World History Career Scope in Pakistan

World History Career Scope in Pakistan Jobs Opportunities Requirements salary special courses degree guideline for Man, Woman, (Male, Female) training along with test pattern selection procedure qualification complete information to start and choice World History course in Pakistan for better future in Life.

This world history course was introduced and began in relatively late times in Pakistani institutions. Nevertheless, if you wish to pursue a career as a historian, you must thoroughly research this field. You may acquire and gain a deeper understanding of historical topics with the aid of this subject.

You can also work as a researcher in this sector. You should not be researching this area in a subjective approach; it is crucial that you do it objectively. The episodes that take place at both the local and global levels of history are the focus of this topic. It’s limited to If you’ve taken this topic and course, you should have a good understanding of the global scope and degree of situations.


You will be introduced to chronological, cultural and intellectual past of the world nations and countries. You will also be able to link the past of different nations of the world and to analyze the role of ancient civilizations in shaping the our present world.

Students are given information about not only the political events of the past but also about intellectual, ideological and cultural developments of different nations in the past. Some universities have launched 4 years BS World History degree in Pakistan. This degree will also help you a lot in the preparation of competitive exams like CSS, PMS and PCS.

World History Career Scope in Pakistan

World History Career Scope in Pakistan

World History Career Scope in Pakistan

The extent that is concealed inside this topic and subject of global history is pretty large and high. By researching this area, you may learn about the historical, intellectual, and cultural pasts of the many nations and countries. You may learn how the past and ancient civilizations influenced the modern and contemporary world by reading this subject.

Information regarding intellectual, cultural, and ideological advancements is provided to the students. A few Pakistani colleges have begun offering a four-year BS programme in this area of world history.

Core Topics & Subjects in World History

Following core topics or subjects are taught in BS program.
Philosophy of History
Logical Reasoning
International Relations
Islamic History
Computer Applications in History
Research Methods
Ancient Civilizations
Medieval Society and Culture
History of Art and Architecture
History of Science
History of Thought/Ideas
Intellectual and Cultural History of Muslim Spain
European History
State and Society in Muslim India
History of Seljuqs and Ottomans
Social Movements of Past
Africa-Colonialism and Independence
Modern Middle East
Modern Central Asia
Modern Southeast Asia
History of America
History of Gender Discourse
History of Islamic Art and Architecture
Constitutional Development in South Asia

Career & Scope Employment Areas

You may try to get job in any of these areas.
Archaeology Department
Research Institutes
Government Offices
Publishing Houses

World History Career Scope in Pakistan Job  

You will be able to get following kinds of jobs.
Subject Specialist
Tourist Guide
Feature Writer or Journalist
Historic Fiction Writer

World History A examines major turning points that have shaped the modern world, from the late eighteenth century through the age of imperialism. … Students develop an understanding of current world issues and relate them to their historical, geographic, political, economic, and cultural contexts.

Significance of Studying World History

If you are willing to study the subject of global history, you may quickly become a pioneer in this field. Additionally, this course will assist you in getting ready for the PMS and CSS tests. There are several subjects in these tests that are related to the history course. Since we have British history, US history, and Indo-Pak history, learning about this subject will be very beneficial to you. Both your critical thinking ability and analytical reasoning abilities will be strengthened.

Benefits of Studying History in Pakistan

In Pakistan, if you are studying the arts, you should also choose history for FA, BA, O-level, or A-Level. You can pursue an MA in history or an MSc in Pakistan studies after graduating. Following an MA in History, you must pursue an M.Phil. or MS to become a lecturer. After earning your master’s degree, consider pursuing a career in education as a Pak Studies or History teacher.

You will benefit greatly from this topic in all recruiting examinations, such as the CSS and PMS tests. Multiple choice questions about history/Pakistan studies and its allied fields, such as current affairs, political science, and international relations, make up a significant percentage of one paper MCQs exams for jobs. You can choose this topic for your elective in the CSS or PMS exam.

Pakistan. You would benefit from having a solid understanding of history when taking the general knowledge (PMS) and Pakistan affairs (CSS) required exams. We have authored in-depth essays about Pakistan Studies, MA History, Islamic History, American History, and World History.

Scope of History in Pakistan after Graduation

It is customary to study history. Most students opt to obtain this degree. It has several advantages. In Pakistan, you may primarily enrol in a bachelor’s programme in history at any institution or college, public or private. After graduation, history in Pakistan has a much wider scope than other topics. Why? You may acquire general skills via history, which makes you qualified for a wide range of occupations and chances.

The study of cultures and languages is a component of history. You get to discover several civilizations and their lifestyles. In terms of comprehending human existence, this type of knowledge is extremely significant. There are many valuable lessons to be learned from history. You may use these lessons to improve your life in general.

In actuality, many of the most accomplished actors, writers, and entrepreneurs also majored in history. History has a responsibility to educate people about religion, social movements, institutions, dynasties, wars, and civilizations in great detail.

History salaries in Pakistan

The majority of students pursuing a bachelor’s degree major in history. The starting pay for a recent graduate is Rs. 35,002 ($50,000) per month. A master’s degree, however, might increase your monthly pay from 50,000 to 70,000 rupees.

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