International Relations Career in Pakistan | Scope and Jobs 2024

Embark on a dynamic International Relations career in Pakistan, navigating diplomacy, global affairs, and fostering international connections.Students who are interested in global politics might think about earning a graduate or postgraduate degree in international relations. The field of international relations is broad and extremely difficult in Pakistan. You may find all the information you need regarding a career in international relations in Pakistan here. It is not difficult to begin a career in international relations in Pakistan and other nations. For a profession in international relations in Pakistan, check the IR scope, eligibility, criteria, subjects, perks, pay, and abilities.

It is possible to characterise international relations as a broad field of study that enables students to investigate and research the interactions between governments and nations. International studies, international affairs, or global studies are other names for it. It is accessible in all humanities and social science departments at the institution. The connection between countries and significant intergovernmental organisations, such as the EU, UN, or World Health Organisation, is the focus of those seeking a degree in international relations. Typically, the discipline is categorised as either political science or multidisciplinary.These degrees cover fields like political science, law, history, economics, and geography.


International Relations

The investigation of how nations, governments, and people interact on a global scale is a component of the study of international relations. IR is the study of justice, peace, and stability as well as the study of power and conflict on a global scale. In addition to these topics, IR academics frequently concentrate on commerce, economics, culture, and law. Some academics focus on a particular nation or region. Others, for instance, focus on a certain region, such as Latin America or Russia, or a topic, such as terrorism or nuclear proliferation. This IR discipline has a number of specialisations and subfields that showcase various issues.

This offers courses in geography, demography, sociology, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, human rights and development, energy security, environmental studies, diplomatic history, comparative political science, ethics and economics, gender studies, law, and geography. It also offers courses in comparative political science. Interactions between different nations or countries and between diverse players in the global system are the subject of the fascinating research field of international relations. Interdisciplinary study and research are available in the discipline of international relations (IR). The academics that work in this area come from a variety of backgrounds and are selected from different College and University departments.

International Relations Career in Pakistan | Scope and Jobs 2024

International Relations Career in Pakistan | Scope and Jobs 2024

International Relations Scope in Pakistan

The best option for you is to choose a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Pakistan. BS International Relations is applicable to many different market segments. Numerous fields, including the civil service, international organisations, agencies, research institutions, print and electronic media, etc., accept the Bachelor of Science in International Relations.

Additionally, if you’re studying for a competitive exam, the topic can get you hired for an executive post in the division by the foreign embassy. The majority of our politicians, Democrats, and think tanks are well-versed in managing ties with Pakistan on a global scale.

They are involved in the matter, and they have a strong strategy that seeks to establish them in a prominent position within the national and worldwide arenas. So you can rapidly evaluate the vast spectrum of IR in Pakistan. You should be interested in current events, have an analytical attitude, and have a basic understanding of political science and history. You must keep up with the political scene in the world and in your own country since it is not a static issue.

You must develop the habit of reading newspapers, books, and journals on the subject you are researching for this reason. In Pakistan, a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations can be earned with ease and enjoyment.

International Relations Career in Pakistan

The three main businesses in Pakistan are the commercial, public, and non-governmental (NGOs) or non-profit sectors, and graduates with degrees in international relations are often employed in one or more of these sectors. With this degree, people can transition between any or all of these fields at various phases of their careers. Although it is a very adaptable degree with distinctive talents, it is also a degree that is highly sought after in Pakistan and other nations.

You should study international relations if you want to work as a professional journalist, diplomat, presenter, analyst, or official. Your grasp of global policy and current affairs will be enhanced by studying international relations. For pupils to succeed on any competitive test, they must excel in these two areas. Nowadays, diplomacy is an art. Only diplomats who are knowledgeable with the IR’s core principles may function effectively on the job. Political science and history are both a part of international relations. Its breadth is, however, wider than the other’s. For both sexes, it is one of the subjects that is most strongly advised.

International Relations Vs Political Science

The fundamentals of political science are taught in political science, and the implications of these ideas in real-world scenarios are examined in international relations. For this reason, political science may be thought of as a theoretical discipline and IR as a practical subject. Your general knowledge is enhanced through IR. Any interview or test may be confidently passed by someone with strong general knowledge. Due to the fact that just a few universities in Pakistan offer degrees in IR, very few people choose to study it. It is therefore not very difficult.

International Relations Career in Pakistan

If you wish to start a profession, your degree in international relations may lead you down one of several avenues. We’ve included some of the industries and occupations you might wish to research. The competence of persons with a degree in international relations is valued by several businesses across various industries, though:

  • Journalist
  • Writer
  • Foreign Affairs Analyst
  • Defense Analyst
  • Anchor Person
  • Civil Servant
  • Lecturer
  • School Teacher
  • Politician
  • Civil Service fast streamer
  • Diplomatic Service Officer
  • Social research officer from the government
  • Intelligence analyst
  • International aid/development worker
  • Policy officer
  • Public affairs consultant


IR Employment Areas

  • Education Institutes
  • Print and Electronic Media
  • Publishing House
  • Advisor
  • IR Consultant
  • Government Departments
  • NGO’s
  • UNO and its divisions
  • Research Department
  • International Organization and Agencies
  • Pakistan Military and Air Force
  • Foreign Services
  • Embassies

International Relations Subjects in Pakistan

  • English
  • Public International Law
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Regional and International Organizations
  • Mathematics
  • Foreign Policy Analysis
  • Introduction to International Relationship
  • Research Methodology
  • Introduction to Geography
  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Foreign Policy of Pakistan
  • Islamic Studies / Ethics
  • Diplomacy
  • Statistics
  • Comparative and Developmental Politics
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Comparative Foreign Policy
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Approaches and Theories of International Relationships
  • IR in the New Millennium
  • Introduction to Computer Skills
  • Research Thesis
  • Globalization and International Relations
  • International Politics of Environment
  • Arms Control and Disarmament
  • Geo-Political Structure of the World

International Relations Career in Pakistan and Foreign Countries

Students who major in international relations are prepared for careers in a variety of fields, including journalism, business, law, and teaching. In order to prepare for specialised occupations in subjects like economics or law, many students who seek an international relations degree choose to finish a second double major or minor in college.

