International Relations Career in Pakistan | Scope and Jobs

Students interested in international affairs can consider International Relations as their graduate or postgraduate degree. International Relations covers a high scope, and it is a highly demanding career in Pakistan. Here you can get all information about International Relations Career in Pakistan. Starting an International Relations career in Pakistan and foreign countries isn’t a tough job. Check IR scope, eligibility, requirements, subjects, benefits, salary, and skills for International Relations career in Pakistan. International Relations can be described as a vast discipline that lets students examine and study the relations between governments and countries. It is sometimes referred to as international studies, international affairs, or global studies. It is available across the university’s social sciences and humanities departments. When pursuing the International Relations degree, the emphasis is on the relationship between nations and major intergovernmental organizations such as the EU, UN, or World Health Organization. The field is usually classified as political science or interdisciplinary. These degrees cover fields like political science, law, history, economics, and geography.

International Relations

The study of International Relations involves the research of ways in which countries, states, and individuals interact and interact on a global scale. IR is a study of power and conflict on an international scale, as well as the study of justice, peace, and stability. Beyond these issues, IR scholars often focus on trade, economics, culture, and law. Some scholars specialize in a specific region or country. For instance, others specialize in Latin America or Russia and concentrate on a particular subject like nuclear proliferation or terrorism. This IR field includes various subfields and specializations that illustrate diverse topics. This provides Defence and Strategic Studies, diplomatic history, comparative political science; ethics and economics; gender studies; law, geography; demography, sociology, psychology, philosophy, anthropology and human rights and development, energy security, and environmental studies. International Relations is an intriguing research area that focuses on the interactions between various nations or countries and the interactions between multiple participants within the global system. International Relations (IR) is an interdisciplinary field for study and research. The scholars in this field are from many different backgrounds and are drawn from various College and University departments.

International Relations Career in Pakistan | Scope and Jobs

International Relations Career in Pakistan | Scope and Jobs

International Relations Scope in Pakistan

Selecting a bachelor of International Relations degree in Pakistan is the most suitable choice for you. BS International Relations applies to a variety of areas of the market. The Bachelor’s degree in IR is obtainable in various areas like Civil Services, International organizations, Agencies, Research institutes, Print and Electronic Media, etc. Additionally, if you’re preparing for a competitive exam, the subject could lead you to the foreign embassy to be appointed to an executive position in the department. Most of our politicians and democrats or think tanks are fully informed about the administration of international relations with Pakistan. They have a hand in the issue, and they have an effective plan that aims for a prestigious position within the national and international zones. Therefore, you can quickly assess the immense range of IR within Pakistan. You must have an analytical mindset, an interest in current affairs, and general knowledge of History and Political Science. It’s not a static subject, so you must stay updated with the global political landscape and the current political climate. It is the reason you need to have the habit of studying newspapers, books, and journals on the subject you are studying. International Relations is an easy and enjoyable subject taught as a Bachelor’s degree in Pakistan.

International Relations Career in Pakistan

The graduates of an International Relations degree are typically employed in one or more of the three primary industries in Pakistan, including private, government, or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or Non-For Profit companies. This degree lets individuals weave through any or all of these areas at different stages of their careers. It’s an extremely versatile degree with distinct skills, but it’s also a qualification in high demand in Pakistan and other countries. If you’re hoping to be an expert journalist, diplomat, presenter, analyst, or official, you should learn about international relations. International relations help improve your understanding of foreign policy and current events. These two areas are essential for students to pass any competitive examination. Diplomacy today is an art. Only diplomats can perform efficiently in the field who have a grasp of the fundamental rules of IR. IR is an overlay of the study of history and political science. However, its scope is greater than the other. It is among the most highly recommended subjects for males and females.

International Relations Vs Political Science

In Political Science, we learn the fundamental principles of political science, while in IR, we look at the consequences of these concepts in actual situations. This is why we can refer to Political science as a theoretical subject and IR as a practical subject. IR improves your general knowledge. Someone with solid general knowledge can pass any interview or exam confidently. Very few students study IR because only a few institutions offer degrees in this area in Pakistan. So, it isn’t too tricky.

