Forestry Career Opportunities in Pakistan Courses and Jobs 2024

Are you thinking about a Forestry Career in Pakistan? There is no need to look any further! This thorough guide offers you with all of the necessary information on the breadth of forestry, employment prospects, pay expectations, disciplines, and universities in Pakistan that provide forestry programmes. Forestry, as a part of Agriculture and Biology Science, is concerned with the planting, management, and protection of forests. Forests are critical to a country’s prosperity because they provide a vital source of timber, energy, and raw materials. A degree in forestry is a wise decision since it offers up a wide range of prospects for you.
Despite having less than 4% of its area covered by forests, Pakistan provides a wide range of opportunities for forestry specialists. The fundamental goal of forestry is to raise public awareness of the importance of replanting. Several prestigious colleges and universities in Pakistan offer Forestry/Agriculture programmes at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels to meet this need. With fewer wooded lands available, the demand for qualified forestry experts is increasing.

Forests are one of a country’s most important natural resources. These woods contain some of the most extraordinary botanicals, natural cosmetics, and medicinal chemicals. They provide water, timber, animals, minerals, and water. The study and practise of managing forests, tree plantations, and other natural resources linked with or generated from forests are referred to as forestry.

Although forestry experts may be found in many sectors of the economy, some are in higher demand than others. Because of the breadth of their expertise and abilities, forestry experts are in high demand.


Scope of Forestry  Career in Pakistan

Students in Pakistan have undervalued the field of forestry’s potential. This has made a profession in forestry more appealing to them. You may not realise it, but God has bestowed numerous blessings to Pakistan that are not found anyplace else. The forest encompasses a wide region that is still unexplored. Our scientists still don’t know everything there is to know about herbs and plants.

These plants provide several advantages in various aspects of life. A lack of a master’s degree in this field of study might lead to joblessness or even career failure. No! A forestry graduate or master’s degree holder is unlikely to be unemployed. He or she might work in a variety of industries and government organisations in Pakistan. He or she is also qualified to engage in research.

Forestry Career Opportunities in Pakistan Courses and Jobs

Forestry Career Opportunities in Pakistan Courses and Jobs 2024

Forestry Career Opportunities in Pakistan

You may be confident that a degree in forestry will not leave you jobless or cause you to fail in your profession. Scientists have yet to completely find and understand numerous plants and herbs in Pakistan’s vast unknown forest areas. These plants provide significant advantages in a variety of sectors of life.
With a forestry graduate or master’s degree, you can find work in both public and private organisations and enterprises in Pakistan. Furthermore, research departments are possible places for forestry experts to share their knowledge.
  • Forest Department
  • Nurseries
  • Farmhouses
  • Agriculture Farms
  • Wildlife Department
  • Industries of pesticides and fertilizers
  • Agriculture Corporations
  • NGO’s
  • Man-Made Forests
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Research Organizations
  • Artificial Forests

For latest government forestry department jobs you can visit Forestry Wildlife & Fisheries Department (FWFD).

Major Subjects of Forestry Career

The bachelor’s degree in forestry is a four-year undergraduate programme. Courses are available at each university, however we have included the key disciplines in Forestry in Pakistan. Candidates enrolled to the BSc or MSc Forestry programmes will study these courses for the duration of the academic term.

  • Soil Science
  • Forests Biometrics
  • Forest Insects & Diseases
  • Environmental Economics
  • Natural Resource Policy
  • Forest Management
  • Recreational Land Management
  • Forest Procurement
  • Environmental Law
  • Hydrology or Watershed
  • Forest Operations
  • Conservation of timber and Forestry Management
  • Wildlife Biology
  • Forest Economics
  • Urban Forestry
  • Conservation of the soil

Forestry Career Opportunities Nature of Work

  • Perform technical forestry tasks such as timber marking, volume estimate, technical assistance for forest usage, and the sale of forest products.
  • Gather information on the forest.
  • It is possible to build and measure permanent forest sample plots.
  • Prepare stands for contract tree planting.
  • Prepare contracts for wood harvesting and other contract services.
  • Examine and mark trees that are ready for harvesting.
  • Plots should be photographed from the air.
  • Perform volume investigations on fallen trees.
  • Assess the area to be burned both before and after you start a fire.
  • Keep burning records and examine them on a regular basis.
  • Electronics and instruments for measuring forests
  • Perform a pre-inspection prior to tree pruning.
  • Examine trees for potential hazards.
  • Aid in wildfire prevention
  • Emergency wildfires: Respond as soon as possible.

