ICS Intermediate Degree Jobs Career in Pakistan

ICS Intermediate Degree Jobs Career in Pakistan Introduction Courses & Scope Subjects Literature Career Opportunities Requirements salary special courses guideline for Man, Woman, (Male, Female) along with eligibility test pattern selection procedure qualification complete information to start and choice ICS Intermediate in Computer Science program career in Pakistan for better future in Life.

During the 10 years of school life, the teachers receive special and individual attention from the teachers, but at the intermediate level they have to become a responsible person, since at this stage the students do the planning of the career we same. Good students take responsibility on their shoulders at this stage and choose the best career path for themselves.

Now students are treated as adults and are supposed to be mature enough to make the best decision about their future. We will also give you advice and you will have to make the decision carefully about your future. Two years of intermediate education will lay the foundations for your arduous journey in the future, so make the decision taking into account all the factors that take into account your aptitude. ICS is the abbreviation of Intermediate computing.

It is a program of intermediate level of 2 years for those students who wish to study computer science and sciences simultaneously. If you have an interest in computer science and want to opt for BCS, or BS Computer Science after the intermediation of the ICS after enrollment. You can learn the basics of software development and computer languages in this program. I have seen many students who launched their website after ICS and are now earning a good amount of money during their studies. You can learn the basics of web development and software in a very effective way.

The practices help him a lot to understand the basic concepts of computer languages. Science subjects allow you to change your future career path after ICS, but the computer knowledge obtained at ICS will help you a lot in your future educational career in any other field. This knowledge will also give you an advantage in practical life and in the search for a job.ICS Intermediate Degree Jobs Career in Pakistan Introduction Courses & Scope

ICS Intermediate Degree Jobs Career in Pakistan Introduction Courses & Scope

ICS Eligibility Criteria & Admission Requirement

Students who have studied computer science and science subjects in matriculation can get admission in ICS. Government colleges grant admission strictly on merit basis whereas private college even grant provisional admission to supply holders.

ICS Career & Scope

ICS is the choice of the future genius of the computer. I strongly recommend this program to my sisters and brothers, since I am earning a good amount of money by simply doing two short computer courses, namely WordPress and SEO. You must get an adequate education in IT and IT to make your future brighter. Believe me, a good IT expert does not even need any work, since he can earn money online while working from home as a freelancer. An IT expert can earn more money than a doctor or engineer in any field other than the computer. This field makes him a self-employed worker and a person of his own, so think seriously.

Here I want to make it clear that you should have an interest in programming and in Mathematics, since a man can easily succeed in a field of his interest than in any other field. Pakistan and even the world need many IT experts in the future, so the future in this field is very bright for those who have an interest in web development and software development.

We can say that ICS is a much better option than FA, FA General Science and even FSc Pre Medical and FSc Pre Engineering for lovers of mathematics and computer science. ICS helps you become a professional and trained person. It will prepare you to be part of the ever-growing IT industry.

ICS Subjects

  • ICS Compulsory Subjects
  • English
  • Urdu
  • Islamic Education and Pakistan Studies

ICS Elective Subjects

  • Physics, Statistics, Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Sciences

ICS Subjects are English, Urdu, Pakistan Studies, and Islamic Studies. These subjects are compulsory of both parts. Islamic Studies are from part I, and Pakistan Studies are from part II. The elective subjects are Physics, Economics, and Statistics in which the combination with Mathematics and Computer Science. ICS students are eligible to apply for all computer related Engineering fields. However, almost all universities accept ICS students for Computer Engineering, Software engineering, Telecom Engineering.

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