Fashion Designing Scope in Pakistan | Career and Courses 2024

In Pakistan, Fashion Designing is a creative and popular industry. For creative people of both genders, this is the ideal profession. You can get all the details about the scope of fashion design in Pakistan here, along with details on the courses, key subjects, prerequisites, success tips, and job descriptions. Fashion Designing is a difficult profession. There are many innovative persons in this profession.

You may become well-known and wealthy in this field. To flourish in this industry, fresh fashion designs are insufficient. Both marketing and presentation are crucial. You can only develop your latent abilities by acquiring a certificate or degree in this profession. Creative folks don’t require accreditation to launch a business. Applying design, aesthetics, and unaltered beauty to clothing is known as fashion design.and accoutrements. Fashion trends can differ from one location to another depending on social and cultural norms. Fashion designers work hard to make clothing that are both useful and aesthetically beautiful.

Finding fresh approaches to change things to suit your tastes is the focus of this discipline. You may browse online or buy regional or worldwide fashion publications. It might be beneficial if you looked at renowned people’s wardrobes as well. These are the main suppliers of new styles and fashion trends. Learn how to use digital media as well.

Fashion Designing Scope in Pakistan | Career and Courses 2024

Fashion Designing Scope in Pakistan | Career and Courses 2024

If you don’t have a firm understanding of social media campaign management, you’ll never succeed as a well-known fashion designer. You may post your creations on as many social media channels as you choose, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Additionally, you may ask your loved ones and close friends to like and share them.

You may also attend fashion shows to see if you can set them up for your designs, at least at the level of the neighbourhood college or school. A bachelor’s degree programme takes four years to complete. More professional training is provided, and technical curriculum is combined with conceptual and creative education. You can opt to study computer-aided design, 3-D design, colour theory, textiles, portfolio presentation, fashion sketching, and colour theory.

Fashion Designing Scope in Pakistan

Fashion designers are in high demand all around the world. To get engaged by Pakistani businesses, the experts must be inventive. Fashion designers are employed by hundreds of garment businesses in Pakistan. These brands may be domestic or foreign. After receiving a degree, it is unlikely that you will work in government. A fashion designer is not compelled to participate in any initiative for the government. Many positions listed by the federal public service commission will take applicants with a bachelor’s degree into consideration.

The evolution of Pakistani culture is a topic that is addressed in fashion design. It is fair to assume that one of the most well-liked professions in Pakistan is fashion design. For the past three to four years, Pakistan’s fashion sector has had the quickest growth and highest profitability. Garment design, leather design, and accessories and jewellery design are just a few of the numerous subfields that fall under the umbrella of fashion design.

It can be further broken down into a number of categories, including flat pattern making and apparel design, knitting pattern design, children’s wear, men’s wear, swimwear, intimate apparel, bridal, haute couture, tailoring, fitting techniques, fashion history, and fashion business.There are numerous facets to fashion. No of their gender, Pakistanis aspire to be in style. Even the youngest generation, or small children, desire to be in style. Fashion design is becoming more popular as an area of study at colleges.

Another sector in Pakistan that may profit from a fashion designer is the general textile business. Fashion designers are required to make the printed clothing for these sectors. The good news is that a lot of textile factories pay well. If you have talent and creativity, you can earn a lot of money.

Major Subjects in Fashion Designing

  • Apparel Designing
  • Flat pattern making
  • Draping
  • Sewing techniques
  • Computerized pattern design
  • Knitwear Designing
  • Childrenswear
  • Menswear
  • Swimwear
  • Wear intimate apparel
  • Bridal
  • Haute couture and tailoring
  • Licensing
  • Fitting techniques
  • Fashion history
  • Fashion business

Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor of Fashion Design

You can apply for the Intermediate level with at least 45% marks or A-Levels (22) with an equivalency certificate issued by IBCC (Inter Board Committee of Chairmen Islamabad) or equivalent from recognized Institutions. The Institute also conducts an entrance test.

Master in Fashion Designing

Candidates holding a bachelor’s degree in Textile Designing, Art & Design, Fine Arts, Or any equivalent degree from recognized universities/institutions with at least 45% marks are eligible to apply. The University will conduct an entrance test.