Foreign languages, international business, and business and political science are the disciplines that are frequently included within the international relations degree. In Pakistan and around the world, the following careers in international relations are in high demand:

International Policy Analyst

Foreign affairs analysts, often referred to as international policy analysts, research political structures, laws, and regulations that can have an impact on the organisation for which they work. Typically, they develop expertise in one or more facets of global affairs, such as commerce, health, and foreign environmental policy.

International Marketing Specialist

Global marketing operations and plans are managed by an expert in international marketing. When introducing new goods or marketing approaches, they collaborate with regional marketing teams to establish budgets and marketing plans.

International Logistics Manager

These professionals oversee the distribution, storage, and transportation of commodities inside a large corporation with the goal of effectively managing the supply chain for their enterprise. In order to do this, they can create and analyse budgets, monitor and train logistics teams, coordinate product shipments, and execute contracts with suppliers and customers.

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations experts, often known as communicators or media specialists, seek to build and maintain a favourable public perception of the business where they operate. Their duties enable organisations to efficiently interact with the broader audience. In addition to writing speeches, they frequently create press kits and press releases. Additionally, they check that the communications are in conformity with the organization’s policies.

Financial Analyst

An economist is a researcher that examines economic data to identify business sector trends and creates forecasts and strategies for their companies based on the implications for their industry. These professionals may work for commercial or public sector businesses.


A translator may faithfully translate written material from one language into the language of their clients. They may translate letters, notes, legal papers, scientific papers, or novels. Additionally, translators can offer suggestions for writing content enhancements for their clients based on their understanding of the language and culture.

Language expert

An expert in language translation translates both verbal and written communication through transcription and interpretation. Since a language expert is often multilingual, they can convey information’s basic meaning from one language to another while also taking into account subtlety, slang, and figurative language.

Skills Developed by International Relations Courses

When studying international relations, you may use the information and abilities you acquire in a variety of other fields and industries. Even if you have a light bulb moment and decide against pursuing a career in the subject of international relations, your talents will still help you succeed in any other sector. The following are some of the crucial skills you’ll learn and improve while studying international relations:

  • Oral and written communication, public speaking.
  • To obtain understanding, gather, examine, and organise knowledge.
  • Work along with people who have various personalities, occupations, and objectives.
  • Review notions, ideas, and ideas, and provide helpful criticism.
  • Find answers that take other viewpoints, cultures, and beliefs into account.
  • Find a consensus among all parties, and then come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Scope and Salary of Masters in IR 

For those with a master’s degree, Pakistan’s international relations sector provides a wide range of prospects. Graduates have a variety of employment options to choose from, including journalism, political commentary, writing, public service, analysis, and teaching. This degree’s adaptability makes a variety of well-paying work opportunities possible. There is a high need for qualified individuals in the subject of international relations, hence several colleges in Pakistan offer programmes in this area.

Depending on the position, someone with an MSIR degree may expect to make between Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 50,000 per month in jobs like research analysts, non-profit managers, translators/interpreters, research associates, and intelligence analysts. Political scientists, who are among the top paid experts in this industry, may anticipate incomes of about Rs. 90,000 per month.

Best Universities for International Relations in Pakistan?

Among the numerous universities in Pakistan that offer degrees in international relations, the following institutions stand out as the top choices:

University of the Punjab
⁃ Quaid-e-Azam University
⁃ University of Peshawar
⁃ University of Karachi
⁃ GCU Lahore
⁃ GCU Faisalabad
⁃ Kinnaird College
⁃ The University of Lahore
⁃ Iqra University Bahria
⁃ University of Central Punjab
⁃ Air University
⁃ Bahria University

Job interview Questions International Relations

  • Tell me what exactly do you understand by international relations and business.
  • Tell me about a suggestion that you made and was implemented in the international relations field.
  • Which skills do you have that are necessary in the international relations field?
  • Which procedures do you find necessary to develop a foreign policy concept?
  • How do you think the race, gender and ethnicity affect the international relations?
  • How is globalization affecting the environment in your opinion?
  • What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of the European Union ?
  • What are the practices that a country must follow to ensure security?
  • What are the basic problems of a mixed economy?
  • Can you tell me the different types of the human rights?



  • What can I do after IR in Pakistan?
The goal of international relations for you may be to specialise in intelligence. As a result, you can work for practically any state department of a national government agency as well as the military, navy, national security departments, or other departments. Your key responsibilities will be: gather and examine operational intelligence information
  • Is international relations a good career in Pakistan?
There is a vast opportunity for international relations students in Pakistan. They can choose to work in the government, the armed forces, business, law, or the media.
  • Is international relations in demand?
Jobs in international relations are highly sought after.
  • What is the scope of study of international relations?
International relations is the study of international affairs, including alliances, international law, international organisations, interstate interactions, war and peace, diplomacy, agreements, and pacts.
  • What is the major of international relations?
The multidisciplinary field of international relations examines current global issues and potential remedies. You might choose to concentrate on peoples and nations, international trade and development, world peace and security, global environment, health, and natural resources.


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