Marine Biology Career in Pakistan Scope, Courses and Jobs 2024

Students with a biological academic background can make a future career plan in Marine Biology. There are various courses/degrees available in Pakistan for Marine Biology. Through this article, you can learn about Marine Biology Career and its Scope in Pakistan.

The students can join Marine Biology courses as Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. The details of Marine Biology career opportunities, courses, subjects, jobs description, and required skills are explained on this page. Marine Biology studies marine organisms and their interactions with the environment. Marine biologists study the biological oceanography of marine organisms and related fields such as chemical, physical, or geological oceanography.

The ocean is home to a large portion of the Earth’s life. It is not known how significant this vast amount of life is, as many species of ocean creatures are yet to be discovered. The ocean covers approximately 71% of the Earth’s total surface. It is a complex, three-dimensional world. Marine biology studies all habitats. These range from tiny water layers where organisms and other abiotic items might be trapped between the ocean and the atmosphere to the deepest oceanic trenches reaching 10,000m or more below the ocean’s surface. Marine Biology studies the ocean’s life, including fish, shellfish, crustaceans and crustaceans. Marine biologists study ocean organisms’ ecology, distribution, life cycle and diseases.

A marine biologist studies all kinds of sea animals. They can also choose to study large, small, or microscopic organisms. It is possible to research everything, from whales to plankton that they eat and everything in between. A skilled marine biologist can help determine the relationship between two species and which ocean environment they are usually found. He will be able to manage seafarming operations with this skill.

Marine Biology Scope in Pakistan

Marine Biology studies life in the ocean, from the deep sea to shallow coast oceans. It includes biology, chemistry and physics. Oceanography is also a part of marine biology. Other branches have a great deal of demand and scope in Pakistan. Many excellent institutions in Pakistan offer Marine Biology courses and other related subjects. Below you will find detailed information about the Marine Biology scope in Pakistan. The Marine Biology career provides the handsome salary and experience.

You can check the list of universities offering courses in Marine Biology in Pakistan. This article will help you tremendously. In today’s competitive world, a Marine Biology degree holder cannot be unemployed in Pakistan. This is a fact that can be rightly stated. Many jobs are available in Pakistan for Marine Scientists. Marine Biology offers many opportunities and attractive salaries in the public and private sectors. There are many opportunities for employment in the further field of Marine Biology.

Marine Biology Career in Pakistan Scope, Courses and Jobs 2024

Marine Biology Career in Pakistan Scope, Courses and Jobs 2024

Marine Biology Courses

Biology is the most important Science that you should take. Chemistry is a close second. Mathematics, Geography and Computing are all valuable subjects. To continue studying Marine Biology, you should choose at least two Sciences.

  • BSc (Hons)

Intermediate Science (or equivalent), with a minimum 2nd Division in the following groups, will be eligible for BSc(Hons).

  1. Pre-Medical Group
  2. Pre-Engineering Group
  3. Other Groups (studied at minimum two subjects from the following: Chemistry, Physics Mathematics).
  • MSc

MSc (2 years after Bachelor) / BS (Hons) – 4 years after Intermediate.

M.A.S. ( One year )

  • M.Phil

M.Sc. or B.S. in Marine Biology, Fisheries, Freshwater Biology, Coastal & Marine Management, Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Hydrobiology, Genetics, & Physics

  • Ph.D

MS / M.Phil in MS / M.Phil, with CGPA 3.00+ or equivalent qualification

Marine Biology Career

For Marine Biology degree programs, many jobs are available in the public and private sectors. This is a list of possible employment after completing this degree program. Check out this list to see the jobs one can get after completing a degree program in Pakistan. Many marine biologists have job titles like wildlife biologist or fish and wildlife biologist. For a Pakistani student, the best career options after a degree in marine biology are:

  1. Marine archaeologist
  2. Marine researcher
  3. Marine veterinarian
  4. Ocean engineer
  5. Lab Technician
  6. Clinical Researcher
  7. Non-Traditional Jobs
  8. Professor or teacher
  9. Research Scholar
  10. Nutritionists
  11. Cell Biologist
  12. Marine biologist
  13. Science Journalist
  14. Oncologist
  15. Molecular Biologist
  16. Scientist Writer
  17. Lab Manager
  18. Science Journalist
  19. Molecular biologists
  20. Biochemists
  21. Academic Book Writer
  22. As a Research Consultant Expert

Marine Biology Career in Pakistan 

The vast potential of marine biology career in Pakistan is immense. There are many career options and fields that can be accessed through marine biology in Pakistan.

