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Optometry Career Scope In Pakistan Courses And Jobs

Optometry Career Scope in Pakistan Courses and Jobs

Are you interested in learning more about Optometry Career Scope in Pakistan? You have undoubtedly arrived at the correct place, as we have covered all the pertinent information concerning the practise of optometry in Pakistan in this post. The field of optometry is expanding quickly in Pakistan, and there are many career prospects in both the commercial and governmental healthcare sectors. Optometry is regarded as one of the greatest fields in Pakistan and its use is expected to be expanding. Scroll down to read more if you’re curious to learn more about the scope of optometry in Pakistan.

Optometrists are the essential eye and health professionals concerned with eye health. They are specialists in finding out the refractive error of a patient and recommending the corrective procedure. They handle visual screening (eye testing) and diagnosis of vision issues, orthotics, and training for vision and optometric therapy for those with partial sight or color blindness, as well as hereditary defects in fiction, and the design and fitting of spectacles or contact lenses, as well as lower vision devices. They also provide Vision exercises for the eyes of patients suffering from visual problems like a squint, etc.

Although Optometry is in close contact with Ophthalmology to treat visual conditions, Optometrists should not be associated with ophthalmologists or dispensing opticians. Optometrists can perform all duties of an ophthalmologist except surgery. Ophthalmologists (Eye MDs) are certified doctors who specialize in eye and vision health and carry out eye surgery as they diagnose and treat eye conditions and injuries.

Optometry Career Scope in Pakistan

Optometry research has a lot of potential in Pakistan. A profession is optometry. The bearer of an optometry degree receives more minors in the course than an optometry doctor. In Pakistan, it is among the highest-paying professions. Most of them have troubles with their eyes, vision, or infections. You may simply launch your own private practise by hiring an OD (optometrist). The OD, a pessimist and an optimist, profits greatly in Pakistan’s public and private sectors. The scope of optometry in Pakistan may also be more precisely estimated by contrasting its pay and job prospects.

Criteria for Eligibility

Students interested in degrees or diplomas in ophthalmic technologies must pass 10+2 or a similar exam with at least 50 percent marks in physics, biology, and chemistry.

To be a qualified optometrist, one must possess an Optometry Bachelor’s degree (Bachelor of Optometry in Clinical Practice) (B.Optom). The minimum requirement for the B.Optom degree requires passing the Higher Secondary Examination (10+2 course) or equivalent, with a minimum of 50 percent of marks for Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Mathematics, and English or an accredited exam.

B.Optom course is of four years duration. The first three years of instruction will be followed by one year of trading and clinical knowledge. The optometry program encompasses a broad range of topics, including physical optics, the knowledge of optics, basic anatomy, physiological and abnormal and pathological ailments of the eye, as well as methods for measuring refractive errors and their correction. The courses in optics, pharmacology and vision science, biochemistry, and systemic diseases are covered.

Around the globe, various specializations courses are provided in various areas of eye health. M.Sc., M.Phil, and Ph.D. programs are available to graduate students who wish to pursue higher studies. Optometrists can also apply for international and local scholarships to study higher that the Higher Education Commission provides, Govt. of Pakistan.

Optometry Career Scope in Pakistan Courses and Jobs

Optometry Career Scope in Pakistan Courses and Jobs

Required Personal Skills

A good eye for detail, a calm demeanour, and skill are required for the job of an optometrist. The three main prerequisites for being a licenced optometrist are mechanical aptitude, superior vision, and coordination. The most crucial skills required to succeed as an optometrist are the ability to maintain discipline, the desire to serve others, moral values characterised by dedication and perseverance, and the capacity for successful patient communication.

Jobs and Career Options

  • Optometrists are skilled professionals who participate in treating visual imperfections using optical instruments. They conduct eye exams to assess the patient’s vision, then prescribe contacts and eyeglasses, and provide low-vision therapy and vision rehabilitation.
  • Aside from that, they also use the equipment for sharpening the edges of lenses, polishing, and changing the size of lenses. To manage any optical business, including primary dispensing spectacles, formal Ophthalmic Optics (Optometry) training is vital. It’s a career that provides flexibility in job duties with regular work hours and financial security.
  • After having completed the course in Optometry After completing the course, an Optometrist has a wide range of opportunities for career advancement. They may establish their independent practice by establishing their optometrist shop, manufacturing facility, or other manufacturing units. They may also be a part of Optician showrooms and Eye doctors. Contact Lens and Ophthalmic lens industries, hospital eye departments, and more. Optometrists can also work in any multinational organization that deals with products for eye care as executive directors of professional services or pursue teaching as a profession.
  • They could take up higher education or pursue further studies in the Optometry area. Optometrists can also be involved in the role of occupational health specialists for the treatment of vision problems of industrial workers.

Optometrists are optometrists who’ve obtained a Doctor of Optometry (OD) degree. Optometrists from various countries are licensed to prescribe prescription medications to treat specific eye problems and ailments. The range of medical services that optometrists can offer is determined according to the state’s laws.

Optometry Subjects in Pakistan

When studying optometry, students will be studying the following topics over a semester. It is a four-year honors degree that comprises eight semesters at the bachelor’s level. These are just the most important optometry courses in Pakistan listed below, which you can take advantage of to aid your academic career.

  1. Perspectives come from Vision Sciences
  2. Visual Optics
  3. Function and organization of the Visual System
  4. Introduction to Ocular Diseases
  5. Clinical Optometry
  6. Ocular Anatomy and Physiology
  7. Contact Lenses
  8. Interior Eye Therapeutics
  9. Posterior Eye Therapeutics
  10. Development and Aging of Visual System
  11. Geometrical and Physical Optics

How Ophthalmologists differ from Optometrists

Many medical students do not know the distinction between students who are Optometrists and the Ophthalmologists. There is a distinct difference between these two specialists since ophthalmologists are the doctors who specialize in eye care. They are also permitted to carry out eye surgery. The diagnosis and treatment of eye injuries and diseases are common among them.

Optometry Jobs In Pakistan:

Anyone with an optometry degree can be employed in the private and public sectors. There are many optometry jobs available in Pakistan that are in demand in the area of optometry. A BSc optometry Pakistan degree holder can apply for jobs in the following areas.

  • You can easily find work in these sectors.
  • Private Practice
  • Government Jobs in Hospitals
  • Academia
  • Research Institutes
  • Jobs in Private Hospitals
  • Research Journals
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Biomedical Industry
  • A private company that sells spectacle lenses, artificial eyes, and contact lenses.

Salary of Optometry in Pakistan

An optimist’s initial pay is Rs. 50,000, and depending on experience and length of employment, it might reach Rs. 200 000 per month. Your income will rise in direct proportion to the amount of experience you get. You are also taught that the optometrist income in Pakistan is far more than the required study schedule since the latter is not nearly as demanding as the former. Therefore, I highly advise that you all consider studying for your BSc in optometry in Pakistan.

Which universities offer Optometry in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, there are several medical schools and institutions that provide optometry programmes. But only a small number of them offer optometry. The following is a list of the names of these universities;

  1. Rawalpindi Medical University Rawalpindi
  2. University of Lahore.
  3. University of Faisalabad.
  4. King Edward Medical University Lahore.
  5. The University of Punjab Lahore.
  6. Superior University Lahore.
  7. FMH College of Medical and Dentistry Lahore
  8. School of Allied Health Sciences Children Hospital Lahore
  9. Hafeez Institute of Medical Sciences Islamabad
  10. Bashir institute of Health Sciences Islamabad
  11. Khyber Medical University Peshawar.
  12. KMU Institute of Health Sciences Islamabad



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