Forestry Specializations

  • Wildlife management
  • Conservation of soil
  • Urban Forestry
  • Forest Economics

Eligibility Criteria for Forestry Career Courses

BSc Forestry

While each institution and university has its own set of bachelor’s in forestry requirements, the most frequent ones are mentioned here.

  • Candidates must have completed an intermediate level from an institution with the primary subject (Physics or Biology, Chemistry) to be eligible for admission to BS Forestry.
  • A candidate should have at least 40 to 50% marks in 12th grade in all major subjects (Biology Physics Chemistry).

MSc Forestry

You can study the qualifying criteria for the MSc forestry programme in Pakistan after finishing the BSc in forestry or BA in forestry.

  • There may be different eligibility criteria from one university to the next.
  • Candidates must hold a BSc in Agriculture or Forestry to be eligible for admission to the MSc Forestry programme.

Forestry Career Opportunities in Pakistan Skills Required

  • Orally and in writing, communicate clearly and simply.
  • As one works in fields, forests, and farms, one must have a strong interest in nature and physical stamina.
  • Most agricultural scientists require a basic understanding of business principles and the ability to apply statistical techniques. Computers are also required to analyse and regulate biological and chemical processes.

Forestry is both the science and the practise of managing forests and woods. It can also be used to protect and replenish natural resources. Forestry may be done in both natural and planted settings.

Forestry Career Description

A forester is someone who looks after trees and forests. Foresters are involved in a variety of tasks, such as conservation, timber harvesting, and the maintenance of protected woodland areas. Graduates of forestry degree programmes have several professional choices. There are several employment choices available based on your degree level and major. These forestry careers are popular and might help students learn about the field.


Foresters play an important role in land management, conservation, and restoration. They assist with the planning and execution of forestry initiatives such as tree planting, animal habitat conservation, and the selection and preparation of wood parcels. They may be in charge of supervising forest and conservation technicians to ensure that initiatives are carried out legally and responsibly.

Soil Scientist

They also require computers to analyse and regulate biological and chemical processes.

Conservation Technician

Forest and conservation technicians frequently operate under the supervision of conservation scientists and foresters to complete effective forest-related initiatives. Data on forests, such as soil content, water quality, and wildlife populations, may be collected by technicians.

They may also survey and map forests, as well as monitor log logging activity. They can help with forest conservation and propagation. They may also engage in seasonal tasks such as seedling planting or the suppression and prevention of forest fires. They can also plan education and training programmes.

Forest Firefighter

They are in charge of managing and controlling wildfires in thick woods and other regions. These fire professionals carry out their tasks using specialised equipment.

Wildlife Biologist

These specialists monitor forest initiatives and make recommendations on how to lessen their impact on wildlife. They work with governments to analyse and restore animal habitats, as well as plan and execute conservation objectives.

Forest Ranger

Forest rangers are frequently employed by state and national forests to guarantee that these areas stay healthy and well-maintained. They can police laws, survey land, and help with conservation and population repopulation. They may also spend a significant amount of time on-site or at neighbouring facilities generating reports and data.

Environmental Compliance Inspector

Inspectors of environmental compliance use their knowledge of local, state, and federal legislation to identify the source of contamination and pollution. They guarantee that polluters participate in environmental remediation, which is an active endeavour to remove contaminants from a site and restore its health. This is done lawfully and securely.

Forestry Career Benefits

  • Work Outside

Many people select forestry occupations because they provide extensive outdoor labour. You may work in attractive areas without cubicles or desks.

  • Contribute To Environmental Wellness

Many forestry occupations entail protecting the health of natural environments or assisting in the restoration of wellness through fire propagation, cleanup, and prevention.

  • Unique and Intriguing Technologies

Forestry occupations allow individuals to learn and use industry-specific technologies. This provides them with insights and talents that experts do not have.

