Optometry Career Scope in Pakistan

Optometry Career Scope in Pakistan Jobs Requirements Opportunities Salary guideline with admissions, courses, special programs, Important Experiences internships with most profitable field of Optometry. Optometry is a health care profession which involves examining the eyes and applicable visual systems for defects or abnormalities as well as the medical diagnosis and management of eye disease.
Ophthalmic Optics is a science, which deals with the structure, function and working of the human eye. Popularly known as Optometry, this health care profession is concerned with examination, diagnosis and treatment of eyes, specially related to visual, optical symptoms, refractive errors and their correction, using lenses and other optical aids. The scope for optometric practice in India and abroad is great and unlimited. It is a dynamic and challenging career which could achieve personal growth, community respect and offers job flexibility, financial success and unlimited opportunities.
Optometrists or optometric physicians are primary eye care and health professionals concerned with vision care. They are experts in determining one’s refractive error and prescribing appropriate correction. They deal with vision screening (eye testing), diagnosis of visual problems, orthoptics and vision training, optometric counseling of patients with partial sight, colour blindness and hereditary vision defects, and designing and fitting of spectacles, contact lens and low vision aids. They also prescribe Vision therapy eye exercises to patients complaining of Visual symptoms such as squint etc.
Though Optometry goes hand in hand with Ophthalmology in treatment of Visual disorders, Optometrists should not be confused with ophthalmologists or dispensing opticians. An optometrist performs all the tasks of an ophthalmologist, short of surgery. Ophthalmologists (Eye M.D’s) are trained physicians specialized in eye and vision care who perform eye surgery, as well as diagnose and treat eye diseases and injuries.Optometry Career Scope in Pakistan Jobs Requirements Opportunities Salary

Optometry Career Scope in Pakistan Jobs Requirements Opportunities Salary

Students who wish to do degree or diploma courses in Ophthalmic technology should clear 10+2 or equivalent examination, with a minimum of 50% marks in physics, chemistry and biology.
To practice as a optometrist it is essential to have a Bachelor’s degree in Optometry (Bachelor of Clinical Optometry) (B.Optom). Eligibility for B.Optom course is Higher Secondary Examination (10+2 course) or it’s equivalent with minimum 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology or Mathematics and English, from a recognised board.
B.Optom course is of 4 year duration. The first 3 years teaching is followed by one year of internship for clinical and trade experience. The optometry course covers a wide variety of subjects, including physical optics, knowledge of optical instruments, general anatomy, physiology, abnormal and pathological conditions of the eye and the methods to measure refractive errors and their correction. Courses in pharmacology, optics, vision science, biochemistry, and systemic disease are included in the curriculum.
Throughout the worldnumerous specializations courses are offered in different areas of Eye Care. M.Sc., M.Phil. and PhD programs are also options available for a graduate pursuing higher studies. Optometrist is also eligible to apply for the foreign and local scholarships for higher studies offered by the Higher Education Commission, Govt. of Pakistan
Personal Skills :
Patience, manual dexterity and a confident manner are important skills for the work of an optometrist. The essential characteristics to become a licensed optometrist are mechanical aptitude, good vision and coordination. Self-discipline, a disposition to serve others, work ethics characterized by dedication and persistence and the ability to deal tactfully with patients are some essential qualities to become a successful optometrist.
Job Prospects & Career Options
  • Optometrists are trained professionals involved in the treatment of visual defects with the help of optical instruments. They conduct eye tests to examine a patient’s vision and prescribe eyeglasses and contact lenses and provide vision therapy and low-vision rehabilitation.
  • Apart from these, they also operate machines for work such as polishing edges, hardening and adjusting the sizes of lenses. To manage any optical trade including primary dispensing of spectacles, a professional education in Ophthalmic Optics (Optometry) is essential. It is a profession which offers job flexibility, regular working hours and financial stability.
  • After completing the course on Optometry, an Optometrist has various career opportunities. They can establish an independent practice by starting their own eye clinic, optical shop, lens manufacturing unit etc. They can work with Optician showrooms, Eye doctors, Contact Lens and Ophthalmic lens industry, hospital Eye departments etc. Optometrists can also seek employment with any multi national organization dealing with eye care products as professional services executives or take up teaching as a career.
  • They can pursue higher education or can go for further research in the field of Optometry. Optometrists could also take up the work of occupational health specialists in the vision care of industrial workers.
An optometrist is an eye doctor who has earned the Doctor of Optometry (OD) degree. Optometrists in the various countries also are licensed to prescribe medications to treat certain eye problems and diseases. The scope of medical care that can be provided by optometrists is determined by state law.

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