Vision Mixer Career Scope in Pakistan

Vision Mixer Career Scope in Pakistan Jobs Opportunities Requirements Salary with guideline for admissions, courses, professional experience programs training scheme details with income information to choice and start career in Vision Mixer field. A vision mixer also called video switcher, video mixer or production switcher is a device used to select between several different video sources and, in some cases, compositing video sources together to create special effects. This is similar to what a mixing console does for audio.

A vision mixer is a significant part of television and cinema industry. The vision mixer view the different type of images such as digital image, various camera angles, graphics and digital effects and then combine them in to a smooth and easy transition of picture. Vision mixer generally works under the director as per their necessities of picture presentation. Vision mixer also edits the live programmes as per the instructions of director.Vision Mixer Career Scope in Pakistan Jobs Opportunities Requirements Salary

Vision Mixer Career Scope in Pakistan Jobs Opportunities Requirements Salary

How to Become Vision Mixer

This job requires sound knowledge of video engineering, computer technology and ICT as well. The vision mixer should be well versed with the use of various visual equipments and creative to mix various graphic and visual effects along with skills of correct timing and quick innovative ideas. The job is a combination of technical and creative aspects together.

Course, Training Programmes

Most vision mixer start their career as visual technician or graphic operators. One can work under a senior vision mixer to gain practical knowledge of the job. Engineering course and certificate programme in digital technology are useful to prospective candidates.


There are various excellent institutions in Pakistan. They help the students to gain theoretical and practical experience in this field. Typically a vision mixer would be found in a video production environment such as a television studio, production truck, OB Van or linear video editing bay of a post-production facility.

Put simply, a mixer sometimes known as a mixing desk, mixing console, mixing board, desk or console takes various audio sources through its multiple input channels, adjust levels and other attributes of the sound, then usually combine them to a lesser number of outputs.

Inputs to the console include microphones being used by singers and for picking up acoustic instruments, signals from electric or electronic instruments, or recorded music. Depending on the type, a mixer is able to control analog or digital signals. In practice, mixers do more than simply mix signals.

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