Merchant Navy Career Scope in Pakistan Job Opportunities

Merchant Navy Career Scope in Pakistan All the necessary information regarding the job of a Merchant in the Navy with details about the work-related nature, training, qualifications, courses, and previous experiences. A merchant navy or merchant marine is a merchant fleet vessel registered with the country. Pakistan Navy offers a variety of career opportunities for residents of Pakistan. Merchant Navy Pakistan is an advantageous and attractive career option for youngsters. Pakistan is a country in transition, which is increasing. Given the rapid economic growth, Merchant Navy jobs in Pakistan are expected to soon improve for young people.

Developing a sustainable national shipping industry is contingent on skilled and competent personnel availability. According to an analysis in Pakistan, there are over 20000 officers from the Merchant Navy in Pakistan. About 15-20% of that number work on Pakistani vessels, while forty to five percent work in foreign shipping agencies. Other than that, 40 percent of employees are not employed. At present, this indicates that the job market in this sector is not ideal. However, it doesn’t mean that it will continue for very long. Middle Eastern countries like Iran, Kuwait, UAE, and Saudi Arabia offer excellent job opportunities for Pakistani officers. Opportunities for career advancement within Europe are also attractive to Pakistan professionals.

Merchant Navy Career

In this field, officers have to perform various jobs. The two main branches in which officers are employed are Deck Branch and Engineering Branch. Deck Branch officers are responsible for ensuring that the ship is safe to ensure the safe load and de-loading process of the cargo and ensure the safety of the boats. Information about the shipping industry, the dangers in this area, and getting information on weather are all included within the responsibilities of deck officers. Engineer Branch officers are responsible for running the machines and equipment on the vessel.

They are responsible for the engines. Engineers and all other staff members work under the supervision of the Chief Engineer, the head of the engineering department. Engineers’ responsibilities include the charge of Diesel Engine, Steam Engine, Electric Generator, Electrical Installation, Air Conditioning Plant pumps, plumbing, Cairns, and Equipment related to steering commercial cargo.

Nature of Work

Professionals in this field must stay away from their homes to fulfill their job, and the ship is their residence and work location. A voyage on the sea could last for six months duration, and sometimes more than six years. The lodging or boarding amenities are top-quality. Certain shipping companies allow the wife and children along with oneself. However, this option is available only to officers

Merchant Navy Career Scope in Pakistan Subjects Jobs Opportunities

Merchant Navy Career Scope in Pakistan Job Opportunities

Merchant Navy Pakistan Courses

Officially, few organisations in Pakistan provide Merchant Navy Courses. B.Sc. (Maritime Studies) at Pakistan Marine Academy, Karachi Port Trust

Pakistan Marine Academy (PMA) offers internationally recognised merchant navy training courses in Pakistan. The school opened in 1962. Every year, over 200 engineering and deck cadets depart for PMA. Karachi Port Trust also provides merchant navy classes. However, keep in mind that PMA is a branch of World Maritime University, which is based in Malmo, Sweden.

Basic Requirement for Merchant Navy Course

  • The Course is offered every year during the week before January 1st. Candidates for this Course must meet the following requirements to be admitted:
  • The Higher Secondary School (Pre-Engineering) with a second division
  • Students in the General Group of Science and General Group with Physics and Computer Science are eligible to apply for Nautical Branch only.
  • Students who have passed an equivalent examination are also accepted as long as the University of Karachi recognizes their certification for the equivalent of the Higher Secondary School (FSc/Intermediate) Certificate.
  • Age: Not exceeding 20 years as of the 31st day of the year for which you are the application is made. One year of relaxation for members of FATA/FANA and Azad Kashmir.
  • Medically qualified. Medical examinations will be conducted at Military Hospitals designated by the Academy. Additionally, upon the final selection, applicants must take a “visual and color perception test” in the Mercantile Marine Department, Karachi. If they fail this test, they are not eligible for admission to PMA.

Merchant Navy Training

After completing two years of instruction in the Pakistan Marine Academy, a student from any branch is required to continue their education on the ship.

Nautical Branch

Nautical Certificate holders can avail the opportunity to train as a Deck Cadet. He must finish 33 months of instruction. In the last six months of training, a cadet needs to practice watchkeeping under the supervision of a certified officer. Once this training is completed, a cadet can be qualified to take the Certificate of Competency class IV exam and may be promoted to 3rd officer after passing the exam.

Engineering Branch

The cadets who have successfully finished two years of engineering school at the Pakistan Marine Academy must spend three years in a naval engineering workshop to become marine engineer apprentices. After completing this training period, he is qualified for the second stage part I exam, known as the Certificate of Competency class II Part I examination.

Merchant Navy Officers

There are generally two types of officers in this field.

Deck Branch Officer

  •  Deck branch officers navigate the vessel in safety.
  •  They also oversee both the unloading and loading of cargo.
  •  They attempt to keep their ship in good working order.
  •  They keep an eye on conditions, traffic on the sea, and the potential dangers that could be expected on their way.

Engineering Branch Officer

Engineer branch officers travel on the ship to assist with maintenance. They strive to fix any faults that may exist in the engine and other components of the ship before and after the trip. We are maintaining the engines, machines and other equipment in good condition. Each engineer is accountable to the chief engineer. They are responsible for the following components of vessels.

  •  Air conditioning plants
  •  Steam & Diesel Engine
  •  Generator
  •  Pumps for water
  •  Installations and wiring for electrical appliances
  •  Chilling Plant
  •  Hydraulic Pumps
  •  Lifts
  •  Cranes

They also assist in workshops on seaports. A few of them go on to academia after earning a master’s degree in their respective subject. In this profession, you’ll be far from home at the ocean for months or years. Officers usually are allowed to bring their families along on board the vessel. The most modern living facilities are offered for officers. Officers also receive attractive salaries with a variety of extra benefits.

Salaries in Merchant Navy in Pakistan

Before applying for Merchant Navy Pakistan Admissions 2024 after 12th engineering, keep in mind that your career will be on a solid paying path. Pakistan Merchant Navy is one of Pakistan’s top paid vocations. Salary and compensation in the merchant navy are often determined by thae kind of ship and cargo handling facilities. Merchant navy salaries, allowances, and remunerations are quite appealing. The pay in the Merchant Navy varies depending on the position. However, we estimate that the Merchant Navy field pays RS. 20,000/- to Rs. 12,00,000/- to various officers in Merchant Navy at different postings in Pakistan.



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