  • Specialized Knowledge

To overcome difficulties, foresters frequently mix various talents and expertise. Combining theory, theory, and data analysis to solve large-scale challenges impacting animals and humans may be immensely fulfilling.

Drawbacks of Forestry Career

  • Work in all Weather Conditions

While many individuals consider working outside to be advantageous, it is important to remember that the outdoors may be unexpected and full of surprises. Even in inclement weather, forest workers must do their tasks.

  • Dangerous

Foresters are frequently called upon to conduct risky and difficult tasks, such as coping with wildfires or polluted regions, ice roads or rock falls, and other risks.

  • Wildlife Threats

Specific forestry occupations may need bears or mountain lions. It is important to note, however, that pests, toxic plants, and other less obvious issues can be bothersome or frustrating aspects of forestry professions.

  • Tasks are often very Tiring.

Foresters frequently perform backbreaking labour that needs endurance and muscle. Foresters are also noted for their ability to analyse critically and solve problems, which may be intellectually exhausting.

Forestry Universities Offering BS Programs in Pakistan

If you are seeking for universities in Pakistan that offer forestry programmes, here is a list of prestigious colleges to consider:

  • The Islamia University Of Bahawalpur. Bahawal Pur. …
  • Ghazi University. D.g.khan. …
  • Gomal University. D.i. Khan. …
  • University Of Agriculture. …
  • Karakuram International University. …
  • University Of Haripur. …
  • University Of Sindh. …
  • Kohat University Of Science & Technology.

You should now have a good grasp of the extent of forestry in Pakistan, including employment opportunities, wage expectations, subjects, and universities that provide related programmes. A career in forestry may lead to a rewarding and successful professional trajectory. Please share your ideas or ask further questions in the comments area below. Best wishes for your future endeavours!

Forestry Salary in Pakistan:

Are you curious about the income possibilities of the forestry industry? According to the most recent study, a Bachelor’s degree in Forestry may earn between Rs. 35,000 and Rs. 70,000, while a Master’s degree can earn between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 100,000.

It is crucial to remember, however, that compensation might vary depending on individual research, talents, and devotion to this job. Your interests and commitment to serving in the forestry profession will be important factors in evaluating your income potential. Without a question, forestry is a lucrative and satisfying professional choice.

Forestry Career Opportunities General questions

  • Please tell me about yourself.
  • How did you learn about this opportunity?
  • Why do you want to be a forestry technician?
  • What is your working personality?
  • What are your main professional strengths and weaknesses?
  • What do you want to be in five years?
  • Do you think you’d be a good fit with this organisation?

Forestry career in future

A forestry degree may lead to a variety of job prospects, such as becoming a land conservation specialist, who gives technical expertise to agricultural and private landowners in order to aid in conservation initiatives. A job as an environmental scientist, responsible for monitoring environmental conditions and performing on-site research, is also an option.

These experts are critical in devising strategies to safeguard and sustain natural resources. Graduates with a solid background in forestry may contribute to land management, conservation planning, ecological restoration, and environmental impact assessment, guaranteeing the responsible and sustainable use of wooded areas for the benefit of present and future generations.


  • Which course is best for forestry?

The finest course for the Forestry stream is the BSc Forestry. The four-year Bachelor of Science in Forestry degree is organised into eight semesters. BSc Forestry specialisations include Dendrology, Forest Ecology, General Forest Microbiology, and Forest Management.

  • Is there a demand for forestry?

Conservation scientists and foresters’ overall employment is expected to expand 5% from 2021 to 2031, roughly in line with the national average. On average, 3,800 vacancies for conservation biologists and foresters are expected per year over the next decade.

  • How big is the forestry industry

The sector contributes 4% of the nation’s whole manufacturing GDP and generates close to $300 billion in output.

  • Which is the biggest forest in Pakistan?

About 70 km from Lahore, Changa Manga has a tiny train that goes through its woodland and an artificial lake. Plantations cover 12,510 acres in Changa Manga.

  • What percentage of Pakistan is forest?

Statistics. There is disagreement over how much of Pakistan is covered by forests. According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN, forests cover 2.2% of Pakistan’s total land area. The Pakistan Forest Institute, meanwhile, places the figure at 5.1%.

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