DOW University Admission 2024 Apply Online Last Date

The DOW University of Health Sciences (DUHS) has opened admissions for 2024, welcoming candidates to apply online for various programs. It’s essential to note the critical deadline for DOW University Admission 2024 application submissions. Prospective students aiming to join DUHS in 2024 must ensure they complete their applications through the university’s official portal before the specified last date for DOW University Admission 2024.

This online application process is pivotal, requiring candidates to furnish their academic qualifications, personal details, and essential documents as part of the DOW University Admission 2024 procedure. Keeping track of this deadline ensures aspiring individuals have a chance to secure their desired programs at DUHS for the upcoming academic year. Adhering to these guidelines is vital for a successful application and potential admission into DOW University for the year 2024.

General Instructions for Applicants

  • Applications submitted beyond the deadline will not be accepted.
  • For any questions, send an email to [email protected].
  • Absolutely no personal communication; all messages should be sent to the provided email address.
  • Direct applications sent to the registrar’s office will not be accepted.

Admission Policy

  • DUHS-IHM practices an inclusive admission policy based purely on merit, disregarding factors like race, religion, gender, or financial status.
  • Admission entails applying online, registering for an Aptitude Test, and attending an interview.
  • Certain candidates, like non-resident Pakistanis, foreign students, or nationals with specific SAT/GMAT scores, skip the IHM test but undergo an interview.
  • Academic qualifications, equivalent certificates for non-Pakistani credentials, and an assessment evaluating analytical, reasoning, and linguistic skills determine eligibility.
  • Interviews gauge a candidate’s potential societal contribution and suitability for the chosen course.
  • The institution doesn’t reserve seats and won’t lower criteria for unfilled positions.
  • Financially deserving candidates, although qualified, can access aid to meet IHM/DUHS fees.
  • Rigorous statistical analysis sets program-specific entrance test criteria, with valid test scores for future admissions, dependent on ongoing academic standards.

DOW University Admission 2024 Apply Online Last Date

DOW University Admission 2024 Apply Online Last Date Admission 2024-25

For the academic year 2024-25, DUHS (DOW University of Health Sciences) is facilitating admissions through Prospective candidates can access the online platform to apply for admission. Essential information such as eligibility criteria, available programs, application guidelines, and important dates will be available on the website.

Aspiring students should regularly visit the site to stay updated on admission announcements, submission deadlines, and any additional requirements. The online portal serves as a comprehensive resource for individuals seeking admission to DUHS for the 2024-25 academic session.

DOW University Admission Application Form

You may find application forms and fee receipts on the official DUHS website, Alternatively, you may pick up an application form from the college offices, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. The application form must be completed and sent to UBL Bank, Baba e-Urdu Road and Ojha Branch, Karachi, along with the necessary paperwork and a payment receipt for Rs. 2000/-. Receiving and gathering admission forms is the responsibility of the DUHS admissions cell.

Dow University Postgraduate Fee Structure  2024

Program Annual Fee Range
MBBS Rs 500,000 – Rs 600,000
BDS Rs 200,000
Doctorate of Pharmacy Rs 100,000 – Rs 300,000
BS Degree Program Rs 100,000 – Rs 200,000
BBA Degree Program Rs 80,000 – Rs 100,000

Offered Programs

Bachelors Program and Courses
Bachelor of Nursing MD Anaesthesia
BS Clinical Laboratory Sciences MD Cardiology
BS Clinical Ophthalmic Technology MD Critical Care Medicine
BS Surgical Technology MD Dermatology
BS Respiratory & Critical Care Technology MD Family Medicine
BS Perfusion Sciences MD Neurology
BS Dental Technology MD Pulmonology
BS Dental Hygiene MD Radiology
BS Nursing Generic MD Psychiatry
BS Radiology Technology MD Emergency Medicine
BS Biotechnology BS Biotechnology
BS Nutrition Associate Degree in Radiologic Technology
Associate Degree in Bio-Medical Engineering BBA Bachelor of Business Administration
FCPS Gen Medicine EMBED
FCPS Gen Surgery Bachelor of Dental Sciences (BDS)
FCPS Gynaecology MBBS
FCPS Paediatrics Bachelor of Medical Technology
FCPS Radiology Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D)
FCPS Pulmonology BS Occupational Therapy
FCPS Ophthalmology BS Prosthetics & Orthotics
FCPS Anaesthesiology Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT)
FCPS Neurology Doctor of Physical Therapy DPT
FCPS Neurosurgery FCPS Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
FCPS ENT FCPS Dermatology
FCPS Psychiatry FCPS Orthopaedic
FCPS Cardiology FCPS Plastic Surgery
FCPS Cardiac Surgery Post RN BSc Nursing

