MA Punjabi Degree Career Scope in Pakistan Jobs Opportunities Courses Literature

In both India and Pakistan, the language known as Punjabi is extensively used. While in Pakistan the language is written using Arabic script, in East Punjab it is written using the Gurmakhi script. In its most fundamental form, it is an Indo-Aryan language. In addition to this, it is thought to be one of the primary sources of the contemporary Urdu language. It is estimated that there are around 90 million native speakers, making it the eleventh most spoken language in the entire globe. Even though Pakistan is home to the majority of native speakers, the language’s speakers are not recognized in any official capacity in the country.

The tradition of poetry, particularly mystical poetry, in the Punjabi language has a long and illustrious history. Both Baba Bulleh Shah and Waris Shah were considered to be Punjab’s best poets. Since the Sikhs’ holy book, the Granth Sahib, was written in this language, the Sikhs consider this language to be one of the holiest in their religion. Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, is often regarded as the one who initiated the literary tradition in the Punjabi language.

MA Punjabi Degree Career Scope in Pakistan Jobs Opportunities and Careers Courses Literature Requirements Salary Special Courses Guidelines for Male and Female Along with Test Pattern Selection Procedure Qualification Complete Information to Begin and Choose From A career in Punjabi with a Master of Arts degree in Pakistan.

Eligibility Criteria for MA Punjabi Degree

A basic graduation degree from any institution is necessary to sit for the MA private test, but a graduation with at least a second division is required to enter government schools, colleges, and universities. Students who have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Punjabi-related coursework are given precedence.

MA Punjabi Degree Career Scope in Pakistan Jobs Opportunities Courses Literature

MA Punjabi Degree Career Scope in Pakistan Jobs Opportunities Courses Literature

MA Punjabi Degree Career Scope in Pakistan 

Career & Scope of MA Punjabi

Although I like my mother tongue, which is Punjabi, and I speak it well, the extent of the teacher’s instruction in this topic is rather constrained. Students who are interested in obtaining a master’s degree in an uncomplicated and high-scoring subject are the ones who typically choose for this field of study. Ordinary students are not a good fit for this curriculum, thus we cannot suggest it to them. However, this opportunity is open to any and all of the students who are curious about the topic. After receiving this degree, you will be qualified for positions such as lecturer and topic specialist.

There are just a handful of television stations, newspapers, and periodicals that are published in Punjabi; they are also some of the few places that employ people with master’s degrees. You might also consider working for the government in some capacity. Keep in mind, however, that if you have the capacity to write creatively, understanding this area will increase the number of work prospects available to you.

You are also able to get all publications that only call for a master’s degree. Students who possess an innate talent for writing poetry in Punjabi might also consider acquiring this title. Because Punjab is where the majority of Pakistani films are produced, there are also opportunities for you as a screenwriter in this province.

Local literature, indigenous languages, and Sufism are all topics that are being advanced by the efforts of a number of non-governmental groups. You also have the option of joining them as a researcher. M.Phil. Online is the place to be if you want a job at the institution and rapid professional advancement. Your profile might be made more appealing to potential employers by include certain works of literature. Your first master’s degree should be in a vocational or professional field if you don’t have any natural skill and aren’t interested in learning any of the regional languages.

Employment Areas

  • Colleges
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Daily Newspapers
  • Local TV Channels
  • Magazines
  • Civil Service
  • NGO’s for the promotion of Sufism
  • Websites
  • Publishing Houses
  • Movie Script Writer
  • Drama Script Writer
  • Mystic Organizations
  • Cultural Organizations


Part 1

  • Classical Poetry
  • Pros
  • Religion & Mysticism
  • Special Study of Waris Shah
  • History of Punjabi Literature

Part 2

  • Modern Poetry
  • Criticism
  • National Poetry and Study of life of Hazrat Muhammad SAW
  • Translation from Arabic & Persian
  • Linguistics
  • Research Paper
  • Radio & TV Journalism and Punjabi
  • Folk Literature

MA Punjabi Private Jobs

  • Authors of web content
  • Authors of web content
  • Novelist
  • Media Houses
  • Magazine Journalist
  • Newspaper Journalist
  • Author of news
  • articles and advertising copywriter

MA Punjabi Government Jobs

Professor of Translation Teacher and Lecturer Professor

Who Is Eligible to Choose M.A. Punjabi?

Students who have an interest in expanding their linguistic horizons have the option of enrolling in this class.

  • This class is also open to anyone who are interested in pursuing a career in education of some kind.
  • People who are interested in pursuing a career in the fields of communication and journalism are welcome to enrol in the course as well.
  • Those who wish to work for the government after completing their master’s degree may also choose to enrol in the programme.
  • Those individuals who are interested in pursuing more advanced studies in Punjabi, such as a master’s degree in Punjabi or a doctorate in Punjabi.
  • Those who desire to speak Punjabi with a native accent.
  • Those individuals who wish to take part in discussions and speeches conducted in Punjabi.

FAQs About MA Punjabi Degree Career Scope in Pakistan

What can I do after completing MA in Punjabi?

MA Punjabi graduates have a number of options available to them in terms of careers due to the breadth and versatility of the education they get. One career path option is to become a content writer. Other career paths include working as an instructor, professor, or translator.

What is the eligibility for MA in Punjabi?

Candidates are required to have received a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Punjabi with Honours and scored at least 50% overall.

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