Grafton College Islamabad Admission 2024 Apply Online

The deadline for Grafton College Islamabad admission fees in 2024 Visit this website to check online. Important details regarding the Grafton University College Islamabad admissions procedure for the year 2024 are included in this article. All the information you need to know about the application deadline and admission costs is available.

You can check the admission test dates and complete the online application form if you’re interested in applying. Admissions to the following programs are now being accepted at Grafton College: MBA, BBA,,, PGD, MA Economics, and BS Computer Science. Students in intermediate classes are also welcome to apply, as the institution allows them to do.

The article’s goal is to provide potential students all the information they need to comprehend the admissions process and make wise choices. It’s crucial to keep in mind that there is a last date—also referred to as the fees’ deadline—for submitting the entry costs. Meeting this deadline is essential to securing your spot in the program of your choice. You risk losing your admissions offer if you miss the deadline for paying the costs.

Grafton College Islamabad Admission 2024 Apply Online

Grafton College Islamabad Admission 2024 Apply Online

Grafton College Islamabad Admission 2024 Apply Online
Grafton College Admission Form 2024 Download
Grafton College Available Courses Check Online
Grafton College Fee Structure Check Online

Grafton College Programs List

The range of educational programs and courses that Grafton College Islamabad offers students is reflected in the list of courses and programs that it offers. Undergraduate and graduate programs, diploma courses, and certification programs in a range of subject areas are usually included in this catalog. It gives prospective students a summary of the courses and fields they can select from when they apply to Grafton College, enabling them to find courses that fit both their academic and professional goals.

  • O Level
  • Grafton College Intermediate Admissions
  • FA
  • ICS
  • DAE Electronics Technology
  • ICom
  • Grafton College Bachelor Admissions
  • BBA Business Administration
  • BS Software Engineering
  • BCom
  • BS Electronics Technology
  • BCS Computer Science (Hons)
  • BE Electronics
  • BCom (Hons)
  • BE Electrical
  • DAE Civil Technology
  • FSc Pre-Engineering
  • FA General Science
  • FSc Pre-Medical
  • DAE Electrical Technology
  • BSc Economics & Management
  • BTech Electrical Technology (Hons)
  • BSc Finance & Accounting
  • BSc Electrical Engineering
  • BSc Computer Science
  • Grafton College Master Admissions
  • MA English Language & Literature
  • MCom
  • MBA Business Administration
  • Grafton College Diploma Admissions
  • Diploma in Computing   Diploma in Business
  • Diploma in Information Technology
  • Diploma in Strategic Studies

Grafton College Islamabad Fee Structure 2024

A detailed explanation of all the expenses related to attending Grafton College Islamabad is given in the 2024 fee schedule. It includes a number of elements, such as registration fees, test fees, lab expenses, library fees, and any other relevant costs. Prospective students and their families may arrange their money appropriately by gaining an awareness of the price structure, which provides them with insight into the financial requirements associated with studying at Grafton College.

Grafton College Admission Portal

For prospective students, the Grafton College Admission Portal is an online platform or website that expedites the application and admissions process. It serves as a centralized system that allows applicants to see and submit their application forms, add required files, track the status of their applications, pay admission costs, and get crucial information about their acceptance. The admission portal streamlines the application process and increases convenience and efficiency for both candidates and the college.

Apply Online 

Grafton College Entry Test Date

The day or days that the college holds admission tests for potential students are known as the Grafton College Entry Test Date. These assessments gauge an applicant’s aptitude, knowledge, and abilities in relation to the programs they want to pursue.

The college sets the date of the entrance exam and usually announces it well in advance so that candidates have enough time to be ready. In order to participate in the assessment process and improve their chances of being admitted to Grafton College, prospective students must be informed of and adhere to the entry test date.

Grafton College Scholarships

Employees of the government and the armed forces are eligible for 35% of scholarships. Additionally, other categories are eligible for 30% of the scholarships.

Fall semester is when admissions are offered once a year. There are no arbitrary age restrictions for applicants, no restricted seats, and no specific quotas. For the UET Entry Test, you must be eligible. Those who reside in Punjab and candidates from Islamabad must take this test.







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