Public Policy Overview Career Opportunities in Pakistan

Public Policy Overview Career Opportunities in Pakistan Scope Jobs Courses Requirements Salary guideline for admissions, programs, subjects benefits top topics and special training scheme to get reliable income source and start career in Public Policy Overview in Pakistan. The foundation of public policy is composed of national constitutional laws and regulations. Public policy is considered strong when it solves problems efficiently and effectively, serves and supports governmental institutions and policies, and encourages active citizenship.

Public policy is the best option for those who want to join politics, NGOs or have an interest in civil service. Public grade policies will help you understand the policy making process. MPA is another title on public administration, but its scope and jurisdiction is limited to Master of Public Policy (MPP). Unfortunately, until now we have a very limited number of professional policy makers in our government, organizations, departments and even NGOs. Important decisions are made day by day without any solid short and long term policy.

Policy making is a sensitive and complex process. Administrators, policymakers and policymakers who do not have professional training in policy making can not analyze problems or suggest and implement the best solutions for different types of problems. The degree in public policy will polish his great amount of skills related to governance and administration such as leadership, communication, analytical reasoning, problem solving, decision-making management, human resources management, human resources development and economic analysis skills.

It will also allow you to handle the policy issues of NGOs, INGOs, IDA and the corporate sector. You will be able to understand the financial, administrative and related issues with the current policies. It will help you think to think outside the box to find solutions to such complex problems.After MPP you should go for MS/MPhil & even for Phd as it will increase employment opportunities for you.Public Policy Overview Career Opportunities in Pakistan

Public Policy Overview Career Opportunities in Pakistan

Core Topics & Courses

  • Public Administration
  • Concept of Good Governance
  • Ethical Issues in Public Policy
  • Introduction to Public Policy
  • Dynamics of Public Policy
  • Research Techniques
  • Development Administration
  • Policy-Making Techniques
  • Economic Analysis of Public Policy
  • Legal frameworks for Public Policy
  • Governance and Management in a Multi-cultural Society
  • Environmental Issues and Public Policy
  • Introduction to Information and Communication Technology
  • Human Rights and Public Policy
  • Organization Analysis and Human Recourse Management
  • Political Economy of Public Policy
  • Statistics
  • Accounting
  • Public Policy Design & Analysis
  • E-Governance and Technology in Public Policy
  • Leadership & Management
  • Basics of Human Resource Development
  • Thesis
  • Micro Theory & Public Finance
  • Policy Process & Institutions
  • Communication Skills
  • Project

Jobs Career & Scope

  • Managers
  • Public Policy Analyst
  • Public Servant
  • Lecturer of Public Administration or Public Policy
  • Policy Analyst
  • Administrator of Any Department or Organization
  • Consultant
  • Executives of Corporate Sector
  • NGO Activist
  • Public Affairs Specialist
  • Politician
  • Policy Maker & Analyst
  • Researcher
  • Anchor Person
  • Writer
  • Media Person

HEC and many international organizations offer scholarships for graduates in this field for MS / MPhil and PhD. You can also obtain an immigration and work permit abroad, but we will not recommend this option, since our accountant needs quality power in this field. You can go abroad with a scholarship or to obtain higher education and experience, but your ultimate goal should be to serve your beloved homeland.

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