International Relations Jobs in Pakistan

There are many paths one’s International Relations degree may take you down if you want to begin your career. We’ve provided a list of the areas and jobs you might want to look into. However, there are many employers worldwide in all industries who value the expertise of those who have a degree in International Relations:

  • Journalist
  • Writer
  • Foreign Affairs Analyst
  • Defense Analyst
  • Anchor Person
  • Civil Servant
  • Lecturer
  • School Teacher
  • Politician
  • Civil Service fast streamer
  • Diplomatic Service Officer
  • Social research officer from the government
  • Intelligence analyst
  • International aid/development worker
  • Policy officer
  • Public affairs consultant

IR Employment Areas

  • Education Institutes
  • Print and Electronic Media
  • Publishing House
  • Advisor
  • IR Consultant
  • Government Departments
  • NGO’s
  • UNO and its divisions
  • Research Department
  • International Organization and Agencies
  • Pakistan Military and Air Force
  • Foreign Services
  • Embassies

International Relations Subjects in Pakistan

  • English
  • Public International Law
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Regional and International Organizations
  • Mathematics
  • Foreign Policy Analysis
  • Introduction to International Relationship
  • Research Methodology
  • Introduction to Geography
  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Foreign Policy of Pakistan
  • Islamic Studies / Ethics
  • Diplomacy
  • Statistics
  • Comparative and Developmental Politics
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Comparative Foreign Policy
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Approaches and Theories of International Relationships
  • IR in the New Millennium
  • Introduction to Computer Skills
  • Research Thesis
  • Globalization and International Relations
  • International Politics of Environment
  • Arms Control and Disarmament
  • Geo-Political Structure of the World

International Relations Career in Pakistan and Foreign Countries

International relations degrees prepare individuals for jobs in various areas, such as education, business, law media, journalism and. Many students who pursue a degree in international relations decide to complete an additional double major or minor in college to prepare them for specific careers in fields such as economics or law. The subjects often incorporated into the international relations degree are business and political science, international business, and foreign languages. There are the following popular International Relations career in Pakistan and also across the globe:

International Policy Analyst

International policy analysts, also known as foreign affairs analysts, study political systems, policies, and legislation that might affect the institution they work for. They usually gain skills in one or more aspects of international relations, such as health, foreign environmental, or trade policies.

International Marketing Specialist

A specialist in international marketing oversees global marketing strategies and operations. They design budgets and marketing plans and work with local marketing teams to launch new products or marketing strategies.

International Logistics Manager

These experts manage the transportation, storage, and distribution of goods within a global company intending to manage its business’s supply chain efficiently. To achieve this, they can develop and review budgets, manage goods shipments, sign contracts with suppliers and clients, and oversee and train logistics teams.

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations professionals also referred to as communicators or specialists in media, work to create and maintain the image of a positive public image for the company in which they are employed. Their responsibilities help businesses communicate effectively to the general public. They usually design press releases and media kits, as well as write speeches. They also review the organization’s messages to ensure that they conform to the company’s guidelines.

Economic Analyst

An economist is a researcher who studies economic data to discover trends in the business sector and develops predictions and plans for their business regarding the effect of these developments on their particular industry. These experts can work for firms in the private or public sector.


A translator can accurately convert written text from one language to their customers’ preferred language. They could translate letters, memos, court documents, documents from science, or books. Translators can also use their knowledge of the language and culture to suggest improvements to written content for their customers.

Language Specialist

A specialist in language translation interprets spoken and written dialogue by interpreting and transcribing. A specialist in the language is usually proficient in multiple languages, which means they can communicate the fundamental meaning of information from one language to another while also considering nuance, slang, and figurative language.

Skills Developed by International Relations Courses

The knowledge and skills you gain when studying International Relations can be applied in various other areas and sectors. Even if you’ve had an epiphany and decide you don’t intend to pursue a career as an employee in this International Relations field, your skills will be helpful to you excel in any other field. Here are a few of the essential abilities you’ll acquire and develop while studying International Relations:

  • Public speaking, oral and written communication.
  • Collect, analyze and organize information to gain insights.
  • Collaborate with those with different personalities, careers, and goals.
  • Review concepts, ideas, and ideas and provide constructive feedback.
  • Find solutions that consider diverse interests, cultures, and beliefs.
  • Find an agreement that is common to all, and then reach an agreement on a mutual basis.

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