Master’s Program and Courses

Master Diabetes & Endocrinology Master Neurosurgery
Master Public Health Master Orthopedics
Master of Science in Biostatistics & Epidemiology Master Pediatrics Surgery
Master in Transfusion Medicine & Tissue Typing Master Plastic Surgery
Master Nursing Master Opthalmology
Master Advance Physiotherapy Master ENT
MSc Dental Surgery MBA Master of Business Administration
Master Dental Surgery MBA Executive
MCPS Anaesthesiology Master of Philosophy
Master Surgery Masters in Health Professionals Education MHPE
Master Cardiac Surgery
M.Phil Program and Courses
MPhil Anatomy MPhil Histopathology
MPhil Biochemistry MPhil Microbiology
MPhil Biotechnology MPhil Molecular Pathology
MPhil Chemical Pathology MPhil Pharmacology
MPhil Genetics MPhil Physiology
MPhil Hematology MS Transfusion Medicine & Tissue Typing
Ph.D. Program and Courses
Ph.D. Anatomy Ph.D. Microbiology
Ph.D. Biotechnology Ph.D. Molecular Pathology
Ph.D. Chemical Pathology Ph.D. Pharmacology
Ph.D. Genetics Ph.D. Physiology
Ph.D. Hematology Ph.D. Molecular Medicine & Bioinformatics
Ph.D. Histopathology Ph.D. in Public Health
Ph.D. Biochemistry Doctor of Philosophy

Other programs and Courses

Diploma in Aviation Medicine Diploma in EEG/NCV/EMG Technician
Diploma in Family Medicine Diploma in Cardiology
Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence Diploma in Laryngol Otorhinology
Diploma in Pedicure Technician Diploma in Critical Care Medicine
Diploma in Sleep Lab Technician Diploma in Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases
Diploma in NICU Technician Diploma in Child Health
Diploma in CT Technology Diploma in Dermatology
Diploma in MRI Technology Diploma in Radiology
Certificate in Hospital & Health Services Management Diploma in Anesthesia
Certificate in Supply Chain Management Diploma in Ophthalmology
Certificate in Regulatory Affairs Legal & Ethical Issues Diploma in Psychiatry Medicine
Certified Professional Course on Bioavailability Studies Diploma in Ultrasound
Certificate in Healthcare Management Diploma in Colour Doppler Ultrasound
Certificate in Quality Assurance in Healthcare Diploma in Neuro-Spinal Axis
Certificate in Pharmaceutical Marketing & Branding Diploma in Echocardiography
Diploma Course for Dental Surgery Assistant (DSA) Diploma in Non-Vascular Interventional Ultrasonology
Certificates in Pharmaceutical Sales Certificate in Clinical Research Certified Professionals Course
Certificate in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Certificate in Health Professions Education
Certificate in Ultrasound Diploma in Nursing Assistant
Certificate in Color Doppler Ultrasound Diploma in Dialysis Technician
Certificate in Non-Vascular Interventional Radiology Diploma in ICU Technician

Eligibility Criteria for DOW University Admission 2024

The entrance requirements for the Dow Institute of Nursing and Midwifery. Candidates should be aware of the prerequisites. To be admitted, the candidate must fulfill all entrance standards for Dow University of Health Sciences.

  • Candidates must get a minimum of 60% in their Intermediate and Matric examinations.
  • Only Sindh residents are eligible to apply for admission.
  • The admissions procedure is solely based on merit.
  • Candidates must have three years of general nursing education experience, a one-year midwifery degree, and at least one year of practical experience.
  • For admittance, candidates must have a PNC registration card.

Required Documents

  • Your Matriculation/O Level certificates with the marks sheet.
  • Your Higher Secondary School Certificate (Part I)/A Level (first year) certificate with the marks sheet.
  • Your Bachelor’s degree certificate with the marks sheet.
  • If you applied for a discount because you work somewhere, bring a letter from your company saying it’s okay.

How to Apply for DOW University Admission 2024

To apply for admissions at Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) in 2024, follow these steps:

Check Eligibility: Review the admission criteria and ensure you meet the requirements for your desired program.
Online Application: Visit the official DUHS website. Look for the admissions section or a dedicated portal for applications. Fill out the online application form accurately.
Submission of Documents: Gather all required documents, such as educational certificates, transcripts, identification, and any specific documents outlined for your chosen program.
Application Fee: Pay the required application fee as specified by DUHS, often payable online during the application process.
Entrance Test (if applicable): Some programs may require an entrance test. Register for any required tests according to the instructions provided.
Interview (if required): Prepare for an interview if it’s part of the admission process. Follow any guidelines communicated by the university.
Monitor Application Status: Check your application status regularly through the provided portal or contact the admissions office for updates.
Deadline Adherence: Ensure all steps, including document submission and test registrations, are completed before the specified deadline.
Follow-Up: Stay in touch with the admissions office for any additional information or updates regarding your application status.

Apply Online For DOW University Admission

Last Date

The application form must be submitted before January 19, 2024.



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