Industrial Management Career Opportunities in Pakistan

If you are looking for Industrial Management Career opportunities in Pakistan, then you can get all the information about this field. Check details of Industrial Management Career in Pakistan, courses, subjects, scope, job descriptions, eligibility, employment areas, and required skills. Industrial management involves strategic planning, setting objectives, managing resources using the financial and human assets required to accomplish objectives, and monitoring the results.

Industrial Management is a fast expanding and broad profession. It focuses on designing, installing, operating, and managing integrated systems comprising people, materials, and machines based on the expertise of physical and technological sciences and social sciences.

Industrial Management deals with management problems that require an understanding of the fundamental sciences and engineering techniques to solve them. The manufacturing industry offers many possibilities and huge demand for Industrial Management; increasing numbers are finding employment satisfying in various other types of businesses and healthcare facilities. Hotels, Banks, and Air Lines employ Industrial Engineers.

The growing importance of MNCs and other export-oriented industries, with a greater focus on quality management, has greatly increased the demand for industrial engineers. Industrial Engineers are an intermediary between the management’s targets and the operational results. They’re more concerned with improving productivity through the supervision of people, processes of business organization, as well as a technology than engineers in other fields, who tend to focus more on problems or processes.


The complexity of a certain industry differs significantly from that of business as a whole. It’s exceedingly challenging for a typical MBA person to manage an industrial’s business operations. Because of this, the most recent branch of management sciences, known as industrial management (IM), was developed. Graduates of Industrial Management (IM) may manage and control a variety of sectors.

The most anticipated name in this field in Pakistan is MBA (IM), M.Sc., MS/M. Phil, and Ph.D. Industrial Management (IM). It is a multifaceted management degree that equips graduates to handle every aspect of an organisation. You may start your own business.

Industrial Management Scope in Pakistan

The range in Industrial Engineering and Management is extremely broad in Pakistan.

Young, bright, and diligent individuals who operate with honesty and determination are needed in Pakistan’s industrial sector to help it in the best possible manner. Industrial engineers in Pakistan have access to a wide range of work options in both the public and private sectors. Industrial engineers are employed for the following roles, which pay well: industrial production manager, industrial engineer manager, and management analyst packages within the industry sector in Pakistan.

Top Industrial Management Career Opportunities in Pakistan

  • Industrial Production Manager.
  • Construction Manager.
  • Production Manager.
  • Operations Manager.
  • Purchasing Manager.
  • Quality Assurance Control Manager.
  • Facility Manager.
  • Organizational Consultant.

Because of the extensiveness of this area, we do not advise regular students to enroll in PGD or other accredited level courses in IM. These courses are only suitable for executives and professionals because they can grasp the concepts better than novice students due to their years of field knowledge.

Industrial Management Career Opportunities in Pakistan

Industrial Management Career Opportunities in Pakistan

Industrial Management Major Subjects

  • Principles of Management
  • Basics of Programming & IT
  • Business Statistics & Accounting
  • Strategic Management
  • Fundamentals of Finance
  • Macro & Micro Economics
  • Industrial Operations
  • Industrial Management & Chemistry
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Health, Safety, and Environmental Management
  • Quality Management Systems & Standards
  • Production & Operation Management
  • Logistics Management & Inventory Control
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Quality Management Principles
  • Communication Skills & Professional Development
  • Quality Management Tools & Techniques
  • Management Information System
  • Materials Science
  • Technology and Innovation Management
  • Operations Management
  • Database Systems
  • Statistical Quality Control
  • Process Measurements and Control
  • Organization Concept
  • Business Research Methods
  • Quality Management Systems and Standards
  • Human Resource Development
  • Marketing Management
  • Research Project
  • Global Business.
  • Computer-Aided Drafting and Design
  • Business Mathematics & Statistics
  • Financial Management
  • Production and Inventory Control
  • Knowledge management
  • Entrepreneurship & SME
  • English for Employment
  • Industrial Relations, Business, Islamic, and Labor Laws
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Small and Medium Enterprise Management
  • Quantitative Techniques
  • Strategic HRM
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Industrial Strategies
  • Research Methodology
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Bidding & Contract Management
  • Project Management
  • Advanced Topics in IM
  • Production, Planning, and Control

