Artificial Intelligence Career Scope in Pakistan

The Artificial Intelligence Career Scope in Pakistan is expanding at an unprecedented rate, offering a wealth of opportunities for professionals. As AI technologies gain prominence in various industries, the demand for AI experts is on the rise. From machine learning engineers to data scientists, individuals with AI expertise are sought after by both private companies and government organizations.

The proliferation of AI research and development centers in Pakistan is fueling innovation and knowledge sharing. This dynamic landscape presents a promising future for those looking to make a significant impact in the field of AI, as it continues to reshape industries and contribute to the country’s technological advancement. Explore the vast potential of Artificial Intelligence careers in Pakistan and embark on a path to a rewarding and impactful professional journey

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The replication of human intellectual functions by machines, particularly computer systems, is known as artificial intelligence. It is the capacity of a digital computer system or a robot operated by a computer to carry out functions typically performed by intelligent individuals. Several specialised applications make up artificial intelligence, including speech recognition, expert systems, machine vision, and natural language processing.

Artificial Intelligence Career Scope in Pakistan

Artificial Intelligence Career Scope in Pakistan

Scope of Artificial Intelligence in Pakistan

In Pakistan, artificial intelligence has a wide range of applications, with many different industries using it to improve production, efficiency, and decision-making. Healthcare, finance, agriculture, manufacturing, education, and other fields all benefit from the use of AI. The opportunity for AI specialists in Pakistan is anticipated to grow significantly in the future years as the government continues to prioritise technology-driven projects.

Top Universities started AI Centers

Since the potential of artificial intelligence in Pakistan is immense, more universities are offering this course now. Some of the top universities include:

  • NUST
  • LUMS
  • Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS)
  • Quaid-e-Azam University
  • Fast-NU
  • Air University
  • University of Karachi
  • The National Institute of Electronics (NIE)

Top Trending AI Marketing Tools in Pakistan

There is a large community of digital marketers, SEOs, and content writers in Pakistan who provide their services to both domestic and international customers. As AI technologies advance, we are also witnessing their use in digital marketing. A marketer can use a variety of techniques to streamline a work, accomplish it quickly, and increase productivity. The top applications in the field of digital marketing are listed below.

Jasper Users may create content for a range of platforms, campaigns, and genres with its assistance. To write copy for a blog, a web page, a product description, or tag lines, come up with a keyword or phrase, decide on its tone, and adjust a few parameters.

ChatGPT  is an artificial intelligence-powered language processing tool. Users may order the bot to carry out chores, have a dialogue that seems human-like, and much more. It provides information, assists in writing emails, blogs, or articles, or produces code. It follows instructions to the letter.

Ask it to provide thoughts, a summary, a copy of a post, or both. Every marketing expert or team in Pakistan, like the rest of the globe, is thrilled to have it in their toolkit to speed up repetitive activities. Is it attempting to reinvent the time-consuming process we used to spend on producing lengthy emails, proposals, essays, or online content? It is still in the testing stage, though. Find out what it gives for improvement of the near future of humanity. is a development above the standard word processing programme. Because it is AI-powered, it contains contemporary features like auto-correction, auto-complete, and grammar and clarity checks.

FullStory – The marketing team has experience with digital devices utilising this technology since it analyses user behaviour and identifies friction areas.

Zapier – Using several tools in digital marketing may be necessary. These can be related to saving money, time, and effort using Zapier. Use a single app to complete all tasks. – Do you need to monitor your rivals? You will benefit more from using this application to scrape webpages for competitive advantage.

Influencity makes it easier to connect with and work with influencers on social media. Using this software, you have easy access to identify potential influencers for your company, judge whether they would be beneficial, and establish contact.

Applications of artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence comes in a variety of forms and may be categorised into three primary groups. These consist of:

 Rabbot Artificial intelligence is used to build and manage robots through the process of robotics. It may also include manufacturing or industrial robots that can be employed in healthcare systems as well as robots for servicing.

Business intelligence is the process that employs artificial intelligence to assist in decision-making. This might entail performing data analysis or applying predictive analysis to identify potential patterns.

Automation is the process of automating jobs that can often be completed by people using artificial intelligence.

Jobs for artificial intelligence in Pakistan

Artificial intelligence will undoubtedly create a tonne of work prospects if you’re interested in it. These employment possibilities include:

  • Business intelligence developer
  •  Big data engineer or architect
  •  Data developer
  • Data analyst
  •  Research scientist
  • Data scientists
  • Robotics engineer
  •  Machine learning engineer
  • Computer vision engineer
  • Natural language processing engineer

Best Universities for Artificial Intelligence in Pakistan


  • National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
  • National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU)
  • University of Karachi (UOK)
  • University of Peshawar (UOP
  • COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT)
  • Information Technology University (ITU)
  • University of the Punjab (UOP)

How to become an artificial intelligence engineer

To start a career in artificial intelligence and machine learning, one has to have a foundational understanding of computer science. You have the option of starting with certificates or a bachelor’s degree once you have finished intermediate in the scientific stream.

A bachelor’s in computer science and engineering, a B.Tech in computer science or artificial intelligence, or a bachelor’s in robotics is needed for entry-level work. If you work as a software engineer or research scientist, switching to artificial intelligence is simple.

Required skills for an Artificial intelligence engineer

  • rational and inventive intellect
  • The capacity to plan and learn
  • Analytical attitude
  • Aptitude for addressing issues
  • A strong background in arithmetic, statistics, and computer languages
  • General intelligence Basic programming language proficiency

Salary for Artificial Intelligence in Pakistan?

While the compensation is determined by education, experience, and training. Additionally, it depends on the area in which the worker is employed. However, the artificial intelligence industry pays an average of about 96,000 each month. The compensation frequently increases in accordance with a person’s abilities and experience.



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