Hajj Training Schedule 2024 Announced by Pakistani Government

The Government has released the Hajj Training Schedule for 2024 on February 2, 2024. This is an important step taken by the Government to simplify the Hajj experience in Pakistan. One of the new features included in the training schedule is the biometric verification of pilgrims. This means that pilgrims will have their biometric data, such as fingerprints, recorded as part of the preparations for Hajj. The announcement of the schedule was made by Minister Aneeq Ahmed, who is responsible for religious affairs in Pakistan. The schedule was finalized after discussions held at the Saudi Embassy in Islamabad.

During these discussions, Minister Aneeq Ahmad and Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador, Nawaf Bin Said Al-Malki, focused on various aspects of the upcoming Hajj event. They particularly emphasized the need to ensure that all arrangements for the sacred pilgrimage are completed.

Hajj Training Schedule

Saudi Arabia has reinstated Pakistan’s pre-coronavirus Hajj limit, allowing 179,210 pilgrims from Pakistan to participate in the pilgrimage. This means that the number of Pakistani pilgrims allowed to go for Hajj is back to the same level as before the pandemic. There has been a decrease in the maximum age for participating in Hajj. Previously, the maximum age limit was set at 65 years old, but now it has been lowered to below 65 years old. In 2023, around 81,000 Pakistani pilgrims chose the government system to undertake Hajj, while others opted to travel with commercial travel companies.

This shows that pilgrims had different choices and preferences for their Hajj journey. The results of the Hajj 2024 lottery were announced in 2023. Over 63,000 applicants were selected for the government-sponsored trip through the lottery process. These lucky individuals will have the opportunity to perform Hajj as part of the government program. The remaining applicants who were not selected through the lottery, they have the option to explore pilgrimage opportunities through private travel agencies. These agencies can provide services and assistance to those who still wish to fulfill their Hajj experience.

Hajj Training Schedule 2024 Announced by Government

Hajj Training Schedule

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