Supply Chain Management SCM Introduction Career Scope in Pakistan

Supply chain management is a highly sought-after and popular field in Pakistan, although it may appear deceptively simple, it requires immense dedication and hard work. Unlike marketing, it is a broader and more complex domain, leading to fewer students opting for it. However, the future prospects for supply chain management in Pakistan are promising and bright.

Despite its complexity, it is a rewarding administration field, offering numerous job opportunities with attractive salaries in the job market. A supply chain management degree opens doors to excellent career prospects, making it a recommended choice due to its increasing demand in both local and international job markets. If you’re interested in pursuing supply chain management, rest assured as this article discusses everything about the scope of this field in Pakistan, offering valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

What is Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management involves the efficient management of the entire production flow, encompassing services or goods, from sourcing raw materials or components to delivering the final product to consumers. The five fundamental steps in supply chain management are planning, sourcing, making, delivering, and handling returns. This integral process plays a crucial role in achieving various business objectives.

It offers companies ample opportunities to enhance profit margins and is especially vital for those with extensive international operations. By optimizing the supply chain, businesses can reduce costs, improve productivity, enhance customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive edge in the market. Effective supply chain management ensures smooth operations, timely deliveries, and minimizes disruptions, ultimately leading to a streamlined and successful business venture.

Core Subjects of Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management offers numerous diverse options to explore, but its core subjects include

  • Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  • Introduction to Operations Management
  •  Introduction to Purchasing Management
  • Basic Economics and Finance
  • Management Principles
  •  Logistics and Materials Handling
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Business Communication

Scope of Supply Chain Management in Pakistan

Supply chain management is currently a highly recommended degree due to its wide-ranging scope and increasing demand. In Pakistan, the field holds significant popularity and plays a crucial role in the business industry. Graduates in supply chain management have ample job opportunities with attractive salaries.

As a result, the scope of supply chain management in Pakistan is both extensive and on the rise. This degree opens doors to a rewarding and promising career path, making it a top choice for aspiring professionals looking to thrive in the dynamic and evolving world of supply chain management.

Jobs for Supply Chain Management in Pakistan?

A degree in supply chain management offers numerous job opportunities for individuals, including:

  • Supply chain officer
  •  Supply chain executive
  • Manager supply chain
  • Procurement manager
  •  Supply chain analyst
  •  Assistant supply chain manager
  •  Logistics manager

Salary for Supply Chain Management in Pakistan?

Salary in the field of supply chain management varies based on qualifications, skills, experience, and location. However, it generally remains high. In Pakistan, the starting salary for individuals entering the scope of supply chain management ranges from 75,500 to 235,000 per month. This lucrative earning potential makes supply chain management an appealing career choice, attracting many aspiring professionals to explore its rewarding opportunities in various industries.

Best Universities for Supply Chain Management in Pakistan?

Pakistan has many universities that provide journalism. Among them are:

⁃ Iqra University
⁃ Bahria University
⁃ Virtual University
⁃ University of Karachi
⁃ Imperial College of Business Studies
⁃ National College of Business Administration and Economics

Supply Chain Management SCM Introduction Career Scope in Pakistan

Supply Chain Management SCM Introduction Career Scope in Pakistan

Core Topics or Subjects in MBA Supply Chain Management

MSc, MS, PGD, or MBA supply chain management courses must cover the following fundamental concepts.

Managing Supply Chains
Supply Chain Modeling
Purchasing and Sourcing Management
Customer Relationship Management
Project Management
Risk Management
Warehouse Management
Supply Chain Finance
Quality Assurance in SCM
Supply Chain Strategies
Research Methodologies
Operational Accounting
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Forecasting in Supply Chain
Logistics Management

Certificate Course
One Year Diploma
Associate Degree in SCM
MSc in SCM
Executive MBA
MBA Supply Chain Management
MS/M.Phil in SCM


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