibilities and requirements of one employment and those of another. There are positions in the administration of criminology, which need an individual to be organized, as well as careers in court reporting, which require an individual to have exceptional writing skills and understanding of the legal system. For a career in criminology or investigation, you need a particular set of specialized talents, such as acute observation and the ability to analyze logically. In order to be successful in the profession of criminology, one must have unwavering faith in the legitimacy of the judicial system and unwavering honesty in their pursuit of truth and justice.

Criminology Career Scope in Pakistan Jobs Opportunities Salary

Criminology Career Scope in Pakistan Jobs Opportunities Salary

Criminology Career Scope in Pakistan Jobs Opportunities Salary

Education Courses:
It is possible to earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree as well as a Master of Arts or Master of Science degree from a variety of colleges and institutions in Pakistan and other countries. You are required to have finished your high school education with a focus on either the arts or the sciences if you intend to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in criminology.The minimum requirement for acceptance into a master’s program is a bachelor’s degree in either the arts or the sciences, with an aggregate mark of at least 50%.
Personal Attributes:
Along the same lines as a psychologist, a criminologist has to have an interest in human nature and behavior. A person who is interested in this line of work has to be creative, have the capacity for analytical thinking, the ability to solve problems, the talent of public speaking, and the ability to convince people. A criminologist has to have strong communication skills, both vocally and in written form, in order to do their job effectively. There is a possibility that a criminologist will need to speak in front of big groups of people and must also have strong public speaking abilities.

People who earn a bachelor’s degree can expect to find jobs such as:

  • Police officer
  • Corrections Officer
  • Forensic science technician
  • Probation and community control officer
  • Loss prevention specialist


Those who specialize in criminology can, of course, pursue a career in the field itself, which is perhaps the most illustrious option. Even though a master’s or doctoral degree is normally necessary, criminologists can specialize in a variety of different fields, such as environmental criminology. Environmental criminology is only one of many fields. They are also responsible for enhancing the actions and functions of the police force through innovations such as community-oriented policing and predictive policing, both of which they have introduced. Criminologists are employed in a wide variety of settings, including the following:

  • Colleges and universities
  • Think-tanks
  • Legislative bodies
  • Public policy areas

A criminologist’s career options include teaching at universities or serving as an advisor in state legislatures or Congress. They contribute to the formulation of public policy with regard to the reduction of criminal activity. They frequently collaborate closely with local police departments to assist such units in improving their ability to serve the areas they patrol.

Forensic Psychologist

Aspiring students of criminology can also find the subject of forensic psychology to be an interesting option for a future profession. It’s possible for forensic psychologists to operate in a variety of settings and under a variety of job titles, including the following:

  • Criminal profiler
  • Jury consultant
  • Prison psychologist
  • Expert witness
  • Psychological investigative services

In addition to any undergraduate degree that may have been obtained, obtaining either a master’s or a doctoral degree in psychology is often required in order to operate as a forensic psychologist.

More Criminology Careers

Other careers available to criminology majors include:

  • Private investigator
  • Insurance fraud investigator
  • Security specialist

Crime has an effect on practically every facet of society. As a consequence of this, practically every sector of the economy has a requirement for the provision of investigative services, as well as loss prevention or fraud protection.

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In addition, obtaining a degree in criminology can serve as the groundwork for other vocations that are closely connected, including those in the legal field, the helping professions, and social work.

A criminologist who works in correctional facilities, legal companies, or other similar settings must have the ability to read people’s minds in order to counsel them effectively. Because so much of the job entails the collecting and interpretation of data, having strong research and analysis abilities is absolutely necessary.

A person who works in this field should have a solid understanding of how to utilize computers and the internet, particularly for conducting research associated with criminology. This individual must have a strong commitment to the field of criminology and its objectives, which include enhancing the effectiveness of the correctional treatment program and decreasing the incidence of criminal behavior.

Scope of Criminology in Pakistan

The field of criminology is becoming increasing significance in today’s society as a result of both the overall increase in criminal activity and the rapid expansion in the variety of factors that contribute to it. Therefore, if you are interested in criminal justice or criminology, you may pursue a career as a criminologist. Criminologists typically focus their research on a particular type of criminal activity.

There are some that deal with murders, while others deal with armed robberies, property destruction, and assault. They investigate as many occurrences as they can and utilize the information they gather to formulate ideas that can be used to prevent more criminal activity. They may choose to specialize in the following areas: detecting criminal activity, investigating crime scenes, representing clients in criminal cases, working in prisons or rehabilitation, or privatizing jails.

Because they are conversant with the social and human aspects of violence, victimization, and responses to crime and deviance, criminologists have a wide range of professional options in the court system of Pakistan. Criminology graduates may also find employment opportunities at institutions for mental health treatment and drug rehabilitation, in insurance businesses, and in social service organizations.

What are the jobs for Criminology in Pakistan?

After receiving their degrees in criminology and the appropriate qualifications, graduates are qualified for a wide variety of occupations. There is a wide variety of work available, many of which pays handsomely and offers excellent opportunities for fulfilling careers. These jobs include some of the following:

Police officer Forensic psychologist Private investigator Criminal profile Insurance fraud investigator Loss prevention specialist Probation and community control officer Armed forces Judge NGO activist Writer Consultant FIA NAB Crime reporter Intelligence agencies And many more

What is the salary?

While a person’s level of experience and level of expertise are the two primary factors that determine their compensation. It also is dependent on the individual’s place of employment. However, the beginning income of a recent college graduate begins at $45,000 per month and can reach up to $200,000 per month in some cases.

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