Best Job in Fashion Designing

  • Fashion designer.
  • Graphic designer.
  • Textile designer.
  • Creative director.
  • Product developer.
  • Technical designer.
  • Quality assurance manager.
  • Production manager.

How to make a Career in Fashion Designing

Make early contact with the appropriate persons. While you are still a student of fashion design, start networking.
Within the fashion sector, find your niche. Most people are not able to achieve everything.
Develop a mindset that is business-focused.
For many fashion designers, having a bachelor’s degree is a must for designing and selling clothing. These courses instruct students on computer-aided design (CAD) software and textiles. Additionally, students make portfolios that display their works. enlarge your circle of friends. For self-promotion, it would be beneficial if you built up personal ties with media experts in your industry. Everyone should get a copy of your business card. It’s possible to locate business chances in wedding venues or beauty salons.
As a high-profile fashion celebrity’s helper,Your career will take off as a result of this. In the early phases of your profession, you might request that individuals sample your clothing. Fashion designers need to be imaginative and artistic, but they also need to be skilled at listening, communicating, and making decisions. They ought to be able to collaborate effectively and not be demoralized by failure. They must also be focused on the details.

Skills Requirements for a Fashion Designer

In order to effectively market your natural talents, it is crucial to ensure widespread awareness of your creativity and abilities. Your primary objective should be to generate distinctive and innovative designs on a daily basis, emulating the best fashion designers who think outside the conventional boundaries. It is imperative to refrain from imitating existing designs and instead focus on creating your own unique styles.

Successful fashion designers possess the ability to demonstrate that beauty extends beyond superficial appearances. Aspiring designers should strive to assist individuals in overcoming their insecurities. By embracing and conquering the challenges inherent in this demanding industry, you possess the potential to become a globally renowned fashion designer.

Fashion Designing Career in Pakistan

The subject of fashion design is thriving and offers students a variety of job choices. For their bright future, this is essential. You may use this career to exhibit your artistic abilities and get wealthy. You may become a manager, consultant, or designer with the aid of these courses. A lot of stylists in the field have degrees in management and design from Art & Fashion Institutes.

Retail managers, merchandisers, and buyers all have roles that are closely tied to one another. Our fashion design program’s graduates also have jobs as jewellery designers, textile technologists, and fashion journalists. The following are possible careers for fashion designers:

Consultant: Provide expert advice and guidance to individuals or businesses seeking fashion-related insights

Stylist: Create captivating looks by coordinating outfits, accessories, and overall image for clients or fashion shoots.

Costume Designer: Develop unique and appropriate costumes for theatrical productions, films, or television shows.

Illustrator: Utilize artistic skills to create visually appealing fashion illustrations and designs.

Fashion Designer: Cultivate your own distinct style by conceptualizing and crafting original garments and collections.

Visual Merchandiser: Curate attractive displays and arrange merchandise in retail environments to enhance the shopping experience

Merchandiser: Analyze market trends and consumer demands to select and promote the right products for retail stores.

Costume Stylist: Collaborate with production teams to create authentic and captivating costumes for films, TV, or stage performances.

Personal Stylist: Offer personalized fashion advice and wardrobe selections to individual clients.

Fashion Blogger: Share your fashion insights, tips, and trends through an online platform, reaching a wide audience.

Retail Buyer: Select and purchase fashion merchandise for retail stores, considering market trends and consumer preferences.

Personal Shopper: Assist clients in selecting and purchasing fashionable clothing and accessories tailored to their individual tastes.

Fashion Publicist (PR): Promote fashion brands or designers through strategic public relations campaigns and media outreach.

Fashion Curator: Curate and organize fashion exhibitions or collections in museums, galleries, or cultural institutions.

Product Promoters: Represent fashion brands or designers by showcasing and promoting their products to potential customers.

These diverse roles offer opportunities to showcase your creativity, skills, and passion for fashion in different aspects of the industry.