Industrial Management Career Opportunities in Pakistan

Any degree you obtain in information management will open up a wide range of employment opportunities for you in any sector. It is feasible to get employment in any department of an organisation. Additionally, you have the option of starting your own business, although doing so requires some prior experience in the field. Here is a list of potential careers you might enter after obtaining a degree in industrial management. I find it hard to think that Pakistan would soon have an industrialised nation status.

Within the next several years, we will be able to regulate the leaks of gas and electricity. There will be the development of new tax-free industrial zones on both sides of the Pak, China’s economic corridor. At the Gawadar port, a zone for industrial production similar to this one will be established.

The ongoing political and energy difficulties shouldn’t deter students in Pakistan. I have no doubt that we will realise Pakistan has a promising future and that we will soon become an Asian Tiger. Within our industry area, there will soon be a limitless number of career opportunities. Industry management (IM) holders are now in great supply, not just in Pakistan but also globally.

Australia and New Zealand are developed nations with a wide variety of industries, as are nearly all Western countries and many Far Eastern ones. In the aforementioned nations, it is possible to not only get a job or work visa, but you may also be qualified to apply for immigration. If you choose the second choice, return to your home country once you have lived there for a long since it has the right to you.

Industrial Management Employment Areas

The field of industrial management is increasing quickly and has a wide range of employment opportunities. Industrial engineers now have more work prospects than ever thanks to the industries’ and service providers’ increasing complexity and resource shortages.

Graduates of industrial management programmes have a unique educational background that combines design and management principles from the fields of mathematics, physics, and engineering, providing a strong basis for careers in management, professional practise, and research.

  • Industrial Development Bank of Pakistan (IDBP)
  • Ministry of Industries & Production
  • Ministry of Commerce
  • Pakistan Bureau of Statistics
  • Pakistan Industrial Technical Assistance Center (PITAC)
  • The Federation Of Pakistan Chambers Of Commerce & Industry
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • All Public & Private Industries
  • Production Manager
  • Manufacturing In Charge
  • Industrial Consultant, Analyst & Researcher
  • Project Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Materials Manager
  • Planner
  • TQM Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • HRM & HRD Manager
  • Factory Owner
  • Supply Chain Management In-charge
  • Lecturer
  • Banks

Industrial Management is defined as the efficient and effective operation of an enterprise using its non-human and human resources to reach its goals and objectives. It is also defined as the efficient and effective use of organizational resources to reach an industry’s objectives.

Industrial Management Courses

BS in Industrial Management

A professional degree programme in management is the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Industrial Management. Students who successfully complete this programme will have a variety of skills that they may use to advance the sector, including management of projects, supply chain management, safety and health at work, etc.

Additionally, the growth of the students’ entrepreneurial skills is given specific attention. The program’s regular practical training at industrial facilities, which combines classroom instruction with real-world experiences, is another distinctive feature. Final-year students are required to do a six-week internship for two credit hours in a reputable company.

This collaboration improves the students’ workplace abilities and aids in their preparation for managing roles while also increasing their chances of landing employment and access to managerial positions. Additionally, the programme aims to forge strong ties between academics and industry.

MS in Industrial Management

Students with backgrounds in business, engineering, manufacturing, or other similar fields can prepare for a Master of Science degree in Industrial Management by learning management skills that will help them in situations that call for planning, problem-solving, and decision-making. The curriculum may be altered by students to suit their needs.

The Master of Science in Industrial Management and Innovation is designed to provide future leaders a comprehensive understanding of the complex innovation processes that take place within and outside of tech-intensive companies. Increased competition, swift shifts in consumer wants, political and regulatory uncertainties, and escalating social and environmental problems are all present in today’s industrial scene. Being on the cutting edge of company innovation and development is essential for being competitive in this extremely complicated world.

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