BHMS Subjects Career Scope Opportunities Jobs Further Study Eligibility Guideline

BHMS Subjects Career Scope Opportunities Jobs Further Study Eligibility Guideline. BHMS or Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery, Homeopathy is one of the best ways of treatment. It is very popular way of treatment in Pakistan. Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery is a Five year undergraduate academic degree in the field of Homeopathic medical system. This degree was introduced to provide quality education in the field of homeopathy. It is also called B.H.M.S which is an abbreviated form of  Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery.

Traditionally D.H.M.S was the only homeopathic course available in Pakistan. But in 1997, five year degree program BHMS was launched in Pakistan by Frontier Homeopathic College with the collaboration and affiliation of Peshawar University Peshawar. Then in 2000, Islamia University Peshawar also launched BHMS program. Now many other universities are also offering BHMS degree program such as Hazara University KPK and Jamshoro University Sindh.

B.H.M.S is the best option for those students who have strong desire to become a doctor and due to low marks in FSc pre medical and entry test they could not get admission in any medical or dental college. All those persons who have want to serve the humanity can also join this course. After completing the course, candidates candidates have a lot of career options and can jobs under various profiles such as Lecturer, Scientist, Doctor, Therapist to name a few. The average salary package offered to these employees ranges between.BHMS Subjects Career Scope Opportunities Jobs Further Study Eligibility Guideline

BHMS Subjects Career Scope Opportunities Jobs Further Study Eligibility Guideline

Types of BHMS Degree

There are following two types of BHMS degree

1-BHMS Graded Degree Course
This is a two years condensed program which is designed for DHMS diploma holder doctors.
2-BHMS Classified
This is a five year full length course. Which is offered after FSc pre medical. 6 months internship is also mandatory after the completion of degree.


DHMS for condensed course

FSc Pre engineering/A Level or any equivalent degree

Career and Scope

You can start your own clinic as there is a great demand of well qualified homeopathic doctors in the society. People are fed up with allopathic treatment due to its side effects and they are always in search of well qualified homeopathic doctor. Lecturer job in Homeopathic Medical Colleges and Unani medical colleges.

You can establish your own Herbal and homeopathic medical store as in homeopathy there is no separate degree for becoming a homeopathic pharmacist. The profit margin in this business is more than any other business. Believe me being an homeopathic doctor i know that some times this profit reaches up to 70 percent.

You can get job in homeopathic and herbal pharmacies.You can also start your own homeopathic pharmacy. Its very easy, low cost and high profit business than allopathic or herbal pharmacies.

You can get job in government hospitals and dispensaries. BHMS degree holder now can also start its online clinic. You can earn money by writing articles for newspapers, homeopathic magazines and websites. Author and publisher of homeopathic books.


  • Following subjects are taught in BHMS.
  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Philosophy of Homeopathy
  • Anatomy
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Microbiology
  • Pathology
  • Microbiology & Parasitology
  • Materia Medica
  • Bioinformatics
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • Ophthalmology & E.N.T
  • Homeopathic pharmacy
  • Clinical Psychology &Psychiatry
  • Homeopathic Therapeutics
  • Preventive &Community Medicine
  • Clinical Methods & Diagnostics
  • Case Taking & Repertorization
  • Forensic Medicine &Toxicology
  • Pediatrics
  • Surgery

Further Studies Options
After BHMS you can get admission in many Master programs of biological and health sciences. You can also go for many Master of Arts and other post graduate courses like MBA, LLB etc.

BHMS course allows candidates to choose any specialization such as Homoeopathic Pharmacy, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Skin Specialist and Infertility to take care of patients with their homoeopathic study knowledge exposure.

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