Institutes Offering Fashion Designing Degree

  • Islamabad’s Institute of Design in Pakistan
  • Islamabad’s College of Fashion and Design
  • Rawalpindi Institute of Art and Design
  • Islamic University of Pakistan
  • Sialkot’s Virtual University in Pakistan
  • Faisalabad’s National Textile and Fashion University
  • GCU Faisalabad Institute of Art and Design
  • Faisalabad College of Fashion and Design
  • Fashion Institute Of Pakistan
  • BNU, or Beaconhouse National University
  • A national design and management college
  • NCA: National College of Arts
  • Institute for Fashion Apparel Design and Training
  • The Textile and Fashion Design School in Karachi
  • Chinese Institute of Fashion

Online Fashion Designing Jobs in Pakistan

There are several online fashion designing job opportunities available in Pakistan. Here are a few alternatives to think about:

Freelancing Platforms: Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr provide platforms for fashion designers to offer their services remotely. You are able to make a profile, display your portfolio, and submit bids for pertinent tasks.

Online Fashion Retailers: Many online fashion retailers in Pakistan, such as Daraz, Gul Ahmed, and Khaadi, hire fashion designers to create and design their collections. Keep an eye on their career pages or reach out to inquire about potential remote positions.

Fashion Design Studios: Some fashion design studios in Pakistan may offer remote job opportunities. Check their websites or social media accounts for any open positions or contact them directly to express your interest.

Fashion Design Courses: Online education platforms like Academy, Coursers, and Skills hare often have courses and tutorials on fashion design. Upon completing these courses, you can use your newly acquired skills to work as a freelance designer or start your own online fashion brand.

Social Media and Influencer Collaboration: Build a strong online presence on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, showcasing your designs and fashion expertise. Collaborate with influencers or start your own fashion blog or YouTube channel to attract potential clients and employers.

Remember to network with fellow fashion professionals, join relevant online communities and forums, and continuously improve your skills and portfolio to increase your chances of finding online fashion designing jobs in Pakistan.

 Future Scope of Fashion Designing

The future scope of fashion designing is bright and dynamic. With the industry’s continuous growth, increasing focus on sustainability, and advancements in technology, designers have ample opportunities to thrive. The rise of digital platforms and e-commerce enables global reach and personalized experiences. Collaboration with diverse fields fosters innovation and unique design approaches.

Customization and ethical practices cater to the evolving demands of consumers. Moreover, entrepreneurial ventures provide avenues for independent success. To excel in the future of fashion designing, designers should stay updated, embrace sustainability, leverage digital tools, and foster creativity to make a lasting impact in this ever-evolving industry.

Fashion Designing Salary Per Month

The salary of a fashion designer in Pakistan can vary depending on factors such as experience, level of expertise, location, and the organization they work for. Entry-level fashion designers in Pakistan can expect to earn an average monthly salary ranging from PKR 30,000 to PKR 50,000. As designers gain more experience and establish themselves in the industry, their salaries can increase significantly.

Mid-level fashion designers with several years of experience can earn anywhere between PKR 50,000 to PKR 150,000 per month. Senior or highly renowned fashion designers who have achieved significant recognition and success can earn salaries exceeding PKR 200,000 per month or even higher. It’s important to note that these salary figures are approximate and can vary based on individual circumstances and negotiations with employers.


  • What is a good career in fashion?

Sales, marketing, and related associate professionals, design occupations, other administrative occupations, sales and retail assistants, media professionals, admin, artistic, literary, and media occupations, and teaching professions are the most popular careers for fashion graduates.

  • Which fashion degree is best?

A bachelor’s degree in design is something that one should think about getting in order to become a fashion designer. BDes, BFTech, BSc in Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, etc. are a few common design courses that individuals can do to become fashion designers.

  • What is the future scope of fashion designing?

Students can find a wide range of employment in this area after completing their specialised courses in fashion design. They can create their own businesses and sell their goods on the market, or they can get employment in a variety of industries including the fashion industry, manufacturing, and exporting facilities.

  • Is fashion design a good career choice?

Although choosing fashion design as a career may first appear difficult, it’s a terrific alternative for many reasons. First off, fashion design is among the most demanding and imaginative professions you can pursue. Fashion design is a rapidly expanding sector since there are so many different types of garments available.

  • What skills should a fashion designer have?

To thrive as a fashion designer, you must possess traits like creativity, initiative, good sewing technique, interpersonal skills, business acumen, leadership, and the capacity to adapt to changing trends.



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