Hajj Khadim Visa 2024 Pakistan Last Date

The Hajj Khadim Visa, introduced by Saudi Arabia, is for support staff vital to the Hajj pilgrimage. These individuals, called “Khadim,” ensure security and smooth operations during Hajj. To obtain this visa, they need endorsement from recognized Hajj service providers like security or medical professionals.

The aim is to manage the pilgrimage effectively and improve the overall experience. Khadim Visa holders play diverse roles—security, medical, administrative—to assist pilgrims and contribute their expertise. It’s a way for dedicated individuals to serve and enhance the spiritual journey for those participating in the Hajj.

Pakistan Hajj Policy 2024

Title Pakistan Hajj Policy
Year 2024
Hajj Price Rs1075000
Last Date to Apply 12 December

Khadmeen Hajj Jobs 2024

The term “Khadmeen Hajj Jobs 2024” describes job openings for people who want to assist others (Khadim) during the Hajj pilgrimage in 2024. These positions entail offering a range of services during the Hajj season in addition to supporting and enabling the pilgrims as they carry out their religious rites.

Hajj Khadim Visa 2024 Pakistan Last Date

Hajj Khadim Visa 2024 Pakistan Last Date

Hajj Application Status

The process of monitoring updates or progress on a person’s Hajj application is referred to as Hajj Application Status. Applicants can monitor the application’s progress and find out if it has been accepted, processed, rejected, or received.

Hajj Application 2024 Pakistan Last Date

December 12, 2024 is the deadline for submitting the Hajj Application Form. Beginning on this month’s 27th and running through the 12th of the subsequent month, applications will be accepted. Soon, an advertisement with more information about the application procedure will be published.

Hajj Visa Fee from Pakistan

In Saudi Arabia, the price of performing the Hajj in 2024 is less than it was in the previous year. The Hajj this year will cost Rs1075000, compared to Rs11075000 last year.

Private Hajj Package Rs1075000 Price
Governement Hajj Package 25000 Quota
Short Hajj Package Spanning 20 to 21 days

Hajj Khadim Visa Requirements

Valid Passport: A passport with a validity that extends beyond the intended duration of stay in Saudi Arabia.
Medical Fitness Certificate: A document verifying the applicant’s physical fitness and health status, often issued by an authorized medical practitioner.
Sponsorship: Endorsement and sponsorship from a recognized and reputable organization or employer involved in Hajj services, such as a security firm, medical institution, or administrative support entity. This sponsorship is crucial and usually involves documentation proving the applicant’s role and responsibilities.

Additional considerations may include:

Specific Role Documentation: Depending on the applicant’s role (security, medical, administrative), additional documentation specifying their responsibilities and expertise might be necessary.
Application Forms: Completion of the official visa application forms provided by the Saudi Arabian government.
Deadline Adherence: Meeting the specified deadlines for visa application submissions as set by the Saudi government or the sponsoring organization.

Hajj Khadim Eligibility Criteria

Role Relevance: Individuals must be designated support staff in critical roles such as security, medical, or administration during the Hajj pilgrimage.
Sponsorship: Endorsement by reputable Hajj service providers or organizations, validating the individual’s importance in facilitating the pilgrimage.
Skills and Experience: Relevant expertise and prior experience demonstrating capability in the assigned role are often required.

Compliance: Adherence to the Saudi government’s visa application process and meeting specified deadlines, alongside providing accurate documentation.
Health Requirements: A certificate confirming physical fitness to fulfill duties during the Hajj season.
These criteria can include age limitations, physical fitness benchmarks, and specific qualifications designated by relevant authorities or sponsoring organizations. Applicants should confirm these requirements with the sponsoring entity or consulate/embassy managing the visa process.

How to Apply Online for Khadmeen Hajj Visa 2024

Find Sponsorship: Secure endorsement and sponsorship from a recognized Hajj service provider or organization involved in supporting the pilgrimage.
Prepare Documents: Gather necessary documents such as a valid passport, a medical fitness certificate, proof of your role in Hajj services, and any additional documentation required by the Saudi government.
Visit Official Sources: Check the official website of the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah or the Saudi embassy/consulate in your country for specific guidelines and application procedures.

Apply Online: Follow the instructions on the official website or through authorized online portals designated for visa applications. Complete the application form accurately and submit it along with the required documents.
Pay Fees (if applicable): Some administrative charges or processing fees might be required; ensure these are paid as per the guidelines.
Follow-Up: Monitor the application status through the provided channels and be prepared to respond to any additional requests or queries from the authorities.



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