Eastern Medicine Career Opportunities in Pakistan

Eastern Medicine Career Opportunities in Pakistan Scope Jobs benefits salary guideline for admissions courses degree with professional interneship scheme experience programs with complete income details to start Career Counseling in Eastern Medicine in Pakistan FTJ, DUMS, BEMS. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) originated in ancient China and has evolved over thousands of years. TCM practitioners use herbal medicines and various mind and body practices, such as acupuncture and tai chi , to treat or prevent health problems.

Oriental medicines can work miracles in the field of medical science, but this field lacks adequate research on a modern basis. Our local herbs have great medicinal value. The first modern medicine for hypertension (high blood pressure) was invented by the Pakistani scientist Dr. Saleem ul Zaman Saddiqe. Derived this Ajmaline drug from the Rauwolfia plant that Hakeem Ajmal Khan used to prescribe for the treatment of hypertension. He later discovered many new medicines from local herbs and shrubs such as Neem. There are still unlimited Oriental medicines to discover.

All students wishing to choose the best study option based on the best research after not being able to pass the MCAT entrance exam should also think about the Eastern medicine option. Initially there was no adequate education of oriental medicines available in Pakistan. Then the first FTJ diploma was introduced. Still, FTJ was just a non-research-based diploma, taught at the traditional Tibbia university. Eastern Medicine Career Opportunities in Pakistan Scope Jobs

Eastern Medicine Career Opportunities in Pakistan Scope Jobs

These Tibbia universities do not have highly qualified teachers or scientific equipment for research. Then Shahheed Hakeem Muhammad Saeed assumed the responsibility of promoting oriental medicine. His Hamdard university launched a new BEMS program. Hamdard laboratories and Qarshi laboratories are launching oriental medicines based on research. Now, many other universities have also started the BEMS study program in Pakistan, such as Qarshi University, Islamia Bahawalpur University and Jinnah University for Karachi women. Oriental medicines are becoming very popular among the general public. As is the case with the BEMS degree, students interested in research are taking this degree as the best alternative of the MBBS and BDS programs.

This BEMS curriculum is equivalent to the MBBS and BDS programs and is recognized by HEC and even by the UAE. BEMS graduates can find jobs in the herbal pharmaceutical industry, in the government dispensaries and in the homeopathic / Tibbia schools. We have written detailed articles of professional advice in English on the scope of FTJ and BEMS in our courses and professional categories. On this page you can also find an article on professional guidance in Urdu language on the scope of oriental medicine in Pakistan. DHMS and BHMS are two alternative programs of FTJ and BEMS.

Eastern and Western approaches to medicine is necessary to further evaluate the validity of Oriental medical techniques such as acupuncture. The development of medicine in Western nations follows the way of hypothetical deduction and the Eastern approach uses the inductive method. Medicine is the science and practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Medicine encompasses a variety of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness.

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  1. Every cure of disease is made by all means.the disease occured due to deficiency of micro nutrients. Blood pressure is cured by banana and beet the supply Pottasium and magnesium.similarly diarreah by isabgole chilka and rice.so it is preventive medicine so every patient needs it.therefore preventive medical officer is required in assistance to medical physian this profession is very important and such graduates after necessary training in public health from health academy.

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