Aerospace Engineering Career Scope in Pakistan

Do you have an interest in aeronautical engineering? Are you interested in learning more about the Aerospace Engineering Career Scope in PakistanAerospace engineering is the main discipline of engineering involved with the design and development of spacecraft and aeroplanes. The human endeavour in engineering, science, and business that allows humans to fly through space, on Earth (aeronautics), and the surrounding space (astronautics) is referred to as aerospace. Every day, the most recent innovations are introduced into this industry.

It’s a thrilling job that combines math, physical sciences, and computers and is incorporated into the creation of space and air vehicles and their components to deliver great performance with modest weight and size. Aerospace engineers must constantly create and use cutting-edge technology in the research and design, manufacturing, maintenance, and operation of the Aerospace Vehicle.

The study and development of airships and spaceships is known as advanced aircraft design. It is a mix of Air (Aeronautical Engineering) flying machines and other equipment that allows you to travel in adverse weather conditions. This is referred to as Astronautical Engineering.

What is Aeronautical Engineering?

Aeronautical engineering is a prominent field of study. Aeronautical engineering is primarily concerned with the production, design, maintenance, and testing of aircraft. This comprises all forms of aircraft, including fighter jets, helicopters, and drones. Aeronautical engineering is a difficult field.

What do Aeronautical Engineers do?

Aeronautical engineers are primarily responsible for studying and creating new technologies that improve the efficiency and functionality of flying equipment and vehicles. They are in charge of developing new technologies in order to progress commercial aeroplanes, as well as ensuring that the machines they make fit environmental and safety standards. Aeronautical engineers examine data to determine why a system fails, such as in an aeroplane accident or other catastrophe. They are also in charge of designing and developing plans for new aircraft and their components.

Scope of Aerospace Engineering in Pakistan

Aeronautical engineering may be one of the most difficult and hard disciplines, but it has a global reach, not only in Pakistan. This is one of Pakistan’s fastest growing and most rigorous job pathways for pupils. In Pakistan, there are several job prospects for aviation engineers. Aeronautical engineering is a broad discipline with several job options in the aerospace sector.

Fighter planes and aeroplanes necessitate skilled aeronautical engineers, making Pakistan’s aerospace sector one of the greatest in the country. The scope of aeronautical engineering is expanding throughout time. Aeronautical engineering is an excellent career choice with a promising future. Aeronautical engineers are in great demand. As a result, the scope of Aeronautical engineering is enormous.

Eligibility Criteria of Aerospace Engineering

A bachelor’s degree is often required for entry-level aerospace engineers. Students in high school who intend to pursue aeronautical engineering should take coursework in physics, chemistry, advanced math, computer programming, and computer language.

  • Minimum 60 marks in Matric
  • Minimum 60% Marks in FSc Pre-engineering or Equivalent
  • Entry Test

Aerospace Engineering Career Scope in Pakistan

Aerospace Engineering Career Scope in Pakistan

Best Career Options for Aerospace Engineering Career Scope in Pakistan

Aeronautical Engineers are hired by any industry or company involved in aviation. Here is a list of careers available to those in Aerospace Engineering.

Pakistan Air Force: Pakistan’s aerial warfare arm, responsible for protecting the country’s airspace and executing military missions.

Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Karma: A Pakistani aerospace and defence business that manufactures and maintains aerial equipment for both military and civilian uses.

Missile manufacturing firms: Organisations engaged in the development, design, and manufacture of missiles for a range of defence needs.

Pakistan International Airlines:Pakistan International Airlines is the country’s flag carrier and offers both local and international flight service. In Pakistan, this offers the greatest services for careers in aeronautical engineering.

Flying clubs and organisations: Businesses providing chances for leisure flying, aviation-related services, and flying courses.

Pakistan Army Aviation:The Pakistan Army’s aviation division offers ground forces transportation, reconnaissance, and aerial support.

Engineering universities:Universities that provide engineering degrees and programmes, including those in fields like aeronautical engineering.

Private airline companies in Pakistan:Non-government airlines operating in Pakistan that operate both local and international flights are known as private airlines.

Private airlines operating outside of Pakistan: Airline firms that operate flights to and from Pakistan but are based outside of Pakistan.

Space Research Centres: Research institutions that focus on satellite technology, space exploration, and related fields of research. The greatest services for a career in aeronautical engineering in Pakistan are offered by this institute.

Helicopter manufacturing companies:organisations that specialise in the design, development, and manufacture of helicopters for a range of uses, including both military and civilian.

Employers for Aerospace Engineering Career Scope in Pakistan

In the case of Aerospace Engineers, opportunities exist through regulators like those of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) as well as the armed forces, government research organizations as well, The Ministry of Defence, airline companies’ space programs, as well as the suppliers of materials and components to manufactures. Look at the list of employers that employ engineering specialists in aerospace. Pakistan

  • Pakistan Air Force
  • Commercial Airlines
  • Aircraft Manufacturing Companies
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Sparco
  • Army Aviation Wing
  • Missile Development Factories
  • Nuclear Energy Commission
  • Research Organizations
  • Space Research Associations
  • Missile and Helicopters Manufacturing Companies

Merit for Aeronautical Engineering in Pakistan

Aeronautical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering are four-year undergraduate degree programmes offered in Pakistan. These programmes are extremely demanding, with entrance standards often requiring a high merit range of 84-90% in university.

How to become an Aerospace Engineer

After completing your Inter BSc Engineering or BE, enrol in the PAF Aeronautical Engineering programme. BSc Engineering/BE in Mechanical Engineering or Related Fields with a degree in Aerospace Engineering
B.Tech. or a certificate in aviation technology or aircraft maintenance

Salary of Aeronautical Engineering in Pakistan

The wage is mostly determined by credentials, talents, skills, and experience. It also relies on the individual’s location or city of employment. However, incomes in aeronautical engineering are relatively substantial. Aeronautical engineering salaries in Pakistan normally range from PKR 45,000 to PKR 135,000 per month. However, the maximum annual salary for an aeronautical engineer in Pakistan is PKR 14 million.

Which universities offer aeronautical engineering in Pakistan?

  • Military Collage Of Engineering – Risalpur
  • College Of Aeronautical Engineering, Risalpur
  • National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad.
  • National Defense University
  • Air University- Islamabad
  • Institute Of Space Technology, Islamabad
  • Aero line Institute Of Aviation Studies – Lahore


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