  • Marine Engineering
  • Ocean Mammal Trainer
  • Marine Biologist
  • Marine Archeologist
  • Oceanology Researcher
  • An Environmental Educator on the Sea
  • Aquatic Veterinarian
  • Scuba Diving Instructor
  • Underwater Filmmaker
  • Oceanography Scientist
  • Marine Environment Economist

Marine Science Subjects in Pakistan:

Below is a list of subjects in Marine Biology that are offered by the majority of Pakistani universities.

Marine Biology Work Nature

These are some career options that a marine biologist might consider:

  • You can work with dolphins, whales or pinnipeds in an aquarium or zoo.
  • Working in a rescue/rehabilitation facility
  • Microbes, sponges, and nudibranchs are studied and used to study neuroscience and medicine.
  • Learn how to raise oysters and mussels in aquaculture.
  • Teaching at a college or university; Researching a specific marine species, behavior, or notion.

Marine Biology Career in Pakistan – Description

A marine biology degree is a program that studies plants, animals, and organisms that live in saltwater. Students who major in marine biology may earn a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology after they complete their undergraduate studies. Graduate study in marine biology is an option for students who wish to further their careers and seek out specialized jobs. They can get a Master of Science or Ph.D. in Marine Biology. Here’s a description of a career in marine biology:


Microbiologists are scientists specialized in Microbiology who study microorganisms such as bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Marine biology specialists might be able to focus on observing microorganisms in saltwater lakes and the ocean. Microbiologists can perform research, conduct laboratory experiments, and collect data from observations made in nature.

Marine Biologist

Marine biologists are scientists who study marine wildlife. Marine biologists can take samples of water and plants for laboratory testing, observe animals in their natural habitats, and conduct research projects about environmental phenomena in bodies of water. A marine biologist may also specialize in animal groups, such as fish, marine mammals, or cephalopods.


A scientist with specialization in Horticulture studies the growth of plant species. Although horticulturists can work in producing new species of plants, they may also be involved in sustainability or management to find new ways to use these plants for human consumption. Marine biology specialists might be able to observe species of kelp and seaweed or any other plant life found in the ocean.

Research Technician

Research technicians are scientists who assist scientists in their experiments and conduct lab tests. Lab technicians are responsible for maintaining lab equipment, keeping records of results and helping scientists in research. Research technicians who work with marine biologists may be able to collect and test plant samples and analyze data on ocean changes that could affect plant and animal life.

Natural Resource Technician

A natural resource technician is responsible for monitoring the quality of natural resources like water, land, and air and making recommendations to promote sustainability. Natural resource technicians are trained to collect samples and conduct surveys on natural resources. They also analyze the impact of energy and businesses on local natural resources. Natural resource technicians in marine biology might be interested in ocean environments or creating awareness about how to protect water bodies.

Marine Science Jobs in Pakistan:

Graduates specializing in marine science in Pakistan have a plethora of career paths to choose from. Individuals holding marine science degrees can rest assured that they are unlikely to face unemployment, as the field offers a diverse range of career opportunities in both public and private sectors.

The employment landscape for marine science graduates is rich and varied, encompassing research institutes, universities, governmental bodies, environmental consultancy firms, fisheries departments, coastal zone management organizations, marine conservation agencies, and the expansive maritime industry.

In Pakistan, marine scientists have the option to pursue careers as researchers, biologists, oceanographers, ecologists, fisheries scientists, coastal zone managers, environmental consultants, marine resource managers, marine policy analysts, educators, aquaculture specialists, and numerous other professions. These roles present an intriguing blend of challenges and rewards, with attractive remuneration packages often accompanying them.

Moreover, the field of marine science continues to evolve, creating even more employment prospects. Advancements in cutting-edge disciplines such as marine biotechnology, marine renewable energy, coastal resilience, and marine conservation contribute to the expanding job market. Professionals in marine science can look forward to engaging with these exciting areas of research and development.

Overall, pursuing a degree in marine science in Pakistan opens up a promising future, offering a wide array of employment opportunities across various industries. Graduates have the chance to make meaningful contributions to the protection and sustainable management of marine resources while enjoying fulfilling and financially rewarding careers.

