Pharmacy Technician Programs Courses in Pakistan Jobs Career & Scope

Pharmacy Technician Programs Courses in Pakistan Jobs Career & Scope Degrees Subjects Literature Career Opportunities Requirements salary special courses guideline for Man, Woman, (Male, Female) along with test pattern selection procedure qualification complete information to start and choice Pharmacy Technician Degree career in Pakistan for better future in Life. To help the students, we have made the decision to produce comprehensive articles on career counselling that cover the range of all degrees and certificates offered in Pakistan. We will talk about the application of the pharmacy technician (B Category) diploma in Pakistan and overseas nowadays.

Another name for the Pharmacy Technician Programs Courses is B category. A pharmaceutical technician is someone who works under the direction of a licences pharmacist and performs various pharmacy-related tasks including compounding and dispensing. A pharmacy technician has to be proficient in record-keeping and have solid interpersonal skills while dealing with consumers.A pharmacy technician can work in both a hospital pharmacy and a retail medical shop. Pharmacy technicians can also be hired by pharmaceutical businesses as industrial workers or sales representatives.

In Pakistan, running a medical shop is a very lucrative company that he may also obtain a licence to operate. Additionally in high demand are pharmacy technicians across Europe and the Middle East. The programme helps you get into a well-respected field that is expanding quickly in Pakistan.


Pharmacy Technician Programs Courses in Pakistan Jobs Career & Scope

Pharmacy Technician Programs Courses in Pakistan Jobs Career & Scope


Eligibility Criteria for Admission in Pharmacy Technician (B Category) Course

Every Pakistani citizen who meets the qualifications listed below is eligible for a pharmacy technician diploma.

  • Matriculation with science subjects
  • Any equivalent qualification
  • B Category Course Duration

This course lasts two years in total. The following subjects are studied by first-year students

Pharmacy Technician Programs Courses Subjects

B Category First Year (Theory)                      



There will be one Anatomy and Physiology paper. Total of 100 points (20+80)

3-Biochemistry.Total marks 100

4-Microbiology.Total marks 100

There will also be one paper in Biochemistry and one in Microbiology. 100 points total (50+50)

5-Pharmacognosy. Total marks 100

6-Pharmaceutics-I. Total marks 100

 B Category First Year (Practicals)

1-Anatomy and Physiology. Total marks 100 (20+80)

2-Biochemistry and Microbiology. Total marks 100(50+50)

3-Pharmacognosy.Total marks 100

4-Pharmaceutics-I.Total marks 100

The following subjects are covered in second year.

B Category Second Year (Theory papers)

1-Pharmaceutics-3(Hospital and community pharmacy) Total marks 100

2-Pharmaceutics II (Industrial and Quality Control) Total marks 100

3-Social behavior, Law and Ethics. Total marks 100

4-Computer.Total marks 50

B Category Second Year Practicals

-Pharmaceutics II (Industrial).Total marks 100

2-Pharmacology.Total marks 100

3-Computer.Total marks 50

Diploma in Pharmacy/B Category/Pharmacy Technician

There is no Diploma in Pharmacy/B Category/Pharmacy Technician option. It is a two-year diploma programme that allows you to manage an All hopathic medical shop. You may simply obtain a licence for a medical store or pharmacy. After completing this two-year programme, you may be able to work in any medical shop or pharmacy. B-Category diploma holders can also give their licence to various medical businesses in exchange for a monthly payment. We strongly oppose this practise.



In homoeopathy, there is no distinct degree or qualification for pharmacy. After successfully completing a four-year DHMS diploma programme, you may open your own homoeopathic pharmacy or medical store. Homoeopathic pharmacies have substantially higher profit margins than allopathic or herbal pharmacies. We have produced an in-depth article about the scope of DHMS. You should read it as well.


As with Homeopath, following a year of FTJ training, you can open your own herbal pharmaceutical firm as well as a herbal medical shop. We have produced an in-depth article about the scope of FTJ/DUMS. Please read it for more information. We also propose that you take at least two of the above-mentioned Pharmacy technician courses to advance your profession.


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