Marine Science Salary in Pakistan:

Marine science, not only in Pakistan but in numerous countries worldwide, emerges as a highly esteemed and financially rewarding vocation. The remuneration for marine scientists varies depending on the specific organization they join.

A marine scientist embarking on their professional journey can anticipate a starting salary surpassing Rs. 100,000, while seasoned experts in the field can amass a monthly income of Rs. 500,000 or more, vividly exemplifying the remarkable financial prospects this domain offers.

Universities Offering Marine Science in Pakistan:

There are several top-notch universities in Pakistan that provide marine science programmes. The following is a list of some of the universities;

These are all the information about the employment opportunities, wages, and universities in Pakistan that provide BSc degrees in marine science. This material is also available to students as Oceanography in Pakistan or Oceanology in Pakistan.

Important Skills

You’ll need, depending on your expertise:

  • Attention to detail and accuracy are essential for recording observations and results.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills are required to solve problems.
  • Research skills include data analysis and publishing.
  • Teamwork skills are essential whether you’re part of an expedition team at sea or a research team in the laboratory.
  • Observation skills to observe sea life over long periods
  • A systematic and analytical mind is essential for analyzing and understanding data.
  • Strong communication skills are required for conference presentations, report writing, press releases, academic publications, grant applications, press releases, grant requests, environmental impact assessments, grant applications, job applications, and stand out in job applications.
  • Practical skills such as boat driving, diving and first aid are all available.
  • Flexible handling possible short-term contracts in other countries, primary living conditions, and all weather types.

marine biologist interview questions with sample answers

What are your most notable qualifications as a marine biologist?

Interviewers can evaluate your level of self-awareness by asking you this question. It also demonstrates to them your understanding of the demands of the position and the organisation. Explain what aspect of you is a strength in marine biology and how it benefits you in your day-to-day job in your response.

When you’re working at sea, what aspect of boat handling do you find the most challenging?

Experience in the realm of maritime activities and the mastery of boat handling skills are held in high regard among the esteemed community of marine biologists. The incisive inquiries posed during interviews serve as a means to discern your level of ease and adeptness in undertaking sea assignments.
To craft an exemplary response, it is prudent to illuminate a specific aspect that poses a challenge and expound upon the methods employed to surmount it. This eloquently demonstrates your competence and preparedness to fulfill the expectations set forth by prospective employers amidst an assortment of working conditions.

Name some marine biology specialities. Which one do you consider the most interesting and why?

This query serves as a litmus test for your comprehension of the marine biology domain and grants interviewers a glimpse into your perspective on your professional journey and the scientific realm of marine biology. When responding, it is advantageous to mention specific specialities that you possess a deep understanding of and can elaborate on if prompted with additional inquiries.
As you elucidate the speciality that captivates your interest the most, endeavor to tailor your answer to align harmoniously with the requirements of the position you are seeking.

 What have you done in the past year to prepare for this role?

Employers hold in high esteem those individuals who exhibit a proactive and ambitious nature, constantly in pursuit of opportunities to enhance their personal and professional growth. When elucidating the ways in which your relentless efforts have contributed to your personal development as well as your evolution as a proficient marine biologist, you have the potential to leave a profound impression on interviewers.
To demonstrate your unwavering commitment to perpetual learning, you may also consider mentioning specific areas that you intend to fortify in the immediate future, thus showcasing your dedication to the continuous refinement of your skills and knowledge.


  • What is the scope of marine science in Pakistan?
Fish processing industries. Teaching departments, Colleges and Institutes. Research organizations as: PCSIR labs, Marine Fisheries Departments of Pakistan, Sindh and Balochistan Fisheries Departments and NIO.
  • What is the future of Marine Biology?
The future for marine biologists and ocean scientists is competitive, however growth will continue for experienced scientists as research centers, universities and other organizations conduct specialized experiments and manage current environmental issues.
  • Which subject is best for marine biology?
To take up marine biology, one must choose subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology during your undergrad years. A degree in marine biology is the safest way to reach your career goals.
  • What is the field of marine biology?
Marine biology is the study of marine organisms, their behaviors and interactions with the environment. Marine biologists study biological oceanography and the associated fields of chemical, physical, and geological oceanography to understand marine organisms.
  • Is marine biology easy?
It is relatively hard to become a marine biologist.However, many jobs require a master’s or even a Ph. D. in marine biology in order to be considered. These degrees mean a longer education commitment and more scientific information to be learned and retained, as well as more difficult exams

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